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Washington’s top-paid state employee is a familiar name

Post by Brad Shannon / The Olympian on Aug. 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm with 21 Comments »
August 10, 2011 8:08 pm

University of Washington football coach Steve Sarkisian was the top paid Washington state employee in 2010, with $1.98 million in gross pay. He’s followed on the new list from the Office of Financial Management by UW basketball coach Lorenzo Romar, who was paid $1.14 million last year.

Next up are Washington State University basketball coach Ken Bone, UW assistant football coach Nick Holt, WSU President Elson Floyd, and UW athletic director Scott Woodward. Members of the UW Medical School faculty are next on the list.

The Office of Financial Management’s report notes that UW and WSU athletic department staffers are not paid by taxpayer dollars. And university researchers, who are also at the top of the list, are paid through research grants, not taxes or tuition.

To look up individual employees’ gross pay, check out our state employee pay search function.

Read on for lists of the highest paid university and general government employees.

State College/University Employees

Agency TitleNameJob Title2010 Gross Earnings
University of WashingtonSARKISIAN, STEPHEN ACOACH-FOOTBALL$1,982,918
University of WashingtonROMAR, LORENZOCOACH-BASKETBALL$1,147,050
Washington State UniversityBONE, KENHEAD BASKETBALL COACH$746,416
Washington State UniversityFLOYD, ELSONPRESIDENT$625,000
Washington State UniversityWULFF, PAUL LHEAD FOOTBALL COACH$551,670
University of WashingtonSPISSO, JOHNESE M.VICE PRESIDENT$515,196
University of WashingtonEMMERT, MARK APRESIDENT$492,178
University of WashingtonMURRAY, CHRISTOPHER JPROFESSOR$441,192
University of WashingtonJIAMBALVO, JAMESDEAN$436,248
University of WashingtonPELLEGRINI, CARLOS A.CHAIR$429,912
University of WashingtonMAIER, RONALD VPROFESSOR$421,392
University of WashingtonMORTON, THOMAS HPROFESSOR$372,331
University of WashingtonMAHAN, RUTH M.DIRECTOR$370,272

General State Government Employees

Agency TitleNameJob Title2010 Gross Earnings
Dept of Social and Health ServicesEPISTOLA, ROSA FPSYCHIATRIST 4$289,073
Dept of Social and Health ServicesPAREDES, DANIEL RPSYCHIATRIST 4$278,669
Dept of Social and Health ServicesKHAN, RANA M ZPSYCHIATRIST 4$274,670
Dept of Social and Health ServicesSIMANGAN, MARIO DPSYCHIATRIST 4$271,015
State Investment BoardWHITMARSH, THERESA JEXEC. DIRECTOR$256,000
Dept of Social and Health ServicesIBRAHIM, ZAFAR YPSYCHIATRIST 4$254,938
Dept of Social and Health ServicesHALARNAKAR, VASANT GPSYCHIATRIST 4$247,957
Dept of Social and Health ServicesFAULSTICH, GARY GPSYCHIATRIST 4$247,806
Dept of Social and Health ServicesMOMENI, FERESHTEHPSYCHIATRIST 4$243,858
Dept of Social and Health ServicesBORROMEO, IMELDA DPSYCHIATRIST 4$242,798
Dept of Social and Health ServicesDACANAY, EVANGELINEPSYCHIATRIST 4$238,537
Dept of Social and Health ServicesLARIOSA, MARIETTA LCLINICAL DIR$236,236
Dept of Social and Health ServicesFLOURA, KAMALJIT SMED ASST SUPT$229,748
Dept of Social and Health ServicesGLEYZER, ROMANPSYCHIATRIST 4$228,891
Dept of Social and Health ServicesSIMANGAN, PRECIOSA PCLINICAL DIR$226,970
Dept of Social and Health ServicesLIU, YAJUNPHYSICIAN 3$221,235
State Investment BoardDRAPER, STEVEN MSEN INV OFFICER$220,764
State Investment BoardKENNETT, WILLIAM PSEN INV OFFICER$220,764
State Investment BoardPAROIAN, PHILIPSEN INV OFFICER$220,764
State Investment BoardRUGGELS, THOMAS ESEN INV OFFICER$220,764
Dept of Social and Health ServicesBASNILLO, JAIME YPSYCHIATRIST 4$219,696
Dept of Social and Health ServicesEHLERS, WILLIAM APSYCHIATRIST 4$218,533
Dept of Social and Health ServicesFRAZIER, JAMES STUARTPSYCHIATRIST 4$217,979
Dept of Social and Health ServicesZISKIN, MIKHAILPSYCHIATRIST 4$217,610

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  1. newscrap says:

    Wow, 21 of the top 24 public slaries in the state are at U of W. Let’s raise that tuition so more so they can get 24 out of 24!!

  2. Public universities need more money! Sarkisian should be getting $3 million and Romar should get $2 million! Spare no expense for these guys. Raise tuitions and taxes if you must, I’m outraged!

  3. Bobthebuilder says:

    What this fails to tell you is that athletics and athletic salaries aren’t paid for by the state budget. It is through boosters, fundraising and gate receipts. Tough to read state law and easier to just try to find controversy. Capital projects can be paid for through the capital budget.

  4. Love it! Takes money to make money. Until the governor, a teacher or other publicly paid person can pack 75,000 people into a stadium six times a year with all the associated economic benefits surrounding the event, there’s no need to discuss the issue. Comparing salaries like this is a joke.

  5. I am not going to gripe about the coach salaries, but just want to point something out that bothers me. When they say that Sark and Romar are not paid out of taxpayer dollars, this ticks me off. While it may be true that no funds collected from taxes or out of the general budget are used to pay these fine fellows, I wonder how we got to the place where revenue earned by state institutions is somehow not publicly owned. To my way of thinking, if the football program, which is a state enterprise, generates tens of millions of dollars, these dollars are public funds. Just because they aren’t sourced from general funds or taxes doesn’t mean that the public doesn’t have a stake. It used to be that they would point out that the athletic programs are self-sustaining; that is, they don’t cost any extra money to maintain (and actually make money). That’s a good justification for keeping these programs around, but not so much for paying any state employee in excess of seven figures. Alas, I know what the market dictates. My 2 cents.

  6. fedupwithmendacity says:

    “2011 Personnel Detail Report
    Frequently Asked Questions —
    Why is this report published?
    OFM publishes the report as a public service as we receive so many requests for this data. Contrary to popular belief, the publication of the report is not required by law.”

    OK. Gosh aren’t the folks down at OFM so thoughtful and even when it’s not required by the law. They really shouldn’t have been so kind. Really.
    Maybe someday they can put together a report that isn’t rendered pointless by all the statistical outliers, analytical caveats, and faulty premises. Or maybe some of those university researchers should be given a chance. They can put together a report on state funded salaries/pay using “apples to apples” analysis and it won’t cost us a nickel. Then again you wouldn’t have those non-state funded million $ plus salaries making the state funded 1/4 million $ salaries look like small change. And then who knows, we might not be able to attract and retain all the folks that give us the best darn state government money can buy.

  7. pazzo242 says:

    Look like Gregoire is right where she deserves

  8. guidocarmasi says:

    Makes sense to me. This is a capitalistic as well as socialistic state.

  9. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Employees that make money are paying their own way. That is the American way.

    Empliyees that make no money for the state, produce no product need to be reined in. Now we know why college rates and DSHS cost so much.

    The legislators cut higher ed funding but they gave the schools no tools to rein in these cost.

    It’s time to shut down DSHS and statr over. Do these high paid people also have to pay union dues like I have to??? Let me opt out of forced union dues.

  10. Priorities? Where is the tea party screaming about these coaches’ salaries? It is more important to cut food stamps and health care for the poorest. Who needs health and food if manly football entertainment can be had? No more bread and circus, we are down to just circus.

  11. dustdevil11 says:

    Another vile attempt by TNT to castigate college athletics. Coaches are paid by athletics funds not by tax dollars.

  12. sheyingshi says:

    So tuition has to be increased so that the highest paid people in the state won’t have to starve.

  13. scott0962 says:

    Salaries are a reflection of the relative importance an organization assigns to that job. Interesting what the numbers reveal about our higher education system considers most important. Communications? No. Mathematics? No. Physics? No. Engineering? No. Medicine? No. Making money through lucrative athletic teams? Bingo!

  14. One can never go wrong underestimating the reading comprehension skills of TNT reader comments. Story clearly states that the top earners are being paid either from gate receipts or grant money, not state tax dollars. And no, athletic departs are NOT state entities either in spirit or law. When the state neglects to provide financial support, it no longer gets to share in the benefits. The state portion of the UW/WSU as a whole is a fraction of their budget and comprises zero percent of the athletic budgets.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  15. EARTHMAN says:

    I now understand why the UW seems to be a criminal enterprise instead of a bastion of learning.

    Its priorities are certainly obvious. Where are the front-line mathematicians, physicist, astronomers, etc? Making minimum wage?

    This list also has 15 psychiatrists named. This is very disturbing since these people belong to probably the most worthless and destructive quack profession in history.

    That so many public departments have these dangerous quacks influencing their policies, I now understand why state government is so dysfunctional, destructive and psychotic.

    As for Gregoire, $1 per year would be overpayment.

    That list is enough to make any rational person “crazy.”

  16. scott0962: I’d say the salaries are more like a reflection of what we as a society feel is important and worth rewarding. Nobody pays $50 to go watch a math professor lecture. This is a free enterprise society and people who make rain get the most green. People get all upset about what seems to be crazy money for CEO’s, actors, jocks, etc., but they only get what we agree to pay them. If they didn’t generate serious revenue, they wouldn’t get the money. It’s simple and fair.

  17. DeschutesMan says:

    All fine and dandy that the coaching salaries are paid for by donations etc and that is a total of $60 million dollars a year. Lower the tuition to All students and use some of the “public and private” donations to pay for it. This sends the wrong message to the people and the students. The rest of the arm chair quarterbacks can pay extra to see the games to support the difference. Thank God the Medical department is one of the finest on the West coast and the Sciences department as well brings out fine graduates to our society.

    The page at U of W says it all: copy and paste to see the site. Look at the bottom where it states “Comments Closed”. Gee, I wonder why?

  18. I’m not buying all the mock rage here about coaching salaries. It’s supply and demand – how many people are able to take a 0-12 college football team and turn them into holiday bowl champs 2 years later? Is there a strong demand for UW football in the NW? Yes. This Husky fan even wants WSU to improve, so I don’t begrudge Coug salaries either. When’s the last time our Gov was able to get 70K people to give up a Saturday to listen to her with another several hundred thousand following on TV? This is apples and oranges – stirs a lot of people up but doesn’t resolve anything.

  19. HaveYouSeenThese says:

    It’s all over the place, take a look at the salaries for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund staff from the list provided by article writer Brad Shannon. The Exec Dir makes $309k, but is listed as UW, the next person at that fund makes $210k. And schools can’t buy books or pay teachers.

  20. Pat_riot says:

    Gee, I can’t figure out why tuition is so hi…………..

  21. I don’t have an issue with coaches taking in big salaries. See, the big difference is Steve Sarkisian and the other coaches generate revenue/wealth and all others on this list, including Gregoire can only confiscate wealth.

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