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Democrats to give away JZ Knight’s donations to the Anti-Defamation League and to R-74

The state Democratic Party reversed course Friday evening, saying it will get rid of about $70,000 in campaign contributions received from Yelm-based spirit-channeler JZ Knight, whose profanity-filled comments on videos hit out at Catholics, gays, Jews and now Mexicans. The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee is giving away another $900 for the same reason in the latest segment of the rapidly unfolding story.

State Democratic Party chairman Dwight Pelz put out a statement Friday evening saying:

“Recently, we have been made aware of comments made by a contributor to the Democratic Party that do not reflect the values of our party. While we did not solicit any contributions from J.Z. Knight at any point, it is important that we make it clear that we view her comments as offensive and do not condone this kind of vitriol.
“Today, I am announcing that the Washington State Democrats will be donating $35,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, and contributing $35,000 to the Referendum 74 campaign. We as Democrats strongly value equality and inclusiveness, values shared by the ADL and supporters of marriage equality.”

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Party chairmen Dwight Pelz, Kirby Wilbur spar at City Club forum

The state Democratic Party chairman, Dwight Pelz, and Republican Party chairman, Kirby Wilbur, joined in a rare joint question-and-answer session Wednesday evening organized by the City Club of Tacoma.

Pelz criticized U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan and other GOP ideas going back decades, saying Republicans want to end popular social programs like Social Security and Medicare. Not so, Wilbur said.

Pelz said the Ryan plan goes in the wrong direction by cutting tax rates, contributing
to the deficit:


The fact is, Republicans love deficits, because when the country is broke, they can argue that we can no

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Democratic, GOP party chairmen to speak at City Club

They don’t have occasion to get together very often, but the heads of Washington state’s two major political parties will be in Tacoma next week for a City Club of Tacoma forum.

Republican state Chairman Kirby Wilber and Democratic state Chairman Dwight Pelz will talk politics as lawmakers meet in special session in Olympia and politicos look forward to redistricting and the 2012 gubernatorial and presidential elections. Moderating will be the TNT’s own Peter Callaghan.

Event details:
When: Wednesday, May 4. Reception at 6 p.m.; dinner at 6:45; program at 7.
Where: Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific

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State Democratic chairman says Democratic President Obama’s Democratic Secretary of Education has blood on his hands in Wisconsin

Publicola’s Erica C. Barnett sat in on state Democratic party chairman Dwight Pelz’s speech to the Seattle Metropolitan Democratic Club Wednesday afternoon and could hardly keep up with the chairman’s one-liners.

Here’s her full-piece. But to whet your appetite I’ll include a few samples:

– Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan should be fired immediately because his bashing of teachersunions led to the assault on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and other states. “Arne Duncan’s got blood on his hands in Wisconsin because he’s been trashing the teachers union.”

– President George W. Bush was the worst president

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State Democratic Chairman Dwight Pelz says he’ll likely be looking for a new gubernatorial nominee in 2012; thinks Chris Gregoire won’t run

It is certainly the most-common speculation. But Chris Gregoire hasn’t said one way or another whether she will seek a third term in 2012.

But shortly after winning a third, two-year term as chairman of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee on Saturday, Dwight Pelz told News Tribune reporter Debbie Cafazzo he doesn’t think Gregoire will be his candidate in two years.

Asked about what’s ahead for him and the party, Pelz looked forward to 2012, when he and other party members will be campaigning for candidates for president, governor and the U.S. Senate.

“We will probably be electing a

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Democrats accuse Americans for Prosperity of campaign violations

Could this be the Republicans’ Moxie Media?

As Publicola has reported, the conservative group Americans for Prosperity Washington, a chapter of a national group with ties to the tea party movement, sent out mailers attacking Democratic state senators without reporting the spending to the state.

Voters can’t find the group on the Public Disclosure Commission’s website, so they can’t see who gave money to it — much as they couldn’t identify the donors behind hit pieces against state Sen. Jean Berkey put together by liberal consultant Moxie Media.

Attorney General Rob McKenna is suing Moxie. Now Democrats are pushing for a similar lawsuit against Americans for Prosperity. State party Chairman Dwight Pelz today filed a complaint with the PDC, Democrats’ second against AFP-Washington,  saying the “secretive,” “right-wing” group is “refusing to disclose the source of its funds, in blatant violation of state law.”

While federal campaigns have turned into a free-for-all of nondisclosure in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, it’s supposed to be different in Washington.

Groups that run ads identifying a state candidate less than 60 days before the election are supposed to report it as an “electioneering communication,” even if they don’t explicitly tell people to vote for or against a candidate, like these mailers. Pelz said he didn’t know when the ads were mailed.

I haven’t yet been able to reach Kirby Wilbur, state director of Americans for Prosperity. (He’s also running for state Republican Party chairman, the Everett Herald reports.)

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