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Clint Didier raises $220,000 with help from Sarah Palin

Clint Didier collected $220,000 in contributions to his Senate campaign in the past three months as he competed against two better-funded candidates, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and, last month, fellow Republican Dino Rossi.

Rossi and Murray each raised more than $1 million in the same period.

Since he entered the race, Didier has reported raising $570,000. His campaign had $103,000 in cash June 30.

Didier advisor Kathryn Serkes said Didier saw a surge of donations after Sarah Palin endorsed him, and is seeing the same, now that the campaign-finance reporting period is over, in the wake of his

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Didier, Akers also oppose financial bill

Dino Rossi‘s Republican rival Clint Didier today echoed Rossi’s concerns that the Wall Street overhaul heralds future bailouts.

He said in a statement that the bill “just furthers the unholy alliance between Washington DC and Wall Street – and leaves consumers out in the cold and doesn’t begin to address the real causes of the problems.”

A third Republican in the race, Paul Akers, told me he supports tougher standards for banks to maintain more capital to back up their transactions, but the rest of the regulation micromanages the financial system, while failing to curb the lax lending standards that

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Ron Paul endorses Clint Didier for U.S. Senate

What is as interesting as this endorsement is the path it took to get to us.

The original story was posted by Josh Feit at Publicola. But I didn’t notice it there before the kind folks at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent it along.

The DSCC provides as much publicity to Republican Clint Didier as it does for incumbent Democrat Patty Murray. That is in keeping with the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In other words, if Didier can weaken Dino Rossi on the Republican side of the U.S. Senate primary, the DSCC is

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Washington Farm Bureau can’t decide in U.S. Senate race

The Farm Bureau released its endorsements today and generally gave support to Republicans.

But when it came down to the contested U.S. Senate race, the bureau couldn’t reach a two-thirds majority for any of the candidates.

Dan Wood, the local affairs director for the 38,000-member organization of family farmers and ranchers, said there was no consensus.

“There was not sufficient agreement among the county Farm Bureaus to endorse any of the candidates for U.S. Senate in the Primary,” Wood said via e-mail. “None of them received support from 2/3 of our county Farm Bureaus.”

The state farm bureau endorsed Dino Rossi when he ran for governor in 2008, citing his 100 percent voting record on their issues when he served in the state senate. The King-Pierce bureau even declared him an honorary member. But this year Rossi is in a primary with a farmer and rancher – Clint Didier of Eltopia in Franklin County.

The bureau might come back and endorse in the Senate race after the August primary.

Only five legislative Democrats were endorsed by the bureau, including Gig Harbor Sen. Derek Kilmer. But one of the five was House Speaker Frank Chopp of Seattle.

Here is the press release and the endorsements in federal, state and local offices:

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Poll has Murray, Rossi still tied in Senate race

A new public opinion poll from Rasmussen Reports shows GOP challenger Dino Rossi in a tie with Democratic incumbent Patty Murray for the U.S. Senate seat. Both have support of 47 percent of likely voters in a head-to-head race, about the same as a poll one month ago.

That may be bad news for Murray, according to Rasmussen’s analysis.

Despite the closeness of her race against Rossi in a year that so far seems to be going the GOP’s way, Murray has the powers of incumbency at hand in a state that trends Democratic. Still, incumbents that fall

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Political Smell Test: Clint Didier claims health reform bill purchase 3,000 shotguns for IRS

During an interview with TVW at the state Republican convention Saturday, U.S. Senate candidate Clint Didier listed ways Washington residents could resist the federal health care law.

Didier, a farmer and high school football coach from Eltopia, told TVW’s Niki Reading that people could support state Attorney General Rob McKenna’s lawsuit against the law, replace the members of Congress who supported it and refuse to take part in the program.

Here’s the exchange that occurs at the six minute mark of the interview (the ellipses don’t indicate that words have been removed, only that the speakers are interrupted or change direction):

Didier: “The third thing right now that we have is we the people tell the federal government we’re not participating. Now put us all in prison and find out where you’re going to get the money to run this massive government that you’ve created.”

Reading: “So you mean just not buy …

CD: “Just don’t participate, cause they said…and they’ve already bought 3,000 military grade shotguns in this health care bill to the IRS so they can arrest the ones who don’t pay.”

NR: “I thought it would be a fine.”

CD: “Why are they buying shotguns, military grade shotguns?”

NR: “I haven’t heard that.”

CD: “It’s in the bill. You gotta start looking at what they’re putting…and what did we hear from our great speaker of the House? Well just pass it and then we’ll found out what’s in it. Well how about you guys start reading the bills.” Read more »


GOP crowd cheers Senate candidates

Republican activists greeted U.S. Senate candidates Clint Didier and Dino Rossi warmly, but not overwhelmingly so, when they spoke to the party’s state convention today.

By a very unscientific measure – audience response to the two candidates – Rossi seemed to have more supporters, while Didier had more enthusiastic ones.

Most of the crowd was on their feet for Rossi. A smaller, louder core stood for Didier’s entrance and exit, and managed to make more noise than the crowd did for Rossi.

Many people also stood for the third major Republican candidate, Paul Akers, but the crowd wasn’t filled with

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Didier: Palin urged me to stay in race

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Clint Didier met with Sarah Palin today in the Tri-Cities before his speech to tea party members that voted to unofficially support him in Vancouver.

The former Alaska governor, who endorsed Didier before GOP star Dino Rossi entered the race, has an uncle and aunt in the Tri-Cities who have long known Didier.

Didier told the tea party groups he had heard a false rumor Palin tried to talk him into quitting the race.

“On the contrary,” he said, “she’s saying ‘Forge ahead.’”

And he will stay in, he said: “I get more determined by

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