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Washington politicians who wanted to join Obama administration should have endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2008

Or so it seems.

Leading up to Washington’s presidential primary in 2008, Hillary Clinton was making a hard push for endorsements from the state’s leading politicians. That was considered the safe move as Barack Obama, though leading, was still the underdog for the Democratic nomination.

Winning these big-name endorsements had more than nominal effect. Most were also super delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

At the time it was considered pretty brave to stand up with Obama instead of Clinton. But that’s what Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire did at a Feb. 8 rally in a packed Key Arena. Also on

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U.S. Sen. Patty Murray congratulates REI exec Sally Jewell on expected appointment as Interior Secretary

Here’s the statement issued by Sen. Patty Murray’s D.C. office on the expected appointment.

Murray Applauds Nomination of Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior
(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement on President Obama’s nomination of Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior.

“President Obama has chosen an accomplished leader as the next Secretary of Interior. I have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Sally Jewell, who has proven to be an effective CEO in the business community, and will bring that skill set to the Cabinet,” said Senator Murray.

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KCTS 9 Washington Poll: State’s independent voters favoring Obama, McKenna

The KCTS 9 Washington Poll released its second wave of results today, showing President Obama widening his edge over Republican Mitt Romney to nearly 20 percentage points, while Democrat Jay Inslee is very narrowly ahead of Republican Rob McKenna in the governor’s race.

Among the interesting findings is that independent voters are favoring Obama by 17 points, McKenna by 21 points, while in the attorney general’s race independents favor Democrat Bob Ferguson by 8 points over Republican Reagan Dunn, according to University of Washington associate professor Matt Barreto, who briefed reporters on the poll this morning.

That suggests McKenna’s effort to cut through Obama’s presumed coattails to capture independents and some Democrats is actually working.

Exact poll results are here
and should also be posted soon at the Washington Poll site and at KCTS-9.

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September a strong month for presidential candidates in Pierce County, but Obama leads in cash

Newly released data from the Federal Election Commission shows both presidential candidates reported their best month yet across Washington State.

Among contributors giving $200 or more, President Obama nearly tripled Governor Romney’s statewide totals for the month of September – $3,111,891 to $1,202,326. In Pierce County, the difference was more modest – $131,757 to $63,283 – just over double. The gain over August’s numbers in the county for Obama was 33% and for Romney, 9%.

Based on available itemized contributions (only donations greater than $200 in aggregate are required by law to be reported to the FEC), the President leads

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UW Poll: Obama, R-74 winning; Inslee-McKenna is toss-up

Voters in the Evergreen State are backing President Obama and same-sex marriage by wide margins, while giving Democrat Jay Inslee a very slight edge over Republican Rob McKenna in the Washington governor’s race, according to the latest Washington Poll released today.

Go here for the full results, which carry a strong-blue tint on most issues except for the clear support for limiting taxes and allowing charter schools.

The poll release this afternoon comes after Secretary of State Sam Reed said he expects turnout in the high-stakes election to reach 81 percent, a bit less than in 2008 but stronger than average.

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In their words: Transcript of President Obama’s announcement of former Gov. Gary Locke as ambassador to China

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 9, 2011


Diplomatic Reception Room

10:55 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. As many people know, our current Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, has decided to step down from his current job. During his tenure, Jon has been an outstanding advocate for this administration and for this country. He made a real sacrifice in moving his family out of the state that they loved and has helped to strengthen our critical relationship with the Chinese government and the Chinese people. And so I am very grateful for his service.

In replacing Ambassador Huntsman, I can think of nobody who is more qualified than Gary Locke. More than 100 years ago, Gary’s grandfather left China on a steamship bound for America, where he worked as a

Gary Locke looks on Wednesday as President Obama announces his appointment. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

domestic servant in Washington State. A century later, his grandson will return to China as America’s top diplomat.

In the years between these milestones, Gary has distinguished himself as one of our nation’s most respected and admired public servants. As our country’s first Chinese-American governor, he worked tirelessly to attract jobs and businesses to Washington State, and he doubled exports to China.
Two years ago, I asked Gary to continue this work as Commerce Secretary. I wanted him to advocate for America’s businesses and American exports all around the world, make progress on our relationship with China, and use the management skills he developed as governor to reform a complex and sprawling agency.

He has done all that and more. He’s been a point person for my National Export Initiative, and last year, Read more »


Obama tells supporters to cheer up

Obama gave a buck-up speech to liberal supporters.

He said it’s been hard work since the “big party” on Election Night 2008, and some people may be saying, “this isn’t happening as fast as I would like.”

It’s “hard to keep faith,” he said, when there are people unemployed and houses facing foreclosure and negative ads on TV.

“You can’t let it get to you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that this fight is not worth it,” he said.

He ran down a list of accomplishments, saying that there are patients who can afford health care, students who can

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Obama: GOP would take country backward

Obama is speaking to a crowd of 10,000 at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, plus 3,000 in overflow at Husky Stadium.

He says Republicans would take the United States back to “the same agenda that nearly destroyed our economy.” He deployed his usual metaphor of Republicans driving a car into the ditch, Democrats righting it, and Republicans asking for the keys back.

“It’s not as if we didn’t try it, Seattle,” he said. “We tried it for eight years; It didn’t work.”