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Category: Supreme Court


Supreme Court: Recall effort against Pacific mayor Cy Sun can proceed

The state Supreme Court, in an opinion issued this morning, has found that a recall effort against Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is legally sufficient to move ahead.

Donald Thomson filed a so-called “statement of charges” against Sun in August 2012. Thomson cited a number of instances of alleged misconduct he contends makes Sun unfit for office. King County Superior Court Judge Laura Inveen found two of those charges sufficient to be put before voters:

* That Sun used the city’s police department as his personal investigative force.

* That he jeopardized the city’s liability insurance coverage by not filling vacant department

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Reaction to Washington Supreme Court striking down two-thirds supermajorities for tax increases

UPDATED 10:45 a.m.

The Supreme Court’s ruling today striking down 20-year-old tax handcuffs on the Legislature will likely give new energy to those on both sides of the debate.

Opponents of the two-thirds-for-taxes rules will be able to dust off their wish list of tax breaks to eliminate and taxes to raise.

The job just got easier for all the business and labor groups pushing for a transportation tax package in the Legislature. And education advocates have new hope of being able to find new state revenue to deal with that OTHER Supreme Court ruling: the one that says lawmakers aren’t

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Washington State Supreme Court rules unconstitutional initiatives that require two-thirds majority for tax hikes

In a landmark ruling 20 years in the making, the Washington State Supreme Court this morning struck down Initiative 1053 as unconstitutional. The court majority said the constitution controls the majority needed for tax hikes and the constitution requires only a majority of the members of the House and Senate.

That means the only way for backers of the so-called super-majority for tax hikes can achieve that goal is to go through the more-burdensome method of amending the constitution which itself requires a two-thirds vote of both houses and then a majority vote of the people.

“The language and

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Washington Supreme Court expected to release ruling on challenge to two-thirds tax initiatives

The Supreme Court often releases a list of rulings it expects to post. While it says “may” and there have been a few times when an expected case was not released, it usually means “will.”

So here is the list for Thursday:

It is anticipated that the following opinions may be filed this week.

· 87105-1 Klem v. WA Mutual Bank, et al.

· 87425-5 League of Education Voters, et al. v. State, et al.

· 86433-1Schroeder v. Excelsior Mgmt. Group, LLC, et al.

League of Education Voters v. State is the challenge to the constitutionality of

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Salary commission taking first public comment next week in Olympia on pay for state elected officials

The Washington State Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials is launching its every-other-year process to set pay for legislators, statewide elected officials and members of the judiciary. The first public testimony is being taken next Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 30-31, at the Phoenix Inn in downtown Olympia.

The news release is here:

For Release: Immediate Contact: Teri Wright
Date: 1/24/13
Washington State Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials

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State’s top justice calls McCleary decision very complex and difficult challenge

State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen delivered the State of the Judiciary address Wednesday during a joint session of the Legislature, calling the coming legislative session “challenging.”

The annual address, delivered on the floor of the Senate chambers, outlines what issues and goals the state’s high court sees ahead and what accomplishments or setbacks the court has seen over the past year.

The full State of the Judiciary address can be seen on TVW

It is no secret that we are experiencing very challenging times in our state and in our nation. I haven’t spoken to anyone who

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Gov. Inslee says a longer life for temporary taxes on businesses, beer do not violate his no-tax pledge

About 24 hours into his new job, Gov. Jay Inslee told reporters today that it would not violate his no-new-taxes pledge if the Legislature chose to extend the 3-year life of temporary taxes on service businesses and beer beyond their June expiration. The new governor’s remarks are sure to stir controversy even though he said several times he was not actually advocating a longer life to tax surcharges on service businesses and beer beyond June 30.

At least he isn’t proposing anything as yet.

What he said when first asked about temporary taxes was:

“So I

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