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Some Washington state lawmakers line up behind debt deal, others undecided

Post by Rob Hotakainen on Aug. 1, 2011 at 11:04 am with 10 Comments »
August 1, 2011 11:04 am

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Congress prepared to vote on a historic plan to cut federal deficits by $2.1 trillion over the next decade and raise the debt ceiling at the same time, members of the Washington state delegation slowly began lining up behind the controversial proposal today.

Three members of the delegation – Belfair Democrat Norm Dicks and Eastern Washington Republicans Doc Hastings and Cathy McMorris Rodgers – announced that they would vote for the plan when the House takes it up later today.

One House member, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith of Tacoma, was undecided.

“This is a massive piece of legislation with far-reaching consequences, and Congressman Smith is listening to his constituents and studying the deal closely ahead of this important vote,” said his spokeswoman, Libby Denkmann.

Erin Daly, Hastings’ press secretary, said the congressman believes the bill is “not perfect,” but added: “It has no tax hikes, includes more cuts in spending than increases to the debt limit, paves the way for a Balanced Budget Amendment and averts a credit default.”

The Senate is expected to vote on the plan after the House, either tonight or on Tuesday. Neither of the state’s senators – Democrats Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell – had announced how they would vote.

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  1. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Norm Dicks has agreed to vote for this but never reads the bill. How can a legislator agree to support a new law so complex before he reads it??

    Well he did the same for obamacare. This hick has to go. He needs a new job. Can you spell brushpicker?

  2. I disagree with the latest bill that is being sent to the President that he allowed to be pushed through congress. It is a bad bil that will cause older people and people that need their life line, to suffer even more than they have already.
    To all who vote yes on this bad bill will casue pain on a lot of people becasue our President that I voted for has not been strong enough to bear what is necessary to hold off the repubilcans for taking more money from the poor and giving to the riich, Shamefull on all of you I know you know beter but prove it by the way you vote.

  3. Given the time constraints, I would suggest to all congressmen to vote for this current and last agreement between all parties concerned. Time’s short, debate can wait, just get it done!

  4. unbiasedreporter says:

    According to thehill.com

    Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) is in the NO column

  5. geeterpontiac says:

    Smith is posturing again.

    He already knows what he is going to do, but wants to appear undecided and very thoughtful.

    Just like Obamacare. Same old pattern.

  6. Well the elite rich continue to get wealthier while the rest of us eat cake, Greed will be the downfall of this great country, so sad we are once again living in the Gilded Age, pathetic.

  7. This bill that they are passing is going to hurt the people on SS.
    I think what need to be done is very simple but would not fly because the politions would never take a cut in pay as they should. This is were I see that they bettter start doing some good for the Taxpayers and quit playing games with each other.
    Start working together for the people or get ready to look for a new job.

    They all know that if they did a flat tax of 10% for everyone. This means everyone no loop holes and this would mean even people on wellfare and unemployment.
    Then get out of the Policing Busness and bring our troops home. Most of those people do not want us thereand for god sake do not allow any more of them in our country.
    The politions have made the American people the laughing Stock of the world.

    This is the time to get the politions off their rears and do something that they were voted in for.

  8. ValleyTarts says:

    Smith does this same stunt every time as an attention grabber. Then he contacts the White House and asks them how he should vote.

    A real weasel.

    I just hope the GOP put up a semi decent candidate against him in 2012 unlike the lazy bum they nominated last time (who would not leave Pierce County to campaign).

  9. demssuk says:

    patty, “Dutch Boy” murry, one of the dumbest members of the governent.
    This is not a good plan, the Bananna Slammer and WORST President in American history, osama HUSSEIN Food Stamp obamuuuh, is only going to use this legislation to raise taxes next year as the economy continues to go down as it will.
    No spending will be cut as a result of this deal either, since no future congress will be bound by this ruling.
    Remember, if you HATE America, vote dumbocrap

  10. brabschmock says:

    The Big 5 oil companies are posting profits in the billions of dollars for the last quarter and still receive subsidies/tax credits,(along with other fossil fuel industries) that could offset some of the needs for spending cuts. Rep. Boehner’s $4 billion cut in subsidies could be $80,000,000 for each state which could be used towards jobs to update infrastructure or for education or medical needs or allow the state to reduce the state taxes at the pump. I understand the threat that consumers would make up the difference at the pump, cost of goods would go up, an entire domino effect for the American consumer…it’s like blackmail. We are already paying them twice-so what’s the difference. Seems like if they made more money-they would pay more taxes just like you and me.

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