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Category: Environment


Washington politicians who wanted to join Obama administration should have endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2008

Or so it seems.

Leading up to Washington’s presidential primary in 2008, Hillary Clinton was making a hard push for endorsements from the state’s leading politicians. That was considered the safe move as Barack Obama, though leading, was still the underdog for the Democratic nomination.

Winning these big-name endorsements had more than nominal effect. Most were also super delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

At the time it was considered pretty brave to stand up with Obama instead of Clinton. But that’s what Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire did at a Feb. 8 rally in a packed Key Arena. Also on

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U.S. Sen. Patty Murray congratulates REI exec Sally Jewell on expected appointment as Interior Secretary

Here’s the statement issued by Sen. Patty Murray’s D.C. office on the expected appointment.

Murray Applauds Nomination of Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior
(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement on President Obama’s nomination of Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior.

“President Obama has chosen an accomplished leader as the next Secretary of Interior. I have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Sally Jewell, who has proven to be an effective CEO in the business community, and will bring that skill set to the Cabinet,” said Senator Murray.

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Environmentalists look to defend former gains

Environmental activists today outlined their goals for changes in Olympia, including:

  • former Gov. Chris Gregoire‘s proposal to end a tax exemption for refineries, raising $63 million for the state and $23 million for local governments.
  • banning a group of chemicals known as chlorinated Tris in couches and children’s toys.
  • a study, with details not yet fleshed out, of how Washington might follow in the footsteps of British Columbia, California and Northeast states in regulating greenhouse gases, through some kind of carbon tax or cap-and-trade policy.

But they acknowledged in the conference call with reporters that the dynamics

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Labor-business-environmental coalition sends letters to Inslee and Legislature asking for ‘down payment’ on $50 billion in transportation needs

The loose coalition of business, labor and environmental groups trying to develop a unified approach to passing a transportation tax package in the Legislature this year has sent formal letters to Gov. Jay Inslee and legislative leaders asking for action. The letters went out today and are signed by several of the groups cited in our Sunday story – linked here.

The letters – copies of which are linked here for those going to Inslee and House Speaker Frank Chopp - ask for a package that makes “a significant down payment on the $50 billion need identified

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Gov. Chris Gregoire’s office says no word on EPA post

Gregoire has been rumored as a potential nominee for the job, and now comes a “private prediction” from a source who spoke to SeattlePI.com columnist Joel Connelly:

President Obama is about to nominate outgoing Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire as the new head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a very private prediction from a very senior source in Washington’s congressional delegation.

Gregoire’s spokesman, Cory Curtis, said she has had no offer from the White House, formal or informal. Gregoire has not discussed jobs with Obama, he said — at least not directly.

“I don’t know what the back-channel

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I-522 backers turning in signatures today to require disclosure on genetically modified foods

Backers of an initiative to require disclosures of genetic alterations of commercially sold food say they’ll bring in signatures to state elections official today Initiative 522. (click here for full text) is an initiative to the Legislature, which means it would first go to the Legislature for possible adoption.

Tim Eyman, the professional initiative promoter, also is bringing in signatures this morning for I-517, which he says will protect the initiative process. A background story on it is here and the full text is here.

Friday is the

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Study of wilderness plan for Olympic Peninsula sees no effect on logging; Driscoll responds

Advocates of the Wild Olympics proposal to add wilderness protections for 126,000 acres of Olympic National Forest land are highlighting a new study arguing the plan won’t reduce the supply of timber or affect logging jobs.

Here’s the study by consultant Stewardship Forestry, which was commissioned by the Wild Olympics Campaign as an update to an analysis of an earlier, more ambitious version of the plan. In a fact-check of an ad by Congressional candidate Bill Driscoll critical of Wild Olympics and opponent Derek Kilmer, I noted the earlier study found it would remove between 2.2 percent and 3.7

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Crosscut’s Eric Scigliano details Clear Channel’s failed attempts to win digital billboard approval in King County, Washington state

Eric Scigliano has been watching the digital billboard issue from a statewide perspective and provides a good update on Clear Channel’s lobbying at the King County courthouse and in Olympia.

His report on Crosscut shows how the company was close to winning approval in unincorporated King County but the council has now tabled the ordinance. It has also been unsuccessful in winning approval from the state.

Even Clear Channel — which is owned by Bain Capital (of Mitt Romney fame) and other private equity partners — does not possess unlimited persuasive powers. Late last month both King County and

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