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Recounts coming in three legislative races

Here’s our wrapup of Pierce County’s Tuesday certification of election results.

There are also a few other races around the state worth noting, including one in South King County that narrowly avoided what looked a day earlier like a potential hand recount.

Covington Republican Rep. Mark Hargrove‘s lead over Democrat Bud Sizemore grew to 157 votes on the final day, avoiding the manual recount that would have been triggered at less than 150 votes and 0.25 percent of both candidates’ totals. Instead, there will be a recount by machine on Friday.

There will, however, be hand recounts in Clark

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Senate approves proposal for acknowledging same-sex marriages from other states

After making it out of both houses of the Legislature Wednesday, a bill to a give same-sex couples from other states more legal recognition in Washington has cleared most of the hurdles it needs to get through to become state law.

In a 28-19 vote, the Washington Senate sent House Bill 1649, which would recognize same-sex marriages from other states as domestic partnerships in Washington, on to the governor for approval, and if she signs it, gay rights advocates said would remove a dangerous loophole in legal protections for same-sex couples.

“What this bill did was really address a grave injustice,” said Joshua Friedes, executive director of the gay-rights group Equal Rights Washington. “This is just a wonderful development for Washington.”

He said the reason his group had been supporting this bill was that, although gay and lesbian couples are allowed to register for a domestic partnership in Washington and Washington recognizes domestic partnerships from other states, it does not recognize same-sex marriages.

That can become a problem, said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Laurie Jinkins, because people married in another state who travel to Washington could be prevented from seeing their spouses in the hospital, for instance, if they had a medical emergency.

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Senate approves foreclosure mediation bill

A bill to set up a foreclosure mediation process for troubled Washington homeowners cleared another hurdle in the state Legislature today.

The proposal, House Bill 1362 passed the Senate in a 36-11 vote, and, if it becomes law, supporters said it would go a long way toward keeping state residents from losing their homes.

“All in all, it should keep in their homes many of the anticipated 70,000—let me repeat that number, 70,000—Washington homeowners who are expected to receive notices of foreclosure this year,” said Sen. Adam Kline, a Seattle Democrat, during floor debate on the bill.

The bill still

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Senate votes to end poll voting

A vote this evening in the state Legislature is likely to be a death warrant for Pierce County’s remaining polling places.

A mandate for the state to vote entirely by mail eked 26-to-23 through the Senate, where similar proposals have foundered in the past. Republican opponents called it an attack on Pierce County, the state’s last holdout with polling places.

Though it’s supported by GOP Secretary of State Sam Reed, the vote broke largely along the same partisan lines that divide the Pierce County council and county executive on the issue of poll voting, with most Democrats agreeing the state

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Don Benton backs out of Senate race, joins Dino Rossi campaign as advisor

Another of the Republicans challenging Patty Murray has bowed out, endorsing Dino Rossi.

Until last week, long-serving state Sen. Don Benton of Vancouver might have been the most well-known of the GOP’s large field of Senate candidates, many of them new to politics. But then Rossi entered the race, with his well-known name and ability to raise money quickly.

Benton announced today in a Web video he would drop out and back Rossi, saying beating Murray is too important to waste resources on GOP infighting. “If we’re going to beat her, we have to consolidate resources,” he said.

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Dino Rossi raises $600,000 in first week; Patty Murray has $6.3 million in war chest

Dino Rossi put out a news release today saying supporters gave him $600,000 in the first week after announcing he would run against U.S. Sen. Patty Murray.

That far outpaces the early fundraising of Rossi’s Republican rivals, but he will have to have many more weeks like that to catch up to Murray’s head start.

A spokeswoman for Murray’s campaign said today the Democrat has raised roughly $10.5 million, and has $6.3 million in cash on hand. That would mean she raised about $500,000 in April and May.

If Rossi has more than that in a single week, it’s significant,

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Fact Check: Benton campaign misleads on Viagra for sex offenders

There is no disputing Republican state Sen. Don Benton’s enthusiasm in the U.S. Senate race. His campaign reports almost daily on developments and endorsements, including one recently from state House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt of Chehalis.

But his claims shot wide of the mark of truth in a video and news release he put out last week accusing three-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray of voting to spend money on Viagra for sex offenders. That wasn’t quite what happened, although the dust-up might get Benton extra attention as he tries to stand out from the thick field of 10 other

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Facebook snobbery hits politics; Don Benton brags that he has more fans than Patty Murray

Forget the polls. Nevermind that whole overwhelming fund raising advantage. Name I.D.? Who needs it.

Apparently the only metric that matters is how many Facebook fans a candidate has. At least that’s according to this press release from the Don Benton for U.S. Senate campaign.

Benton Surpasses Patty Murray in Facebook Fans, Reaches 10,000
Popularity for Benton is Spurred on through New Media, His Message to Grow Economy Resonates with Voters
TUMWATER, WA – The Benton for U.S. Senate Campaign today announced the Benton for Senate Facebook page exceeded 10,000 fans and has surpassed Patty Murray, whose page shows under 9,000 fans. The campaign has utilized social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr to spread word and gain traction on issues important to voters. Read more »