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How much do Port of Seattle/Port of Tacoma employees make?

Post by John Henrikson / The News Tribune on May 3, 2011 at 8:30 am with 24 Comments »
May 2, 2011 6:06 pm

Continuing our annual updates of our SoundInfo public employee pay databases, I’ve now posted 2010 numbers for the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Below are some interesting facts from the respective agencies.

Port of Seattle:

• The top paid employee was port CEO Tay Yoshitani, who earned $319,300, followed by Oshu Go, senior manager of Asian business development, at $249,949 and Mark Reis, Sea-Tac airport director, at $223,551.

• The top paid employees were mostly high-salaried managers, but several Port police officers and sergeants took in over $150,000, apparently from overtime. Of the 1,600 some employees listed, 402 had six figure gross pay.

• Average pay for common positions: Police officer ($111,469), wireman ($111,469), firefighter A ($105,896) and senior access controller ($51,878).

Port of Tacoma:

• The top paid employee at the port last year didn’t work there: Tim Farrell, who left the port at the end of 2009, but received a hefty buyout package. John Wolfe, who succeeded Farrell mid-year after serving as interim, earned about the same – $218,770.

• Elected port commissioners each made $6,000 in base pay, but were paid around three times that amount (from $16,046 to $20,407), thanks to a per-diem allowed under state law.

• Pay for some of the more common job titles included journey level maintenance workers ($86,762), regular security workers ($95,645) and technician I ($55,508).

The port is in the process of a compensation overhaul as the TNT’s John Gillie reported earlier this year.

Below are tables showing the highest paid employees in either organization:


NameJob Title Hourly Rate Total Paid
Tay YoshitaniChief Executive Officer$163.74$319,300
Oshu GoSr Mgr, Asian Business Dev$77.44$249,949
Mark ReisManaging Director Aviation$116.67$223,551
Joseph McWilliamsManaging Dir, Real Estate Div$103.48$199,238
Daniel ThomasChief Financial & Admn Officer$104.00$199,112
Ralph GravesManaging Director, Capital Dev$101.51$193,058
Peter GarlockChief Information Officer$90.60$184,528
Kurt BeckettChief of Staff$94.87$182,695
R AndersonSr Mgr AV Finance & Budget$73.90$182,390
Rudy CaluzaDirector Acctg & Procurement$85.71$182,048
Mark TangaPolice Sergeant$46.91$181,966
Daniel FlynnPolice Sergeant$49.59$176,628
Raymond RaweChief EngrDir Eng Svcs$81.45$173,602
Thomas TanakaSr Port Counsel$76.10$170,253
Eric MilesPolice Officer A$39.58$168,999
David SoikeDir AV Fac and Capital Prog$79.82$168,569
Matthew BruchPolice Officer A$41.06$166,357
Craig WatsonGeneral Counsel$93.25$166,348
Jane KilburnDirector Public Affairs$83.90$166,253
Michael AutuchovichPolice Officer A$41.06$166,055
Jack MyersPolice Sergeant$48.70$164,265
Walter WessonPolice Officer A$41.80$163,969
Bruce MidkiffPolice Officer A$41.06$163,327
Keith TaylorAsst Fire Chief$63.16$163,165

NameJob TitleAnnual Base Salary2010 Gross Wages
Timothy J FarrellExecutive Director$220,880$219,727
John G WolfeChief Executive Officer$219,996$218,770
Brendan J DuganSr Director Container Terminal Businesses$156,780$164,898
Jean G BeckettDirector, Terminal Operations$136,068$157,400
Deborah M GivensSr. Director, Systems & Business Processes$143,640$156,341
Julie L CollinsSr. Director, External Affairs$143,640$151,361
Louis P CooperSr. Director, Operations & Labor Relations$144,672$150,801
Erin GalenoChief Financial Officer$143,640$149,780
Carol C MitchellSr. Director, Human Resources & Admin Svcs$143,640$146,970
Rodger A KoonDirector Communications$136,716$143,649
Tong ZhuSr. Director Commercial Group$143,640$142,347
Louis W PaulsenSr Manager, Risk & Terminal Security$102,720$137,677
Susan A MauermannSr. Director, Facilities Development$143,640$135,248
William A DurhamForeman$99,986$133,569
David E JohnsonE.T. Foreman$99,986$127,530
Martyn A AdamsonDirector, Information Technology$127,728$126,833
Michael D ReillyDirector, Intermodal Business$120,864$125,972
Bruce D BolenLeadperson$92,165$123,840
Susan M CoffeySr Manager, Business Development$102,960$123,524
Robert M RiceE.T. Leadperson$92,165$123,253
Charles A StevensForeman$106,787$122,347
Robert Neal StrombergSenior Project Manager$122,232$122,232
John W PigottE.T. Foreman$106,787$122,113
David Lloyd MorrisonDirector, Financial Planning & Treasury$121,116$120,972

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  1. I would say from seeing some of the last pay list that the city put out it looks a little top heavy.

  2. tree_guy says:

    Are these salaries paid by the shippers or the taxpayers?

    In light of the recession and the huge number of unemployed Washingtonians many of these salaries are unjustified if they are paid with taxpayer dollars. I would describe the salaries as unconscionable.

  3. Sure, lets drag EVERYONE down to a minimum wage! Do you fools realize what the port authority and police do every day? These people also PAY taxes! Lets knock their salaries down and bring in even LESS tax dollars! YAY! Mission accomplished- what have we gained??

  4. tree_guy says:

    “Sure, lets drag EVERYONE down to a minimum wage!”-Frida

    Frida, you obviously live in a world where all paychecks are either extravagently huge or just minimum wage. Why don’t you join the rest of us fools here in the real world? Most of the people on this list would probably keep working the same job even if it paid 20-40% less. That would still leave them far ahead of minimum wage workers.

  5. Though not public employees.. would love to see what TNT pays its staff… just out of curiosity..

  6. tree_guy says:

    Idozy, that’s a good question. I can’t answer it but I did find some information on typical paychecks for people in the Newspaper Industry (courtesy of payscale.com). I believe these are industry averages:

    Reporter $29,500
    Journalist 30,400
    Editor 38,900
    Graphic designer 35,800
    Adv. acct. exec. 30,700

    I wonder if any people at the port of tacoma would like to swap for a newspaper job?

  7. tree_guy says:

    Do people employed at the POT really work four times as hard as the people at a newspaper? Hard to believe.

  8. east_sider says:

    These salaries seem high. So do the taxes levied by the port authorities of both counties.

    tree_guy, it seems you just sit around all day waiting for an article about the government to come out so you can slam workers. Do you do anything else?

    Also, pretty sure your numbers for salaries from payscale.com are on the very low end.

  9. gonefishin69690 says:

    Way too much

  10. “you obviously live in a world where all paychecks are either extravagently huge or just minimum wage.”

    Yes tree guy, it’s called the real world and you and your party are the ones that created it and are still pushing for it.
    The amazing thing is, you will be on the short end if you’re not already. it begs the question, why you work so hard for a two class system in this country.
    What would be the benifit?

  11. The best part of this list, very few evil scary union employees, I wonder why the far right isn’t screaming about the fat cats at the top?

  12. tree_guy says:

    “Also, pretty sure your numbers for salaries from payscale.com are on the very low end”. eastsider

    If you are going to refute someones posting then do some research which will support your position. Don’t you know how to use the internet or perform a google search?

    Idozy wanted to compare the salaries for newspaper people with the salaries posted in the story. I did the research and posted the results. No one else did.

  13. DubyaFTW says:

    You union stooges like to pretend we must pay public employees twice the equivalent private sector wage, or “cut everybody to minimum wage”. It’s a stupid lie and nobody believes you. When this nation gets too broke to ignore your nonsense any longer, you’ll get reduced to a fair wage and no more. Meanwhile, grow up, crybabies. The only unfair people are yourselves.

  14. xtp855 says:

    Evil scary unions!

  15. uptodate says:

    They should make more, trade is down 25%

  16. tree_guy says:

    tree_guy, it seems you just sit around all day waiting for an article about the government to come out so you can slam workers. Do you do anything else?

    I don’t slam anybody. I attempt to identify the wasteful use of scarce tax resources, then call attention to it. There is no public purpose for overpaying public employees. Public employees are not going to make a mass departure for the private sector if their salaries are reduced.

  17. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    I agree, tree_guy, no point to slam anyone. But that doesn’t mean no critical comments about the system. How does a “Police Officer A” end up at $160K per year? If that is what PC and WA employees are comparing themselves to, I hafta quit complaining about thier comparitively paltry rates of 100 Grand for a GED bus driver or a nurse who inspects or otherwise provides no care comparable to Multi Care staff.. Also, the TNT published the wages of longshoremen and they were well into the 120’s for 6 hours of no effort or education required. So perhaps the issue really is: Who is paying for this scheme (or, scam)?

  18. How about an article on the multimillion dollar phone system they put in at the airport that was not necessary?

  19. Rework says:

    Did you know that a POS police officer”s retierment pent is 50% of the yearly average income of the two highest paid years of service. I’ll bet that $163k income is that of Police Officers who are about to retire. $81,500. per year pention. NICE.
    I like all cops, except for the few Bad ones.

  20. east_sider says:

    tree-guy, why so defensive? I agree with you the port salaries are too high. I also was complmenting you on your rapid responses to every article in the tnt about wasteful government spending.

  21. buttmanroad says:

    Wow!! At least the Truth is Learned to all us Poor People!! There is No Middle Class!! It’s Have All or Have None. What makes us so different from other Countries we so Hate and declare War on? I wonder if one of those overpaid A*#@&%@^ would even stop to help someone change a Tire or Pay it Forward like my Poor A*# does. No Wonder our Economy is Crapp!!

  22. tree_guy says:

    east sider, sorry I misunderstood your posting. always enjoy your comments, too. have a good evening sir!

  23. justin_yorbum says:

    Only five of those Port of Tacoma jobs are union positions and your taxes do not pay their salaries.

  24. TheMaso says:

    …and a portion of my property taxes go to port of Tacoma…WOW!!!

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