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What did you think of new Cheney Stadium?

Post by Peter Callaghan / The News Tribune on April 4, 2011 at 10:20 am with 16 Comments »
April 4, 2011 11:33 am

I went over Saturday morning and joined many thousands of others touring the still-not-quite finished Cheney Stadium.

I’ll save my review for later, but tell us what you thought. What worked and what might need improvement? Did it make you more excited to attend once the Tacoma Rainiers season opens?

My brother Denny in the home dugout waiting to play, where else, centerfield
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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Can’t wait to attend a game there. I will break my boycott of Tacoma, due to their stance on AZ immigration control, to attend a game or maybe two.

    Love of baseball and dislike of Seattle forces me to bend on my boycott for a game or two.

  2. Kevindot1 says:

    I thought it was awesome! I was very impressed with everything. From top to bottom it is a beautiful new ballpark.

  3. stefferzz says:

    Being a Cheney Stadium attendee for the last 41 years and an employee for 6 of them, it was a happy/sad day walking through the remodeled stadium. There were needed improvements like the club houses, but I did see things that concern me.
    The footprint inside the gates is smaller. Where are people going to line up for food at a sell out? I saw first had on Saturday that I’d forgo food rather than stand in the lines that were formed for hot dogs. I still can’t find anywhere what the new capacity is. It feels like an overall loss of seating. The right field general admission area is nothing more than a patch of grass that will not hold nearly as many people as the bleachers that were previously there. It is a slanted patch of grass too. Good for views of the field, but may be bad for setting down a drink. Bring your blankets to sit on. What do you do if it’s been raining? Bring garbage bags to put your blankets on?
    There is a large lack of covered seating. Plan on getting wet and/or getting a sun burn.
    I was really happy to see that the original concrete is being used for the most part in the box and reserved seating areas. It was comforting to see the old paint on the stairs.
    The stadium really reminds me of Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver.
    Overall – I’ll be attending games. I have a mini-pack plus a couple more games my son is attending with his school. Attending an actual game will confirm or squelch some of my concerns. Go Rainiers!!

  4. Triple A baseball is one of, if not the the best sport in the USA. The sight lines are still terrific in the stadium, the seating is comfortable. There is much improved mens rooms, and, I hope, sufficient women’s. (Women always seem to get short shrift).

    The concession areas are much better. While I probably won’t use them, the private areas look great for a small group and the banquet area looks OK.

    I had a season pass until the renovations. If I renewed, my seats would have been in the sun and rain where before they had shade and partial rain coverage. There doesn’t seem to be enough room to hold a large crowd during a rain delay unless they open one of the banquet areas.

    The superstructure looks like a cheap motel or apartment complex, but building materials are expensive, and functionality is more important than looks. There is no concourse area with open views of the field.

    All in all, it looks like a great place for ball and great improvements all around. I would be happy except for that pesky roof thing in the contracting and bidding process.

    Play ball!

  5. With the bogus design change, I want the sunscreen concession…

  6. aconcernedreader says:

    I loved it. I thought they did a good job of updating the stadium, but keeping that low to the field, close to the game feeling that Cheney stadium has always had. I like the addition of the new “Berm” and concrete “party” area right above it, that will be nice for being able to watch the game but stand, sit on the grass or move around a bit. The new stadium seems to give everyone a few more options for watching the game. Wish there was more coverage over the seating and not sure how the open back area at the top of the seating is going to work, it may get a bit windy. I’m looking forward to going to a few games this summer.

  7. Pecksbadboy says:

    Who needs general seating?

    The new owners make their money from the luxury boxes. These perk spots are paid for by Sound Transit, State of WA, Click! , Metro Parks, Port of Tacoma, City of Tacoma, and the teams owners private boxes.
    In other words, our tax dollars are paying for the whole enchilada or should I say hot dog

  8. Looking at it from the outside it doesn’t look much like a baseball stadium, I’ll reserve final judgment until I am able to venture inside

  9. tacomajoe says:

    Another corporate giveaway. Socialize the cost, privatize the profit.

  10. toolkitty says:

    I attended my first game at Cheney Stadium on Opening Day, 1969 – the Tacoma Cubs.

    With that said, new stadium or not … as long as they continue to be affiliated with the Seattle Mariners, I won’t be attending any games.

    It’s been that way for xx years now, and will remain so.

  11. lonergan says:

    Still not getting comments about suffering “sunburn” attending a game at 7 pm facing either east or north, with a tall structure behind us where the sun is setting in the west.

    If the Rainiers have another great year on the field, I predict attendance records for the new owners.

  12. I grew up in Tacoma attending many games at Cheney Stadium with my family. In the past few years I have enjoyed taking my children to games at Cheney. We attended the open house on Saturday and were very disheartened by the removal of the general admission seating and lack of roof over the reserved seating. The Rainiers are definitely catering to the “haves” with the luxury suites and Gold Club and don’t seem to care at all about the “have nots”, families such as mine.

  13. Luther_Walker says:

    Finally get to post a real review:
    Materials: Cheap and obviously a compromise
    Design: A monument to sales offices and bathrooms.
    “Fan Friendly?”, hardly, only friendly to add multiple ways to pick your pocket as you struggle to get out of the rain, after a mile walk from your parking space.
    “Disappointing” was the word I heard over and over again as I walked amid the crowd. “$30M for this?”
    This project is a FAIL FAIL FAIL.

    Oh yes, Where are the STATE FUNDED banners? They were also one of the MANDATORY elements of the design according to the RFP Turner and Wade Perrow followed. I guess the Minnesota contractor got a pass on that too?

    Was anybody at all actually paying attention to what was asked for versus what we got?

  14. Kevindot1 says:

    Luther_Walker, that’s funny, because all I heard Saturday was ooo’s and awe’s. People taking pictures and laughing and smiling. The crowd seemed really upbeat and lots of people ready for the season to open. This is anything but a failure.

  15. Kevindot1 says:

    @erdw, I am pretty sure when you say General Admission tickets, you mean bleacher seats. The bleacher seats have been replaced with a cool grassy hill called a berm. They are very popular in new ballparks. As far as the lack of roof, big deal. Because of the TNT’s coverage of that topic, people have latched onto that as a major issue when really it is not. Big freaking deal; so a few rows have less roof coverage for a summertime sports, that cancels games if the weather gets too bad. People act as though they are going to die if a couple rain drops hits them. Are you folks not from the PNW? Everyone that is all up in arms over the $30 million renovation needs to relax. This is a huge upgrade from what we had last year – an upgrade for all levels of fans, from berm sitters to box seats and luxury box people. Everyone gets to enjoy our new ballpark. I will be glad when we get the first season out of the way, and Cheney will break attendance records, and by this time next year it will be back to just the true baseball fans, not every Tom Dick and Harry who have an opinion.

  16. It looks great. except for those who attend games early in the season when it drizzles alot . I guess I will have to add a poncho to my equipment bag or just not attend a game till July.

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