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Tag: Ed Murray


Sen. Ed Murray says Republicans trying to send state off fiscal cliff

Post by Jordan Schrader and Brad Shannon:

If there’s no deal on the state budget by the end of the 30-day special legislative session June 11, Senate Democratic Leader Ed Murray predicts there won’t be a deal when the fiscal year ends June 30.

The minority leader from Seattle says that could shut down many government programs starting July 1, and suggests his opponents in the GOP are just fine with that. ”I believe it’s a political calculation on the part of the Republicans,” he said today.

Murray said it may be time to force all members back to

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Attempt to extend student financial aid to illegal immigrants stalls bill

A political fight over illegal immigrants receiving student financial aid has stalled a bill in the Senate.

Senate Bill 5195 would extend the college State Need Grant to students at Western Governors University Washington, the state’s nonprofit online university. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island, is the bill’s prime sponsor.

However, the proposal stalled after Democratic Senator Ed Murray of Seattle introduced an amendment to the bill. Murray’s amendment would add language to state law regarding who can receive the State Need Grant, making the aid available to some illegal immigrants with a

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Vote on NRA gun safety program becomes soapbox for some Senate Democrats

Eight Democratic members of the state Senate voted no Friday on a proclamation to encourage use of the National Rifle Association’s gun safety curriculum in schools, seizing the opportunity to decry how little attention gun-control bills have received in the Senate this year.

Senate Joint Memorial 8006, introduced by Sen. Maralyn Chase, D-Shoreline, would have no practical effect, but would indicate support for the use of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle gun safety program in schools and preschools. The NRA program tells children who find guns: “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

Sen. Dave Frockt, D-Seattle, said

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Murray proposes capital gains tax to pay for education

Should 3 percent of Washington state residents have their investments taxed to pay for a public education system that serves everyone? Senate Democratic Leader Ed Murray of Seattle announced Friday that he thinks they should.

Murray is proposing a 5 percent tax on capital gains to start in 2015, which he said would raise between roughly $600 and $700 million per year to help fund basic education and higher education. He would want to send the tax proposal to voters as a referendum so they could decide whether or not it should go into effect, he said.

The proposal is probably a non-starter, given that a Republican-dominated majority coalition in the Senate has denounced the idea of tax increases, and even Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee has pledged not to raise taxes to solve the state’s budget problems.

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Democrats decry leak investigation

A debate over personnel discipline and transparency in the state Senate came to a head on the Senate floor this morning.

It appeared in the form of an arcane-seeming dispute over how many members a little-noticed committee on Senate personnel matters should have and who should chair it. Republicans and their two Democratic allies this morning turned aside proposed changes by minority Democrats that would have deposed GOP Sen.  Don Benton as chairman of the Facilities and Operations (F&O) Committee.

A week and a half after the Senate’s transfer of power, Democrats are complaining about how that committee is

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Senate Minority Leader Ed Murray uses demographics to show that state Senate doesn’t look like Washington

While debating which rules the Washington state Senate will operate under, Senate Minority Leader Ed Murray used some interesting statistics to demonstrate that the 49 members might not be a demographic match for the rest of the state.

Based on the financial reports lawmakers must file with the Public Disclosure Commission, Murray noted that 94 percent of the senators have household incomes above the state median income of $58,890.

The home ownership rate for senators is 98 percent while the rate statewide is 64 percent.

Some 35 percent of senators are over the age of 65. Statewide, the number is

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Senate opening prayer takes aim at gay marriage

Invocation calling for a strengthening of marriage “as You ordained it, for our good and Your glory” has some Senate Democrats upset.

Minority leader Ed Murray, D-Seattle, has released a statement calling the Senate’s opening prayer, given by Jon Sanne of Olympia’s Calvary Chapel, regrettable and divisive.

 The loaded phrase “strengthen marriage as you ordained it” is intended as negative commentary about gays and lesbians, and has no business being included in a prayer before this institution.”

Murray said that the invocation is supposed to be inclusive and not a platform for political views.

According to the Seattle Times, Republican leader

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Capitol shuffle sends AG’s lobbyist Hunter Goodman to top Senate admin job

Hunter Goodman is moving over from the Attorney General’s Office to serve as secretary of the Senate. The announcement just went out confirming the day’s earlier rumor as Goodman replaces longtime secretary Tom Hoemann. Goodman was deputy chief of staff and served as legislative director for outgoing Attorney General Rob McKenna, a Republican who ran and lost his bid for governor.

New AG Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, is replacing some staff members, including the appointment today of a new solicitor general.

Goodman obviously knows his way around the Capitol but the powers that be still have to

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