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Jay Inslee in Tacoma: It’s all about jobs

Post by Peter Callaghan / The News Tribune on June 28, 2011 at 10:17 am with 23 Comments »
June 28, 2011 11:46 am

About 100 supporters got a glimpse of how U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee intends to frame his campaign for governor or Washington. The Bainbridge Island Democrat pitched himself as the person who can work with both labor and business to exploit the state’s leadership in technology fields like software, clean energy and aerospace.

It was Day 2 of his announcement tour with stops in Tacoma, Vancouver and Spokane today. Inslee spoke yesterday in Seattle and Yakima.

“It is time to build a working Washington,” Inslee said in an appearance at the IBEW Hall on South 36th. “I pledge to get up every morning dedicated to a noble task – to create middle-class, good-paying jobs for the people of

Jay Inslee
the state of Washington.

Inslee joins Republican state Attorney General Rob McKenna as the only two major candidates. Gov. Chris Gregoire announced earlier this month that she would not seek a third term.

Inslee was a candidate for governor in 1996, losing to Gary Locke in the Democratic primary. He has the unique political history of representing two different districts in Congress on different sides of the state – the 4th District of Central Washington from 1993 to 1995 and the 1st District north of Seattle since 1999.

“I know the state of Washington from outside the shadow of the Space Needle,” he said.

The former state legislator portrayed himself as an outsider who could challenge the status quo in Olympia, complaining about “layers of management” and “ossification of personnel” in the state governmen.

“Not being part of the Olympia scene it will be easier for me to shake it up,” Inslee said.

That illustrates the uncomfortable balance for a Democratic candidate for governor – appealing to the popular sentiment that government is too big and not well run while not appearing to criticize a Democratic incumbent. In fact, Democrats have controlled the governor’s mansion since 1985 and are largely responsible for recession era budgets that “have punched a hole in our education funding that is criminal.”

Inslee said one solution would be to reduce the amount of money going toward health care inflation and return it to education.

“Health care costs are a drag on job creation,” Inslee said. “We need a governor with the gumption and ideas to tackle these problems.”

Here is a link to the Associated Press story on Inslee’s formal declaration Monday.

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  1. dbreneman says:

    “I pledge to get up every morning dedicated to a noble task – to create middle-class, good-paying jobs for the people of the state of Washington.”

    Government doesn’t create jobs. Government needs to get out of the way of the businesses that do create jobs. If Inslee doesn’t realize that, he’ll just be more of the same.

  2. So what is it he is going to do differant? “Dems have held the office since 1985″ “Inslee has been an elected legislator since 1993″ Sounds like just more of the same to me.

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    At the moment, training does not equal more jobs. Training equals more applicants for fewer jobs. Fix the business environment. THAT would equal more jobs. THEN train them for the new jobs.

  4. pumaintacoma says:

    DUH… that is what PUMA (party unity my a**) people said when they voted for Hillary. DUH

    But WE FEEL better for marking that ballot don’tcha?

  5. Jay, you created jobs in China, TSA, and Afganistan. You also created jobs for Mexican drug lords and overworked cops to chase illegal aliens. What we need Jay are not the kind of jobs you and your left wing party prefer. We want real, honest work for our kids that are graduating from school, not jobs based on some political calculus about the next election.

    Jay, you failed in Washington D.C. The bloated Federal deficit is sucking the life out of the private sector. You refuse to cut expenses in DC and won’t do it here either.

  6. summit98446 says:

    Looks as if we’ll have at least 2 well qualified candidates from which to choose.

  7. Tacoma Taxpayer 98409 says:

    I heard on the radio one of his ideas to create training opportunities is to “borrow” millions from the State Employee Pension Funds.

    The State of Washington is billions in arrears contributing to state employee pension funds now and he wants to “borrow” more?

    They can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar can they?

    No, I’m not a state employee, but when I’ve seen how many billions more in debt the state is in (but it’s always hushed up) it makes me mad as hell.

    Want to bet the pension funds for the Governor and Legislators are fully funded?

    It doesn’t look like I’ll be voting for him

  8. gonefishin69690 says:

    Let me guess Jay. You’ll be hiring people to pull weeds outside the Capitol in Olympia for $35.00 and hour, plus benefits.

  9. bruce bessler says:

    Hey Jay, how many local jobs have you gotten for YOUR district? That is besides the appointed ones. Well are the people in your district satisfied to be jobless?

  10. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Jay Inslee: “It’s all about jobs”.

    Translation: It’s all about State Government jobs.

  11. tommy98466 says:

    I like the way Callaghan framed this “The Bainbridge Island Democrat pitched himself as the person who can work with both labor and business…” The operative words here are I will work with the Unions to fleece the rest of the tax paying Washington residents. This guy is all about liberal, work for the Union, raise taxes democrat. Period. If this guy is elected Governor it will get worse for Washington taxpayers. This guy needs to get back to Bainbridge Island and stay out of Olympia and the purse of the taxpayers. Pathetic.

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/politics/2011/06/28/jay-inslee-in-tacoma-its-all-about-jobs/#ixzz1Qbe5aP4F

  12. Well now, aren’t the rightists all full of well wixhs, super and and good feeling towards their fellow man!
    Nope no hate or vile personal attacks from them, no sir, they are the party of values, it’s the evil Dems\libs that are full of hate!

    Gawd, it makes a guy sick to read the crap you rightists come up with.
    Have you no shame at all? Can any of you tell the truth….even once?

  13. jetalmanac says:

    I hope you all get the chance to meet him in person as I have… He is so wonderful you will soon be yearning for the good ol’ days of Gregoire!

  14. BlaineCGarver says:

    I see we have the “disagreement is hate” speech from The Usual Suspect again.

  15. NWflyfisher says:

    dbreneman (first post above) is indisputably correct that government doesn’t create jobs and simply needs to get out of the way for business and entrepreneurship to flourish. Nearly every politician running for office claims job creation as their number one priority. They’ll create another jobs program, suck in a bunch of taxpayer money and have no substantial results to show as their success other than creating counselor and trainer positions along with cute advertising and publications. Another federal or state jobs training program added to the plethora of programs already in existence won’t do squat to create jobs. The politician who will NOT get my vote is the one who spouts feel-good rhetoric while standing before colorful banners with catchy campaign slogans intended to stir the emotions of the crowd, but rather the one who can articulate their detailed plan to get government out of the way so business can grow and compete in the open market. Telling me job creation is the last thing they think about before falling asleep and the first thing they think about when they think about when they wake up is an insult to my intelligence.

    Mr. Inslee’s voting record: http://www.ontheissues.org/House/Jay_Inslee.htm

    Mr. Inslee’s donors: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cycle=2010&cid=N00001725&type=C

  16. lonergan says:

    If Democrats want to win they’ll have to get Brian Sonntag to run, and soon. Jay Inslee is no match for Rob McKenna statewide (IMHO).

  17. pumaintacoma says:

    The best line “Not being part of the Olympia scene it will be easier for me to shake it up,” Inslee said.

    Boy those Bainbridge Island boys really know how to shake it up, don’t they.

  18. I hope Mr. Inslee has a backup plan because it doesn’t appear he’s going to the the job. I hope the voters see that Washington State residents need to change the cycle of tax and spend

  19. lovethemountains says:

    xtp855, are you saying you have never heard the vile crap coming out of Dems mouths and organizations? Tune your ears and brain a little better and you will hear the samo-samo political clap-trap from your beloved liberal politicians.


  20. tree_guy says:

    It is time to build a working Washington,” Inslee said in an appearance at the IBEW Hall on South 36th

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/politics/2011/06/28/jay-inslee-in-tacoma-its-all-about-jobs/#ixzz1QcTUKgzI

    The fact that he appeared at a union hall is an admission that he just doesn’t get it.

  21. You are right Government does not “create” jobs per say, but they sure can make it harder to do business if they continue down the current path. In other words with only a few strokes of pen they can make business alot easier for the small businesses, which by the way are going to be the ones who hire people and create new jobs first and hence lead us out of this recession. I do not here enough about how we are going to help small business grow and create jobs.

  22. pumaintacoma says:

    If Jay wants to “shake things up” then draw the voters a pie chart of the State’s budget and where he’d cut. Remember 41% of the State’s budget goes for education. And we know that 80% of the education budget is salaries and benefits.

    If you want to “shake it up” Jay cut the bloated education budget and move the state towards merit pay and move to get rid of longevity pay and tenure. Otherwise save the talk of “shake up” for the union halls.

  23. Amber Smith says:

    Jay Inslee does not even have the backbone to answer me after 4 months of attempts to get him to support HR 1489 “The Return to Prudent Banking Act” also known as The Glass Steagall Act, originally enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to pull the reins in on the same criminally corrupt Wall Street who were backing the Nazis at that time, and who are now demanding the blood of the people of the US to pay their gambling debts. We are now facing a much bigger problem, with 27 trillion dollars having been given to prop up the derivative and hedge fund slush funds. The reinstatement of Glass-Steagall would put up the wall between the commercial banks and those which are acting as speculative investment houses. Then the government can indeed utter credit for the creation of at least 4 million productive jobs immediately with the adoption of a national great project approach, such plan is already on the books, it is called NAWAPA (North Atlantic Power and Water Alliance). That the Congressman has not called for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall while bragging that he is a “Wall Street reformer” to my husband and has refused to answer me, tells me that not only does he not have the courage of his own so called convictions, he most certainly does not even qualify as a leader of the people. What’s the matter Jay, think you might lose your Wall Street bucks? Hey Jay, why are you running away?!

    Why the impotence in office, who are you afraid of Jay, or rather, whose side are you on, Wall St or the people. Bullshit a cooperative stand between business and industry, you have already shown your yellow stripe.

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