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Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget office posts memo on how it would respond to government shutdown

As promised last week, Gov. Jay Inslee‘s budget office has released details on how it thinks it can legally respond to a shutdown of state government if a budget isn’t approved by the Legislature by June 30.

A week ago, Inslee’s budget director David Schumacher asked agencies for details on what might be able to remain open based on factors such as federal mandates and funding, whether it is authorized by the already adopted transportation budget and services that do not require a specific authorization or appropriation by the Legislature.

“The state constitution prohibits payment of treasury funds without an

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Budget proposal would delay school payments

House Democrats’ latest proposal shaves well over half a billion dollars off its previous proposal for school spending.

But a significant chunk of that reduction, $140 million, would be removed through a bit of fiscal sleight of hand. It’s intended to avoid hurting school districts — and might even help them.

The savings would come from making a payment to school districts on July 1 instead of at the end of June, pushing it into the next two-year budget cycle for the Legislature but keeping it in the same budget cycle for school districts.

It’s reminiscent of a

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Gregoire’s No. 2 budget guy will be assistant state treasurer

Wolfgang Opitz, who has been deputy budget director for the past 8 years, is going to work for new state Treasurer Jim McIntire.

The new job starts in mid-January, when McIntire, a former state legislator, will be sworn into office. McIntire beat longtime state chief economist ChangMook Sohn in the Democratic primary election this year, and Republican Allan Martin, who was Treasurer Mike Murphy‘s assistant treasurer, in the November general election.

Opitz, 47, who lives in Tacoma’s North End, was the No. 2 budget guy for former Gov. Gary Locke for 4 years and for Gov.

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McIntire forms ‘transition team’ to take over treasurer’s office

State Rep. Jim McIntire, D-Seattle, is wasting no time getting ready to start his new job. He’s beating deputy state treasurer Allan Martin, a Republican, by about 50,000 votes out of 2.7 million ballots cast.

For those of you who worried because McIntire favors a state income tax, don’t. The state treasurer can’t enact a state income tax all by himself. At least, I don’t think so. I think it takes a constitutional amendment.

Looking at the current personnel in the Washington treasurer’s office, I’m thinking one of the first things McIntire might do is get a new executive assistant. I mean, unless he wants to keep Susan Martin. She’s married to his election opponent.

She has been executive assistant to current state Treasurer Mike Murphy‘s for quite a while. And some of you may recall Murphy, a Democrat, was featured in radio ads, asking fellow Democrats to vote for Martin (not McIntire) even though Martin is a Republican.

For Immediate Release: Monday, November 17, 2008
Contact: Christian Sinderman (206) 683-8380

McIntire Assembles State Treasury Transition Team

Leaders from local and state government, private sector will assure smooth transition to new leadership.

SEATTLE—State Treasurer-elect Jim McIntire has announced a team of finance leaders from throughout the state to assist in the transition to new leadership in the office. The team of 14 is led by Tim Kerr, who served as Deputy State Treasurer and the current Treasurers of Whatcom, Thurston, and Clark Counties.

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ChangMook Sohn has Gary Locke in his camp, but Jim McIntire has lots of lesser stars as both go for state treasurer job

You could see this news release coming out of Jim McIntire‘s camp after ChangMook Sohn started running those radio ads last week. Sohn got former Gov. Gary Locke to sing his praises and endorse him in the radio spots that I heard on KOMO 1000.

Sohn and McIntire are running as Democrats and one of them is likely to face Republican Allan Martin, now deputy treasurer, in the general election.

UPDATE: McIntire’s campaign manager says he has former governor endorsements, too.

I just saw the post.
Just as an FYI the "thee former Governors" who support Jim are:
Former Governor Booth Gardner
Former Governor Mike Lowry
Former Governor Al Rosellini
Gregoire has not made an endorsement. A list of our endorsements in full can be found here http://www.jimmcintire.com/default.aspx?ID=3

Have a good one.

McIntire has a bunch of local names — Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma, Pierce County executive John Ladenburg, etc. — that he’s ballyhooing on this eve of the primary election, plus the state labor council and teachers’ union.

Jim McIntire for State Treasurer
For Immediate Release
Contact, Jim McIntire- (206) 399-9847

Local Officials Endorse McIntire for State Treasurer

Several elected officials from Pierce County have announced their support for State Representative Jim McIntire in his bid for State Treasurer.

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Snohomish County Exec backs Sohn for state treasurer

That would be Aaron Reardon, a former state representative and state senator.

ChangMook Sohn, longtime state economist, is running against state Rep. Jim McIntire, D-Seattle, in the primary election.


Snohomish County Executive Reardon endorses Sohn for State Treasurer

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon today announced his endorsement of Dr. ChangMook Sohn for State Treasurer. Reardon said Sohn’s 23 years as the state’s chief economist and his impartial and precise approach to fiscal matters make him the best choice for the office.

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Ring door bells. Kiss babies. Sponsor a chalk art competition

OK, maybe a state Treasurer candidate doesn’t ring door bells (that’s better left to city and county candidates). And the whole baby-kissing thing probably is best reserved for presidential politics.

But state Rep. Jim McIntire, the Seattle Democrat running for state Treasurer, really is putting up the dough to sponsor this week’s Frost Park Chalk Off.

The Chalk Off, in case you didn’t know, is a weekly happening at downtown Tacoma’s Frost Memorial Park, the little park at the corner of South Ninth and Pacific Avenue.

Artists use chalk to create temporary sidewalk art. Prizes are awarded. Photos and video end up on the Internet — and in The News Tribune.

So what exactly is McIntire paying to sponsor the event?

First prize is a $75 El Gaucho gift certificate. Second prize is an interview in The Tacoma Sun, an award that would not appear to cost the candidate anything.

Maybe the better question is, why is a state Treasurer candidate paying for an El Gaucho gift certificate for the winner of a chalk art competition?

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