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Conservative message seen in ballot measure results

Washington wasn’t the only state to take on a slew of ballot measures – and its nine initiatives and referrals weren’t even the most. Sorting through the 159 ballot propositions in 36 states, John Matsusaka of the University of Southern California’s Initiative and Referendum Institute sees a conservative message, ranging from rejection of legalized marijuana in California to approval of anti-union measures in other states. Also, he singles out Washington’s I-1098 as part of the trend:

The debate has overtones of the national discussion concerning extension of the Bush tax cuts, specifically whether the cuts should be allowed to expire for high-income individuals. Some of the issues surrounding I-1098 are specific to Washington and may not apply to the Bush tax cuts, but the election results suggest that voters are not necessarily eager to soak the rich.

Read the entire report here or read on for a summary.


As the Tea Party-fueled Republican Party scored massive gains at the federal and state level across the country, the impact of conservative-leaning voters was also felt in ballot propositions.  Progressive measures went down to defeat and conservative measures were favored, according to John Matsusaka, president of the USC’s Initiative and Referendum Institute, which released on Wednesday Election 2010 Ballotwatch report. (For the full report, please go to: http://www.iandrinstitute.org).


Voters in 36 states decided 159 ballot propositions on November 2, approving 61% with 11 too close to call at the time of writing. Compared to November 2008, the number of propositions was down slightly from 153 and the approval rate was up slightly from 59% Of the forty-two initiatives on the ballot, new laws placed on the ballot by citizen petitions 40% have been approved so far, just about equal to the long run historical approval rate of 41%. Of the 113 propositions placed on the ballot by legislatures, 69% have been approved with 8 pending.
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I-1098: Bill Gates Sr. defends public money “innovation” on CBS’ 60 Minutes

In defending I-1098, the measure that seeks to establish a high-earners income tax, Bill Gates Sr. went on CBS’s 60 Minutes last night and told reporter Leslie Stahl the popular notion that private investment is the driver of innovation is wrong-headed.

(He also gave some props to Bremerton.)

Here’s an excerpt (and video clip )from the interview:

Can we just take a minute and talk about innovation? Because there’s this notion that all innovation is the function of private funding, and that’s just sheer nonsense.

The money that is paid as taxation creates little things like

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Watch the Great Income Tax Debate here

Bill Gates Sr.., Slade Gorton and friends squared off last night at UW Tacoma over Initiative 1098, the income tax on high earners. Jordan Schrader writes our roundup here. Our friends at TVW were there to tape the debate and will carry the event tonight at 7 p.m. Or you can watch it here.


Gates, Gorton to debate tonight at UW Tacoma

As far as initiative politics, it doesn’t get much better than this: former U.S. senator Slade Gorton and Seattle attorney Bill Gates Sr. will face off tonight in a debate over I-1098, the high-earner income tax measure, at UW Tacoma.

Unfortunately, the event is booked up. But we’ll be there tonight and have a full report online this evening and in tomorrow’s print edition. You can also watch a live webcast on TVW’s website starting at 6 p.m. tonight. TVW will also carry the debate on its broadcast channel Tuesday at 7 p.m. and Wednesday at

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Former Justice Talmadge says I-1098 would likely be found unconstitutional

The debate over Initiative 1098, which seeks to create a state income tax on higher income residents, is part political and part legal.

The political question will be decided at the general election. That is, are there enough votes to pass an initiative that seeks to trade some tax cuts for the new income tax.

The legal question will take longer to resolve. Current case law in Washington is that income is a form of property and therefore is covered by two existing provisions in the state constitution. Those are that all property must be taxed uniformly and that regular

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