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Murray campaign bringing in Democratic A-List

Today it’s Bill Clinton in Everett. Tuesday sees Joe Biden in Vancouver, on the heels of his appearance at UW Tacoma earlier this month. On Thursday, the president himself at UW Seattle. Then, on Monday First Lady Michelle Obama in Bellevue.

Patty Murray’s campaign is bringing in the big guns as Washington’s two-week-long election day gets under way. The point, obviously, is to bring out the party faithful.

John Dickerson of Slate reports this morning about the first couple drawing 35,000 to a rally at Ohio State University last night and trying to recapture some of the enthusiasm that brought Obama to office.

The evening wasn’t just about Ohio, though. Democrats hope that a show of force here will inspire their voters all over the country to go to the polls in an election where conservatives are highly motivated. The crowd was blasted with light. The event was made for broadcast. A boom camera streamed the event live to the Internet.

In Columbus, the crowd was enthusiastic, but not at the level of 2008, when the roars at some Obama speeches made you wonder if a touchdown had been scored somewhere. The drop-off is to be expected—it’s not a presidential-election year, and reality has intruded on the vague dreams of the last election. As President Obama admitted, “Let’s be honest. This is a difficult election.”

UPDATE: Washington State Republicans just put out a statement on Murray’s “D.C. Bosses Tour.”

“Times are tough, so Senator Murray is bringing in these big guns from D.C. to help excite her base, but parading around with her D.C. bosses begs the question, just who does Senator Murray work for: Washingtonians or Washington, D.C.?” said GOP spokeswoman Laena Fallon.

Read on for entire statement:

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