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House Republicans running ads targeting Dawn Morrell, Eric Choiniere

State House Republicans’ campaign arm funded hard-hitting TV ads against two Democratic candidates running for open House seats — former state Rep. Dawn Morrell of Puyallup and University Place City Councilman Eric Choiniere – as primary voters were making their decisions.

The group spent $20,000 against Morrell and nearly $25,000 against Choiniere.

Both cruised through the primaries with little or no Democratic opposition. Now Morrell faces Republican Shelly Schlumpf in the Puyallup area and Choiniere is up against Republican Steve O’Ban in a district encircling Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Using a bit of Democrats’ branding against them, the group creating the ads calls itself Working

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Former Rep. Dawn Morrell will run for open House seat

Two years after her loss by 30 votes to Hans Zeiger, Democrat Dawn Morrell will try to return to the House.

The Good Samaritan Hospital nurse announced today she would run to represent the same Puyallup-area district, the 25th, but in a different seat, the one opened by Rep. Bruce Dammeier’s decision to run for the state Senate.

Morrell will face Shelly Schlumpf, the Republican CEO of the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce.

Morrell was Pierce County’s highest ranking member of legislative leadership when she was defeated. She was chairwoman of the House Democratic Caucus, the No. 3 position in that

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Hans Zeiger wins House seat

A weeklong hand recount of ballots has confirmed it. Hans Zeiger has unseated state Rep. Dawn Morrell.

The Republican won by just 30 votes.

With other recounts reportedly confirming today the losses by Sen. Randy Gordon and House budget chairwoman Kelli Linville,  Democrats’ majorities have been trimmed to 27-22 in the Senate and 56-42 in the House.

Pierce County’s three-member Canvassing Board certified the 25th Legislative District results this afternoon. The recount narrowed Zeiger’s lead slightly, from 47 in the first count.

“It really helps you to appreciate the value of one vote,” Zeiger said.

The recount by

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Recount over with challenger Hans Zeiger poised to unseat Rep. Dawn Morrell

There were no surprise boxes of ballots. No surprises to speak of at all, in fact.

Pierce County’s recount of a state legislative race is over. And while results won’t be released until just before they’re certified Friday, there is nothing to indicate a major shift in votes that would allow Rep. Dawn Morrell to overtake challenger Hans Zeiger.

Republicans observing the recount for Zeiger were getting ready to pop the bubbly, and Democrat Morrell said she doesn’t expect a major change in the results of the first count, which Zeiger led by 47 votes.

The recount turned up just seven more ballots than the original count. There are also roughly 11 questionable ballots that will go Friday before the county Canvassing Board, which decides whether to count them. One that is likely to be rejected: a write-in vote for “Dawn Zeiger.”

Morrell said she never expected enough votes to materialize in a recount to overturn the results. “In King County, it might be different,” she laughed.

If things go as she expects, she won’t be disappointed. “I’ve already respectfully moved on. I’m figuring out my life, and it’s going on from there. I did my public service and appreciated serving the 25th District,” she said.

In the future for Morrell: taking her grandchildren to Disneyland, returning to work as a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital, maybe going back to school to become a nurse practitioner — and some activism. “I’m going to be pretty loud about the inequities in the health care system,” she said.

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Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson pulls contributor to candidate Hans Zeiger off recount

Seventy-five election workers today started the weeklong process of recounting votes for Democratic Rep. Dawn Morrell and her Republican challenger, Hans Zeiger, who led her by just 47 votes in the first count.

One counter is sitting out this week. An election worker who gave money to Zeiger’s campaign won’t participate in the recount, Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson said today.

Anderson said she pulled the temporary employee, Janet Mullen, from the schedule after learning about her $750 in contributions to Zeiger.

Such contributions are legal. But “I have a higher duty to the public good,” Anderson said, “and that includes the perception of any conflict of interest.”

Anderson said she scoured campaign reports last week for other contributions and turned up nothing for the 11 full-time employees and 64 extra hires like Mullen who are sorting ballots and counting votes this week.

Mullen worked during this year’s primary and general elections.

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Board will puzzle out voters’ intent

At least 158 inscrutable ballots will go before the Pierce County Canvassing Board today.

With the public invited to look on at projected images of the ballots, the board will pore over confusing marks and try to divine voters’ intent.

In most races, today’s outcomes hardly matter. But some of those ballots could affect the 25th Legislative District race where Rep. Dawn Morrell trails Hans Zeiger by just 36 votes and a recount is almost assured.

That adds weight to the decisions made at 1 p.m. today in the county elections center on South 35th Street. The board is

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Mailer defends Girl Scouts; Union praises legislator for standing up to… union

You knew it was coming. A mailer sent to 25th Legislative District voters criticizes GOP state House candidate Hans Zeiger for his commentary attacking the Girl Scouts.

But that’s not the odd part of the mailer. That would be what it says in support of Zeiger’s opponent, Democratic Rep. Dawn Morrell.

It quotes an editorial in The News Tribune endorsing her. “Morrell has not been afraid to stand up to Democratic interest groups,” it quotes the newspaper saying, “and was snubbed by the Washington State Labor Council when it passed out its endorsements last May. That’s a badge of honor, in our view…”

(The endorsement continued, “… considering that she earned it by standing up against the budget demands of the unions that represent state employees.”)

There’s nothing strange about that until you see who produced the ad. It’s the Washington Federation of State Employees. A member of … wait for it … the Washington State Labor Council.

That’s because the labor council, while it may have snubbed Morrell in its first round, endorsed her in the second round.

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