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Medical marijuana rally planned in Tacoma

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on May 3, 2011 at 12:02 pm with 8 Comments »
May 3, 2011 12:03 pm

Medical marijuana patients and supporters plan to rally Thursday in downtown Tacoma to protest city orders to shut down dispensaries.

The city issued the cease-and-desist letters but put appeals on hold while waiting for state lawmakers to clarify the law on dispensaries — but Gov. Chris Gregoire torpedoed their work last week.

The city is still waiting to see if lawmakers do anything in their 30-day special session. But it’s also moving ahead with a planned 9:30 a.m. Thursday conference call with dispensaries and their attorneys to talk about the appeals.

The protest starts at Tacoma City Hall at 9 a.m., just before the call. Owners of dispensary Tacoma Cross, which is helping organize the rally, said they expect a big crowd.

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  1. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Really, people, there simply is no “medical” marijuana. Period, none. There is some local law that permits the use by “patients” with a “prescription like permission slip” to have and hold and use small amounts. It is against federal law, but several states are testing the waters. In our county we have yard signs advertising authorizations by phone for $150. We also have this paper, the TNT, taking big bucks for color ads in the A Section of the paper for backroom authorizations. Without a pharmacy, regulatory control and a real assessment for a medically necessary need, there is nothing medial about this.

  2. gigharbortaxpayer says:


    That’s your opinion, and as an American, you’re entitled to it whether it’s right or wrong. There just so happens to be a large number of Americans that disagree with you, and have a right to be heard, most of whom are also tax payers just like yourself. If you believe that the only folks that use marijuana are criminals and the dregs of society, then you are extremely naive.

  3. wcdrat says:

    I guess I failed to realize that 98% of the population had medical conditions and excruciating pain that regular medication failed to surpress. I wonder if all of those 20 somethings have untreatable debilitating pain or do they just want to get high…………..ya think? Dopers are dopers.

  4. Romans 13:10 says:

    Regular medication? Oh, you mean those synthetic pills made by companies who make billions of dollars in profit…and most of the time you need MORE pills to cover the crazy and scary side effects you may encounter for taking these synthetic drugs. Why?
    I’ll take a plant that grows out of the ground to cure my ailments than a synthetic drug any day.
    Before these mass produced drugs (oh sorry, ‘medication’) were introduced into society, what do you think people were using? Natural remedies. The main purpose of the drug companies is to make money. You really think they give a crap about curing anybody? It is scary that there are so many different types of pills and “medications” out nowadays. These dispensaries are doing good deeds. I would rather give my money to the people in my community who are growing and operating dispensaries, and put natural things in my body. How can you argue with that?

  5. smolderc says:

    I took anti inflamatory pills for years for degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease now my kidneys are bad from the pills.So I have major pain every day all day.I would try the medical marijuana if I wasn’t afraid of being arrested.I tried the prescription pills now what do you suggest.@wcdrat and steilacoomtaxpayer.

  6. I’m a 78 year old guy with degenerative arthtitis in every major joint in my legs , both hips and lower spine . after 15 years of pain suppresants that were only minimally effectiv i’was told my kidneys couldn’t keep functioning at the level of medications i was taking .

    a neighbor suggestedv 3 years ago that i try marijuanna . i was reluctant . i’d never used it . i didn’t smoke . but i tried it .
    it was FAR MORE effective than the methadone , etc. . I acan stand for long periods of time v. I can now walk , with a cane instead of a walker . i’m not entirely pain free on my feet but it is MARKEDLY better . i’m now far more mobile and the joy of living is much increased .

    those of us who use marijuanna aren’t criminals or teen age pot heads , no more than a beer drinking grandfather is an alcholic . if you who feel it’s a deadly drug trefuse to use it …fine . but why do yoyu ibnsist I shouldn’t use what for me is a significant relief from my arthritic pain ? how is it your business or right to tell me i can’t smoke it while you mix up another batch of martinis ?

  7. John sr. says:

    I am one of those “medical patients” that, after being subjected to a host of “man made synthetic drugs” including hyrocodone, oxycodone, & currently MS contin (morphine sulfate). I have found some relief from my daily pain levels with the use of cannabis.

    in 2001 I was injured while working as a tow truck driver, I ended up with a two level fusion in my neck C/5-6 & C/6-7 from a fall, even after the surgery, my left C/7 nerve root had been crushed and has left me with daily pain in my neck and left arm. a few years later in 2005, while stopped at a red light, I was rear ended by another driver that suffered from a seizure and didn’t stop. I went thru not 1 but two, L/2 thru L/5 laminectomys. I now can no longer work, when I am in bed laying down, my pain level is at its lowest, a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10.

    As soon as I sit up and put weight on my spine, the real pain begins, and increases when I stand / walk, the pain is like someone is jamming a screwdriver into my low back and legs, only giving me about 20 minutes at a time on my feet before the pain is so intense and the numbness so bad in my legs, that I have to get off my feet before I fall. my balance is also off.

    I have been married for 24yrs, and I have three teenage children, I am only 47yrs old, I’ve always been a law abiding citizen as well as a hard working father, always taking care of my familys needs first.

    I never thought of using marijuana to treat my pain issues until my doctor mentioned it to me. Now I will not say that using marijuana has been a cure for me, but I will say that it has been a great blessing in my case. when I was using all of these “man made narcotic drugs” I was a mess, the side effects alone are terrible.

    I went from not being able to do much of anything, to lowering my pain to a more tollerable level, I should not be forced to live in this much pain when a simple plant can help ease my pain.

    I use marijuana and it takes the edge off, and has given me a better quality of life. I am once again able to drive my car (no not while I’m using marijuana)

    I’m able to be a little more active and tollerate more activity without feeling like a zombie, I don’t abuse marijuana, and only use it to help control my pain.

    I don’t carry it around with me everywhere I go, I don’t drive my car with-in 4 to 6 hrs. after using, I am very responsible when it comes to using it.

    I believe that, like most laws, there will be abuses of it by people who are trying to hide behind the law.

    But for people like me that just want to live without pain, we should have the option to deceide for ourselves whether cannabis is the right medicine or not.

    In the bible there is a passage that mentions, all of the animals as food supplys and every seed bearing plant, was put here for a reason and should be used. Hell, the indians have used cannabis since the begining of time, it grows in all 4 corners of the world.

    Big pharmacys & drug makers, don’t make money on drugs if a cure is found, and the last thing they want, is a plant that people can grow on their own to cure what ails them, its just more corruption and greed in Govt. and politics.

    I only have one life to live & one body to take me through this life, so let me live my life and live it as pain free as possible.

    John sr.

  8. If you have bad health, please go to a website called Phoenix Tears. A man named Rick Simpson discovered that essential oil made from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of marijuana, cures cancer and a host of other diseases. The problem is the US is one, if not the only, country in the world where it’s illegal to grow it despite the fact it only has .3 concentration of THC! (Marijuana has 3.0 something.) He tried everything to be allowed to grow it so he could help people and all he got was trouble. Hemp is the perfect essential fatty acid, you can make paper out of it, rope, it makes your hair grow and shine, its uses go on and on. It would cure the unemployment problem for thousands. On the above mentioned site, there’s a heartbreaking video of a Lakota Sioux man living on the poorest reservation in America who grew a crop of hemp, had a buyer for it but the government took it from him two years in a row. He’s written a book about it. Medical marijuana is a start but hemp would be a million times better….

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