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It’s not Nirvana but WA Lieutenant Governor candidate Bill Finkbeiner posts a music video/campaign ad (with Krist Novoselic’s help)

Welcome to 2012 Lieutenant Governor Campaign — The Musical.

Incumbent Brad Owen has long been known for taking his band on the road to schools and other venues to promote an anti drug message.

Now Republican challenger Bill Finkbeiner has come up with his own musical number, his version of the country classic “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

Finkbeiner sings his version over a slide show with pictures of him, well, everywhere. He even manages to slip in a reference to his suggestion that the state Senate (the lieutenant governor presides) might be less partisan if the center aisle was removed and

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Finkbeiner: Would sitting in alphabetical order make the Washington state Senate more cooperative?

Maybe we should file this in the “Everything I Know I Learned In Kindergarten” folder.

Former state Sen. Bill Finkbeiner now a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, has suggested some ways the Senate he would preside over could be less partisan. Suggestion No. 1 is to get rid of the center aisle that divides Republicans and Democrats and require lawmakers to sit in alphabetical order rather than by party and seniority.

” The aisle separates the parties, promotes division, and decreases the sense of cooperation,” the campaign said in a message to supporters. “No business would split a team working

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GOP’s Bill Finkbeiner to run against Lt. Gov. Brad Owen

Former state Senate Republican leader Bill Finkbeiner of Kirkland announced today he is running for lieutenant governor in 2012 in a bid to bring more bipartisanship to the state Capitol. Finkbeiner served as GOP leader in 2004-05, deciding one year later not to seek re-election.

In an email today, Finkbeiner spoke of trying to build more bipartisanship at the Legislature – even more than what four-term Democratic Lt. Gov. Brad Owen of Shelton has mustered as presiding officer. Among his ideas is use of a mediator to help settle disputes and less of the global travel Owen does to boost trade and good will.

“There’s things the lieutenant governor can do to make the Senate work better … It’s not that he’s doing something bad. … He’s kind of mailing it in. There’s more than following Robert’s Rules of Order and banging the gavel,’’ Finkbeiner said.

Feinbeiner’s suggestion there is insufficient bipartisanship might be news to those in the Senate who crossed party lines in May to produce the most bipartisan budget agreement in decades. But in a telephone interview Finkbeiner said he thinks lawmakers could bring that kind of spirit to a lot more issues.
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