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8th Congressional District: Reichert holds comfortable early lead over DelBene

No debates. No cash advantage. No problem.

Not so far, at least.

In his fourth bid for Congress, Republican incumbent Dave Reichert held a comfortable lead early over first-time campaigner and Democrat Suzan DelBene in the race for Washington’s 8th District seat representing eastern King and Pierce Counties.

After the first ballot drops Tuesday, Reichert, the former King County Sheriff from Auburn, held leads in both King and Pierce Counties over DelBene, a high-tech entrepreneur and former Microsoft executive from Medina.

Reichert was expected on-hand at tonight’s GOP Election Night party at the Bellevue Hilton.

“We’re very optimistic about the early returns,” Darren Littell, his campaign spokesman, responded in an email after the first returns.

If trends hold, Reichert, 60, is headed for victory despite a strong negative campaign mounted against his record by DelBene, 48, who sunk $2.3 million of her own money into the race. In all, she was out-raising Reichert $3.8 million to $2.3 million as of the last campaign finance reports.
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Political Smell Test: Reichert’s “WhoisSuzan” site and DelBene’s stimulus support

The claim:

Republican Congressman Dave Reichert has launched a website, whoissuzan.com, that attacks his challenger for the 8th District U.S. House seat, Democrat Suzan DelBene.

The site, also referred to in some of Reichert’s TV ads now being aired, contains the web page, “Suzan’s Spending Spree,” which claims DelBene supports reckless spending policies, including a host of purportedly dubious stimulus-funded projects nationwide

Here’s the full text of the page in question:

“In an era of out-of-control spending and record high debt, Suzan DelBene has cast the concerns of Washington voters aside in favor of supporting the reckless policies being forced through Congress by Democratic leadership in Washington D.C. One such measure was the so-called “stimulus” legislation, which cost American taxpayers over $862 billion but was ineffective in growing the economy or keeping unemployment in check. Here are just ten of the projects Suzan supports:
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Poll: Reichert still holding 7-point lead over DelBene

The latest KING-TV/Survey USA poll has Republican Congressman Dave Reichert still holding a 7-point advantage over Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene. The poll’s margin of error is 4 points.

Here’s the rest of the skinny:

In an election for US House of Representatives in Washington State’s 8th Congressional District today, 10/21/10, incumbent Republican Dave Reichert defeats Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene 52% to 45%, according to this latest exclusive KING-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

Previous KING TV/Survey USA polls in the race had Reichert with a big, double-digit lead seven weeks ago, with DelBene fighting back to close within

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The Suzan DelBene Cash Infusion

No, it’s not a Jon Spencer tribute band. The Suzan DelBene Cash Infusion is a self-supported campaign finance strategy in the waning days of Election 2010.

It consists of three parts: One high-tech entrepreneur with deep pockets, one perennially vulnerable Republican incumbent and $1.35 million.

The latter part is the amount DelBene, the Democrat and politcal newcomer trying to unseat three-term Congressman Dave Reichert in Washington’s politically fickle 8th District, just injected into her campaign, according to the latest finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

DelBene, the former Microsoft executive who helped launch drugstore.com, already had poured in nearly $950,000 of her own money prior to the latest reporting period, as reported earlier this month, That means the Medina businesswoman now has $2.28 million of her own skin in the game ($350,000 of it is considered a loan).

DelBene’s cash injection helped her to out-fundraise Reichert’s special interest donations, which outnumber DelBene’s by a 4.5 to 1 ratio in raw dollars. The cash blast also has quickly infused the Democrat’s depleted coffers with nearly $200k to work with (compared to more than $600k for Reichert) just before the final ad-buy frenzy typically seen in a tight Congressional race in the days before Election Day.

In all, DelBene’s own dough now comprises nearly 61 percent of her total campaign contributions.

Here are the latest details from the FEC reports:
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What’s in a name? Maybe everything in Reichert-DelBene contest

Earlier this week, we (along with many, many others) reported about an exchange at a candidates’ forum in Newcastle last weekend during which an audience member stumped Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert with a question about the Glass-Steagall Act.

Reichert, trying to win his fourth term to Congress for Washington’s 8th District, replied he was “not familiar” with Glass-Steagall — drawing laughter (and seemingly some gasps) from the audience.

(Parts of the nearly eight-decades old banking reform law, which originally required commercial banks to separate activities from Wall Street investment firms, were repealed in 1999. In the aftermath of the nation’s recent economic meltdown, some lawmakers and candidates — including Reichert’s challenger, Democrat Suzan DelBene — have, in part, blamed the erosion of Glass-Steagall for the crisis.)

Is that Del Bean?

Seattle public radio station KUOW recently caught up with the woman — Judy Schwarz — who posed the question to Reichert.

In a news report that aired on the station Tuesday, Schwarz said she’ll probably vote for DelBene, a former Microsoft executive turned first-time candidate.

Only trouble is, when Schwarz revealed on air whom she’ll likely cast her ballot for, her answer tapped into what may be DelBene’s Achilles Heel: Name recognition.
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Reichert: “Not familiar” with Glass-Steagall

Burning up the local blogosphere today are posts about three-term Republican Congressman Dave Reichert fielding a question at a candidates’ forum in Newcastle on Saturday.

The question involved the Glass-Stegall Act, a Great Depression-era law enacted by Congress to restore the public’s confidence in the banking system.

(Among other things, the law established the FDIC to regulate banking and separated commercial banks from Wall Street’s securities-holding investment banks. In 1999, Congress made significant changes to Glass-Steagall, including repealing its restrictions on affiliations between banks and Wall Street securities firms. Some critics now blame such

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Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell: Reichert, Rossi give similar responses

In debates Thursday and Sunday with Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, Republican challenger Dino Rossi provided questioners with a similar response, when asked during each event where he stood on efforts to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy.

Like he did in Spokane Thursday, Rossi said during Saturday’s debate in Seattle that he would wait to see the results of a survey of military personnel before taking a position on the issue:

I would make sure we have input before I cast any kind of yes vote on something like this. This is an issue that needs to be thought out thoroughly. It’s not something to rush to

(According to this blog post from the Everett Herald’s Jerry Cornfield, Rossi seems to have changed his answer, depending on the audience.)

Rossi’s responses during the debates echo how three-term Republican Congressman Dave Reichert recently defended to me his vote against a House amendment to repeal Don’t Ask in May.

During recent interviews with each, I asked both Reichert and his challenger, Democrat Suzan DelBene, to briefly respond to where they stood on three hot button issues — abortion, civil marriage and DADT — as a way to help distinguish them as candidates.

All of the responses were fairly short:
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Reichert still up big, according to Silver’s statistical analysis

Despite recent polling that suggests Democrat Suzan DelBene has substantially closed the gap against Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th Congressional District, the latest analysis of that race from political statistician Nate Silver suggests otherwise.

According to its Oct. 15 statistical model, Silver’s NYT-affiliated fivethirtyeight.com has Reichert still up by nearly 12 percentage points, 54.9 percent to DelBene’s 43.0 percent. Silver also conducted 100 computer simulations of the race and found Reichert winning nearly 94 percent of the time.

The latest analysis remains relatively consistent (the Reichert-DelBene gap is even actually widening slightly, according

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