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Category: Lands Commissioner


Goldmark takes his campaign against Sutherland to cable TV

Democratic challenger Peter Goldmark claims incumbent Republican Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland has taken care of the people who have contributed $600,000 toward Sutherland’s campaign.

For Immediate Release: Monday, October 6, 2008
Contact: Peter Goldmark (206) 447-4169

Goldmark Launches First Television Commercials of Lands Commissioner Campaign

Ads focus on steep slope clear-cut logging and back room land deals; common thread is Republican Sutherland’s rewards to large special interest contributors

Meanwhile, those same special interests have amassed nearly $600,000 in special fund to bail out embattled incumbent

SEATTLE—Okanogan rancher Peter Goldmark, Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands, today kicked off advertising in the competitive race to serve as manager of Washington’s 5 million acres of forest, shoreline, grazing and aquatic resources.

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Goldmark, Sutherland trade jabs in lands commissioner race

Sam Taylor of our sister McClatchy paper, The Bellingham Herald, filed this report from today’s “debate” in the lands commissioner race.

BLAINE, Whatcom County – It wasn’t much of a debate Thursday between the two candidates for state commissioner of public lands.

One of them didn’t show up.

Republican Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland had written down the wrong time for the debate at the Association of Washington Business policy summit.

"When you mess up your calendar, you mess up your calendar," Sutherland said after entering the banquet hall at Semiahmoo Resort as debate moderators wrapped up the 30-minute conversation with Democratic challenger Peter Goldmark.

Though the lands commissioner is one of the lesser-known executive positions, this year’s race between the two candidates is considered one of the closest and interesting to watch.

The commissioner is in charge of the state Department of Natural Resources and manages about 5 million acres of state land. The position includes regulation and enforcement of various environmental regulations, especially on timber harvesting, and working on wildfire management.

Sutherland is a former Tacoma mayor and Pierce County executive seeking a third term as lands commissioner. He bested Goldmark in the August primary 51 percent to 49 percent.

Despite his absence, the Thursday "debate" went on. Goldmark, who lives in Seattle and maintains a family ranch near Okanogan, answering questions on his many campaign contributions from environmentalists, wildfire protection, potential logging in areas with endangered species such as the spotted owl and how he’d do the job differently than Sutherland.

Goldmark painted Sutherland as an incumbent who has cost the state millions in court fees, doesn’t enforce regulations on the books and is unresponsive to the public when making deals with special interests trying to benefit from state land.

The Democratic challenger highlighted his own resume, touting himself as a volunteer firefighter who loves his community and is accessible to taxpayers and others with a stake in public lands issues.

"Above all I will bring fairness to an agency that the public needs to trust," he said, adding that he’d make sure "all of the public is treated with respect, and that includes the employees."

In an interview after the event, Sutherland took aim at Goldmark, pointing out that the Democrat’s experience as state director of agriculture under Gov. Mike Lowry in the early 1990s was for only a four-month stint.

"My opponent is working really hard to find an issue," the commissioner said.

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Peter Goldmark is debating himself

The debate between Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland and challenger Peter Goldmark just began here at the Association of Washington Business annual policy summit.

Without Sutherland in the room.

Sutherland apparently had the wrong time marked in his calendar and is somewhere in the vicinity of Mount Vernon, the audience here was told.

(The conference is at the Semiahmoo Resort near Blaine.)

Rather than wait for him to arrive, the group is pressing on. Goldmark is giving his opening statement and will be presented with questions. He’ll get 90 seconds to answer, just like

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Conservation Voters endorse Democrat Peter Goldmark

…which is what one would expect. Peter Goldmark is running for state Lands Commissioner against Republican incumbent Doug Sutherland

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Contact: Heather Melton
Peter Goldmark for Public Lands Commissioner

Washington Conservation Voters Endorse Peter Goldmark for Commissioner of Public Lands

Lifelong Okanogan Rancher will bring balance and strong policy perspective to critical state post

SEATTLE—The campaign of Okanogan rancher Peter Goldmark for Commissioner of Public Lands gained more momentum yesterday with the endorsement of the Washington Conservation Voters, the political voice for the environment.

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Sutherland touts bipartisan endorsements; raises $200,000

Naturally, since incumbent state Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland is a Republican, he’s emphasizing the support he’s getting from Democrats.

Sutherland’s opponent is Democrat Peter Goldmark.

(By the way, if you want to see Goldmark’s stand on the issues, click on this link. And you’ll find that he doesn’t have any, yet — at least, not on his Web site.)

Republican and Democratic Legislative Leaders Endorse Doug Sutherland
Seven Former Speakers of the House and Senate Majority Leaders

Citing his ability to bring people together on tough environmental issues, several prominent Democrats, including Speakers of the House Bill Polk (R), Wayne Ehlers (D), Clyde Ballard (R) and Brian Ebersole announced their endorsement of Commissioner of Public Lands Doug Sutherland.

Three Senate Majority Leaders announced their endorsement of Doug as well, including Sen. Dan McDonald (R), Sen. Ted Bottiger (D) and Sen. Bill Finkbeiner (R).

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State Lands Commissioner challenger doesn’t like Doug

I’m actually posting a news release that I don’t understand one iota. But it’s so rare to even see anything about the Lands Commissioner race, I felt obliged to do so.

I’m sure those of you who are following that race intently will understand what Peter Goldmark is saying about Doug Sutherland. And maybe one of you political junkies can explain it to me.

For the rest of you, the Commissioner of Public Lands race will be on the ballot in November — way, way, way down the ballot.

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For immediate release: March 5, 2008
Contact: Peter Goldmark (509) 322-3266

Sutherland Cuts School Funding By Raising Fees
For Trust Account Management

7% increase in agency fee comes while accounts are already depressed by slumping timber market

Okanogan rancher, former rural school board director, and candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands candidate Peter Goldmark today criticized the recent 7% increase in agency management fees charged to the state’s trust accounts by the Department of Natural Resources. Managed by Commissioner Doug Sutherland, the accounts contain proceeds from timber sales and are meant for school construction.

"Sutherland has imposed what amounts to a 7% cut in school construction revenues at a time the state cannot afford a cut," said Goldmark, who attended a one-room school in rural Okanogan County and later served on the school board while his five children attended Okanogan area schools.

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