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Category: Funny stuff


Democratic candidate for governor Jay Inslee serenades Tacoma Rotarians

You know how at Rotary Club meetings they always come up with silly ways to recognize members who are having a birthday?

OK, maybe you don’t. But trust us, it’s silly. Like having the birthday boys and girls put on silly hats or pose as game show contestants and answer silly questions.

You know, silly.

But Thursday at Tacoma Rotary 8 the leaders hadn’t come up with anything like that so they wondered if any of the celebrants had ever been sung to by a real, live candidate for governor. And when the answer was no, they made their guest

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Windle literally running for congress… with a big log on his back

At five-feet tall and 37 pounds, it’s not a typical political running mate.

But for James Windle, Independent candidate in the 8th District from Snoqualmie, a big ol’ log is the perfect running mate. Next week, Windle will be running two to four miles a day during rush hour while carrying a log on his back. The Windle campaign says the runs will encourage voters to vote independent in the August 7 primary. Maybe the log run will prepare Windle for log jams in congress should he beat incumbent Dave Reichert in the fall.

His first run will be 5

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Here are the recordings of 1964 phone calls between President Johnson and Washington senators Warren Magnuson and Henry Jackson

The links below are to the two recordings I write about in my Sunday column about LBJ’s congratulatory calls to Washington Sens. Warren Magnuson and Henry Jackson. The column is here.


lbjscoop_wh6411_09_6255-1 (1)


A thousand words: Wayward cart finds way to councilman’s parking spot; photo op

Earlier this week, ace TNT intern Stephanie Kim wrote about a controversial proposal from City Councilman Ryan Mello that aims to “get abandoned shopping carts under control” to help reduce neighborhood blight.

The measure would impose fines on large grocery stores and retailers that don’t take steps to prevent carts from being taken from their property.  (Wayward carts are a real problem, some community proponents say, because they end up littering streets, parks and yards — sometimes miles away from the stores where they came from.)

But after some criticism from business reps and fellow council members who

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In case you’re wondering what your legislators have been doing …

If only their problems writing a budget could be solved this easily.

UPDATE 12:45 p.m.: Someone has taken down the light-hearted video from YouTube, perhaps the Senate videographers who apparently made it.

You’ll just have to imagine it: a bipartisan cast of pols including Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, Sen. Nick Harper of Everett, Sen. Rodney Tom of Medina and Rep. Bill Hinkle of Cle Elum, mugging for the camera with staff and lobbyists as they advertise a machine that turns a bill that “sucks” into a great one.


April Fools: Pol wants to pull double duty in Senate, House

Sen. Craig Pridemore says he will seek to be appointed to a vacant state House seat, serving in both the House and Senate at the same time.

The Vancouver Democrat’s news release just happens to have come out on April Fools’ Day.

The truth is, it’s been difficult for me to make ends meet on just one legislative salary. With two of them, I think I can live well and both the Senate and House will benefit from having somebody around who can truly understand both institutions.  The offices aren’t that far apart, and God knows I can use

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Want a free dinner? First get elected to the state House and then say “Let’s Get Washington Working Again.”

The first part might be hard. But the second way to qualify for the House Republicans contest is pretty easy. Just use the phrase that is the theme of the caucus in a floor speech and you get entered in a special drawing.

House Minority Leader Rich DeBolt, R-Chehalis, confirmed the contest but asked that I not express any cynicism about it. Given that it is rather cynical all by itself I promised not to pile on.

I asked DeBolt about the contest after seeing him walk over and hand one of his members something after they’d worked in “Let’s

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