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Here are the links for Peter Callaghan’s column on the state’s Accountability Index for public schools

Post by Peter Callaghan / The News Tribune on March 6, 2011 at 1:15 am with 6 Comments »
March 4, 2011 4:23 pm

In Sunday’s column I wrote about the state’s recent Accountability Index which measures and assigns labels to the 2,000-plus public schools.

Some in the education community have objected to how a right-leaning think tank used the numbers, saying they tried to shame poor-performing schools.

The column can be found here.

But I also promised links to the index produced by the State Board of Education and to the Washington Policy Center’s analysis.

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  1. BigSwingingRichard says:

    The first step in every twelve step program is to admit you have a problem.

    Public schools and the State Board of Education had yet to make it into a recovery program. Someone needs to stage an intervention for them.

  2. It’s an odd reaction particularly given they used this same index to illustrate the achievement gap. If it’s not to show the problem, why do that?

    I agree we can’t interpret to “shame” certain schools or districts but to better understand where the problem is and it clearly seems to break along socio-economic lines. If there’s shame to be had its within the legislature that refuses to fully fund education and adopt worthwhile reforms to counter these geographic disparities.

  3. You mean the “Emperor has no clothes?” We have been assured by our individual school districts that we have “good” schools. At least the State has now defined “good.” It is a “C” and most schools have trouble getting that high a grade. This state is 35th in the nation in high school completion and your school has a “C?”

    What’s the problem here? Get out the mirror and look! How many of us have been to a series of school board meetings demanding something better? Nope! We have our flat screens and the kids have their X-boxes to entertain with.

    If we want better schools, and there are examples of them in this state, and elsewhere, we will have to make our school boards understand this.

    This state suffers from the “They” concept, instead of the “You” concept. We expect “They” to solve our problems.

    A short talk with almost any school board member and you will find a complete reluctance to take any measures that would change this process as the changes needed would either offend the employees or the flat screen parents.

    Michelle Rhee put it very well in “Waiting for Superman.” “We make all decisions to promote harmony among adults.” Kids? Not in the equation.

    I would bet big money that the results of this “Index” will not be making the agenda’s of any local school boards soon.

    They are all “good!”

  4. Huge files. Pretty much unreadable. I can see why an education think tank would take that as a challenge to dig up hidden data. If they really wanted the public to have the information there would be a simple list.

  5. PumainTacoma says:

    Peter I wish I could get more in tune with your article except someone had to unscrew me off the ceiling after reading the scandalous report on Tacoma Schools giving my hard earn tax dollars to Seattle and all these phony minority non-profits while superintendent Jarvis was Seattles CFO!!!!

    this is waste fraud and abuse!!! And I am sick of the excuses by these administrators who’ve never worked in private business and operated a budget like it’s their casino money.

    Pissed off does not equate the anger! Where the hell are the midevil stocks to through tomatoes at these thugs!

  6. vrumvrum says:

    Just a casual scan through the maps showed that there was not a whole lot of light blue or blue out there (better than good). Very, very little as a matter of fact. Bellevue district and there was one oddball district over by Richmond I believe that had 3 or 4 middle schools that were blue which tells me that somebody figured out how to get the kids to pass the test.

    I just have to wonder what the teacher’s unions have for an excuse when most school districts in Washington “need work”

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