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Tacoma Councilman David Boe says his hybrid plan for Link expansion has been misunderstood by, well just about everybody

Tacoma City Councilman David Boe, he of the back-of-the-napkin plan to extend Link light rail in Tacoma, sounds a bit like Eric Burdon (Google it).

You know, “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good; Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

His request of Sound Transit, delivered via City Manager T.C. Broadnax, was for an extension of existing Link tracks that reached Martin Luther King, Jr. Way … eventually. But Boe says Sound Transit misinterpreted his suggested route.

Sound Transit last week reported that the route they studied had engineering and cost problems. That route sought to get

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Tacoma: At Council’s request, Broadnax formally asks Sound Transit to analyze “hybrid corridor” as part of Link expansion study

Hold everything. Wait a minute. Not so fast. 

Just as Sound Transit was set to end nine years of study by identifying a short-list of preferred routes for expanding Tacoma Link, City Manager T.C. Broadnax this week requested the regional transit authority to take more time to analyze a new “hybrid corridor” as a possible extension for the city’s transit system.

“While the City is eager to complete the alternatives analysis and select, at minimum, two corridors as preference, we recognize that the expansion of the Tacoma Link is a significant and important investment in our

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Tacoma: Campbell, Boe to head council’s economic development committee

In other Tacoma news today …

The city’s press office just churned out this news release:


Jan. 28, 2013

Gwen Schuler, Media and Communications, gschuler@cityoftacoma.org(253) 591-5160
Maria Lee, Media and Communications, maria.lee@cityoftacoma.org(253) 591-2054

Campbell and Boe appointed to head Economic Development Committee

Deputy Mayor Marty Campbell and Council Member David Boe have recently been appointed to serve as chairman and vice-chairman of the city’s Economic Development Committee, respectively. Combined, they have 40 years of experience as business owners.

“As members of this

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What a waterfront walkway along Schuster Parkway might look like

Public access along the Tacoma road is a heated issue as the city updates its shoreline management plan. Now City Councilman David Boe, an architect, has drawn sketches of what he thinks a waterfront walk should look like.

It includes a new sidewalk on the hillside along industrial properties Sperry Ocean Dock and Temco, the new Chinese Reconciliation Park and the salt marsh between them. It’s wider than the current path and includes two new pedestrian overpasses that get people onto it at each end: Jack Hyde Park and Thea’s Park.

It avoids taking pedestrians either directly along the water

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Tacoma City Council cracks down on billboards, ditching legal settlement with Clear Channel

Tacoma’s City Council called today for quick removal of at least 190 billboards, and possibly dozens more, reigniting a legal fight with sign owner Clear Channel Outdoor.

The council voted 7-1, with Joe Lonergan opposed and Spiro Manthou absent, to tighten zoning restrictions for billboards, set a new deadline for removal of those that don’t comply, and ban the modern versions that switch messages electronically.

By keeping digital billboards out of Tacoma, the council backs out of a legal settlement with Clear Channel that it had approved unanimously last year.

The agreement called for allowing Clear Channel to put up digital boards in exchange for tearing down traditional signs that don’t conform to the law. Though that part of the deal will now be defunct, the agreement also calls on the city to pay Clear Channel the market value of billboards the company is forced to remove outside the agreement. That could be ammunition for a court challenge.

“This has the potential to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars,” Michael Mayes, Clear Channel Outdoor’s Seattle real estate director, told the council tonight. “It opens the city up to additional legal exposure and significant financial risk.”

Councilmen David Boe and Marty Campbell proposed the law, which doubles the required space between billboards and places like residential districts, parks, churches, schools and historic districts.

City planners say they haven’t determined how many more signs will become “nonconforming” under the proposed rules. Staff had determined roughly 193 of the city’s 253 billboard faces didn’t conform to the old rules.

All nonconforming signs would have to be removed within six months. Permits that allow companies to replace a demolished billboard in a new spot would expire after a year. Clear Channel holds 169 of those relocation permits. Read more »


Tacoma Rainiers’ consultant blasts councilman in email string

With the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Rainiers set to celebrate Opening Day at a newly renovated Cheney Stadium tonight, a behind-the-scenes — if disparaging — email discussion among key city and team officials late last month has emerged courtesy of the state’s public records act.


In the email thread, Steve Patterson, a consultant for the Rainiers — the minor-league tenant of the city-owned ballpark that’s set to host its first game tonight after $30 million of improvements — blasts Councilman David Boe for “secretly misus(ing) his public position to line his own private pockets.”


Patterson’s email comes amid a discussion among some city and team officials about how to respond to questions Boe originally sent to City Manager Eric Anderson after reading The News Tribune’s story last month about a controversial procurement process in the ballpark renovation project. (Neither Anderson nor Boe are included on the email thread).

Among other things, Boe wondered in his email to Anderson sent Mar. 20 if the city faced paying any monetary damages should the ballpark renovations not be completely finished by an April 1 deadline. Boe also wondered if a public demonstration area had been identified at the ballpark. (Ensuing emails show that neither Rainiers’ President Aaron Artman nor Patterson were agreeable to a demonstration area, although Mike Combs, the city’s Public Assembly Facilities Director, noted that such areas are protected by federal law.)

To Boe’s questions, Patterson responded to the group:

At the last OAC meeting we discussed that the gas will be in by the 25th. Substantial completion with a punchlist is not the same as having every last item done and doesn’t relieve Mortenson of the obligation to finish the punchlist. Boe is grandstanding. The deal was never that every punchlist item would be done by April 1, and he knows the difference. He’s using his usual prevarication just as a way to gig us all. At the rate we’re going now we should be substantially complete on time with a punchlist. The punchlist for the offices and Summit Club space was pretty short. That gives us two weeks before any games and liquidated damages discussion. I’d find it difficult to imagine we won’t be able to play on the 15th.
The team’s lease doesn’t provide any space for demonstrations.
I see no reason to entertain any suggestions from someone who tried to secretly misuse his public position to line his own private pockets.

Patterson’s comments appear aimed at Boe’s involvement with one of the ballpark renovation project’s losing bid teams — a relationship that ultimately drew an ethics complaint against him.
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Read the Boe ethics investigation

In this morning’s print edition, Lewis Kamb reported some of the fine print in the City of Tacoma’s ethics investigation into Councilman David Boe. The city’s Board of Ethics cleared Boe, a Tacoma architect, of conflict of interest for voting on bids for the renovation of Cheney Stadium, after he had worked without pay on designs for losing bidder Wade Perrow Construction. But the investigation released this week makes it clear that while there was no direct financial interest in the Cheney project, Bot has an extensive and ongoing business relationship with Perrow.

From the story:

Tacoma City

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Tacoma ethics investigation “fails” to show Boe violated ethics rules

After a closed-door meeting for about two hours tonight, the Tacoma Board of Ethics publicly announced an investigation “failed to establish” City Councilman David Boe violated city ethics rules when he belatedly disclosed his ties to a team competing for a city contract to renovate Cheney Stadium.

Ethics panel chairwoman Julie Myers read from a prepared statement when announcing the board’s decision. She noted the board will not recommend sanctions in the case, though the board added that Boe’s actions also were “inconsistent with the intent of the code that City officials avoid conflicts of interest.”

Boe, who was on hand for the announcement, said he was thankful that the panel carefully considered the issue. He added that the nearly two-month ethics investigation and deliberations by the board were both a “lesson learned” and a “black eye” for him.

He was also apologetic — chalking up his late public disclosure to a rookie’s mistake by a newly appointed councilman.

David Boe

“I’m embarrassed that I even brought the city of Tacoma here, to this point tonight, to have to look at this issue,” he said.

(We’ve written a lot about this matter already — including this post about recent emails we obtained that show Boe informed the city about his ties with one of the losing bid teams for the ballpark contract before he joined the council.)

We’ll have more details in tomorrow’s News Tribune. In the meantime, here’s the full statement issued tonight by the ethics board:
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