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Voters rejecting Pierce Transit sales tax hike

Post by Kris Sherman / The News Tribune on Feb. 8, 2011 at 8:17 pm with 62 Comments »
February 8, 2011 8:22 pm

Pierce County voters were snubbing a request for a sales tax increase to help fund bus service. preliminary returns in today’s election show.

Pierce Transit’s Proposition 1 is failing, 54 percent no to 45 percent yes, according to returns just posted on the Pierce County Auditor’s Elections web site.

Just under 122,000 ballots have been tabulated. That’s close to a third of the 375,850 eligible registered voters.

More votes will be counted in the coming days, but it appeared there was no chance of passage.

Pierce Transit wanted a three-tenths of 1 percent increase in the local sales tax to shore up finances left sagging heavily by the recession. It would raised an estimated $30 million a year for the public agency, which served some 18 million riders on its local and Sound Transit routes in 2009.

It would be a 50 percent increase. Pierce County residents now pay a .06 percent sales tax to the transit agency.

Without the additional money, the agency says it must slash bus service by some 35 percent by mid-2012. Cuts likely will begin in June.

The Pierce Transit board hasn’t approved the cuts, but it has a daylong study session set Feb. 28 to talk about what’s next. Materials rolled out by the agency in advance of the election said cuts would begin by this summer.

Overall, Pierce Transit’s proposed “reduction plan” calls for the slashing of 217,000 hours of annual service within a year.

The likely future: Passengers will have to wait longer for buses on heavily traveled routes; coaches will come and go even less frequently to and from outlying areas; and some routes will be cut altogether. In addition, bus service will begin later on some routes; weekend service will be cut by 50 percent. Special service to events like the Fourth of July Freedom Fair and the Puyallup Fair will be cut out completely.

If the measure fails and such cuts are approved by the board, some 220 of the agency’s roughly 1,000 employees would be laid off.

Pierce Transit serves a 414-square-mile area across the county, with routes that also run north to Auburn and Seattle and south to Olympia.

Proposition 1 supporters argued it should be looked at another way three cents on a $10 purchase. You now pay six cents on a $10 purchase for to subsidize bus service. That would go up to nine cents if Proposition 1 passed.

Public transit, they said, is one of the threads running through the fabric of a liveable community. It’s a for-the-good-of-all service that allows the poor, the young, the elderly, the handicapped to move around, and it gets commuters to and from work and pulls cars off congested roads, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland said during the campaign.

Opponents complained people are tax-weary and a recession is the worst possible time to raise sales tax. They complained the agency itself was poorly managed and top heavy and that it should better manage itself before asking voters’ trust of more money.

Agency officials answered that they saw the recession coming and reacted to it faster than other governmental bodies, raising fares, making service adjustments and trimming the budget. They’ve made some $89 million in cuts and efficiencies since the fall of 2008, CEO Lynne Griffith said during the campaign.

Pierce Transit received $63.3 million in sales tax revenues in 2009, a figure down nearly 12 percent from the $71.7 million it collected in 2008 and 18 percent from the $77.1 million it took in during 2007, budget figures show.

The tax last was raised in 2002 after voters approved a three-tenths of 1 percent increase to supplant money lost when the vehicle license fee went away. That doubled the percentage the agency collected – from .03 to .06 on a dollar.

Local sales tax collections of around $64 million accounted for about 53 percent of the agency’s $121 million operating budget last year. If you exclude the money Pierce Transit gets for carrying some three million Sound Transit riders a year, sales tax pays for roughly 70 percent of the local service, agency officials say.

Fares from $1,50 to $2 for adults – a 33 percent hike – since 2009, account for only about 17 percent of that budget, the agency says.

But they still pay only a portion of the true cost of a bus ride, which the agency said was an average of about $4.75 on a fixed route in 2009.

Shuttle service for handicapped passengers cost an average of $38 per passenger trip.

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  1. dmx_tre says:

    The voters have spoken! The cuts start in June! Most drivers used to wait before pulling out back into traffic; some are stating that’s going to change! We will pulling out immediately! It’s a state law, you must yield to buses pulling out from a stop, no more waiting for traffiic to clear, you hit the bus, it’s your fault, state law!

  2. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    I swear this state has some ignorant voters. Don’t complain when more people are on unemployment and welfare because they cannot get to work. Was an extra 3 cents on a $10 purchase really going to hurt your pocketbook that bad?

  3. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    This shows that the ignorant voters of this state are too lazy too do any research on their own. They hear “Tax increase” and immediately vote no. Obviously, no one cares about the poor, elderly or disabled people who rely on public transportation to just barely scrape by in their lives. What goes around comes around though.

  4. demeter says:

    the sky is falling

  5. LeavingSoon says:

    The lawmakers and officials flat refuse to grasp the idea of “no more taxes”.

  6. Soundlife says:

    YES!! This is wonderful!
    Let the layoffs begin.
    This transit has been a leech sucking the lifesblood from our community long enough.
    My family proudly cast 3 votes against it.

  7. Soundlife says:

    Let the whining losers have their pathetic say.
    They live at the mercy of taxpayers.
    I believe that is the definition of a parasite

  8. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    People are so tough hiding behind a computer screen.

  9. How long will it take the taxaholics to realize that the taxpayers have had too many taxes added to the load they are being forced to carry? The only way taxpayers can get their message across of too many and to high the taxes we must contend with, is to refuse any and all tax proposals!The voters in this state are not ignorant!They have had the realization dawn on them, that government spending is out of control and only the taxpayers have the means to stop the politicos by turning down their pleas for more money to pay for things we can’t afford!!!

  10. billkaufmann says:

    Although I have supported transit for the past 25 years in Tacoma, the Bus Tax was destined for defeat. Solving a temporary budget problem with a permanent tax increase made no sense. Hopefully Pierce Transit will take the opportunity to get creative, and look at how cities like Oakland dealt with a similar challenge without needing new taxes: http://www.actransit.org/2010/11/10/ac-transit-and-bus-drivers-union-reach-contract-agreement/

  11. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    The fact is, this defeat affects the people who need it most. I would like to think that the lives of the people who rely on the services that PT provides would be worth more than 3 cents to the voters in this county. THAT is the message that is being sent. The oppressed will only be oppressed for so long.
    So yes, it is ignorance. Do you really think that rejecting a 3 cent increase is going to make any change in the way the government or corporations spend? No, its going to cause people who are scraping by to not be able to get to work or feed their families, its going to cause the disabled and the elderly to not be able to make needed appointments, it is going to lead to more kids on the street as they try to get around town. The message sent with stuff like this is that their lives are not worth a damn. How do you think messages like that are recieved?

  12. mattersnot1 says:

    The agency officials saw the recession coming, so they raised the fares.
    They saw that people weren’t going to have as much money, so they increased the people’s expense. Sharp thinking, not!
    This is exactly the kind of mismanagement this agency suffers from. I wonder if they have ever heard of supply and demand

  13. One of the reasons a lot of voters voted “No” is the attitude of management staff and bus drivers about where their priorities lie. It was obvious by granting extreme pay raises to bus drivers and paying them exhorbitant overtime that the priority was on fattening up pay rather than effectively managing service needs during a severe recession. I don’t think voters appreciated being threatened by Pierce Transit that the only way to survive is to make poor, disabled people suffer so that drivers can make some of the highest average wages in the country. Have drivers give back their 12% pay increase and stop granting overtime, and bring back a reasonable tax proposal and I will reconsider.
    my vote

    Part of that attitude of screw the taxpayer and customer is exhibited on this thread by dmx_tre. He threatens that he and other drivers will not wait to pull out into traffic because buses have the right of way. It is true that buses may reenter the roadway after they have properly signaled and in a safe manner, but he forgets the rest of that portion of the law: “Nothing in this section shall operate to relieve the driver of a transit vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the roadway.”

    So, threaten us all you want, but retaliate against innocent drivers, Mr. dmx, and you will be one of the drivers permanently removed from service.

  14. dmx_tre says:

    Pierce county voters suck! Now the poor handicapped elderly will suffer! I hope you are happy!

  15. jetalmanac says:

    Maybe the slogan should be “It’s only $100 more for a new car.” Perhaps people would look at it differently?

  16. mattersnot1 says:

    Maybe, if they changed their name to Tacoma Transit and only served within the Tacoma city limits, they could pass a levy with only Tacoma city residents voting.
    Their service outside the city limits of Tacoma stinks. They forget those outside the city limits still have voting power and they aren’t going to vote to tax themselves for a service they don’t receive. Do you think, Einstein?

  17. dmx_tre says:

    RCW 46-61-220 it’s the law! We will be pulling out immediatly!

  18. Boo-hoo, wah wah wah you blood-sucking tax parasites !!!!

  19. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    We all owe a big thank you to the REJECT PROP #1 group. Like Tim Eyman it’s grass roots groups like this that hold governments accountable. We will never get the reforms we need as long as we continue to fund the status quo.

    PT has the money they need in reserve if they chose to spend it. NO NEW TAXES and if they make these cuts in service we should demand a reduction in the transit taxes we now pay.

    I would like to see a study done on what it will cost to privatize this service, take it away from Tacoma government, and make it non-union.

  20. Soundlife says:

    Oh the bus tax supporting goons are so cute with their pathetic threats. Perhaps now Pierce Transit will go back to the drawing board and look at the cuts they should have done long ago.
    The 12% driver pay raise during a major recession was an outrage.
    They thought the public would stupidly help them out by passing this misguided tax increase.
    Welcome to the start of a new reality.
    Those of you who rely on the taxpayers dime for your livelihood need to wake up and smell the cesspool you have created.
    By the way dmx_tre, pull your bus out in front of me. I have a camera mounted and will enjoy removing you from your job

  21. mattersnot1 says:

    tuddo, Right on!

  22. dmx – you may know where to find a RCW, but you can’t spell, hope you drive better than you spell. I also hope your boss realizes you are intending to use a public vehicle purchased with taxpayers’ money as a weapon against the public and sends your behind packing. The mentality of City – County leeches makes my blood boil.

  23. dmx_tre says:

    Who cares about year camera, I’ll smile when I pull out I front of you!

  24. taxedenoughintacoma says:


    You fought the good fight and lost. It’s time now to stop your swinging. Work with the public a figure out how to make these cuts have the minumin impact to the needy.

  25. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    Soundlife. You must be a very paranoid person with your little camera mount. I feel sorry for you and your family and the unrealistic world that you live in. I truly hope that nothing ever happens to you or your perfect livelyhood… but I don’t think I would have any sympathy… because you do not seem to have any for those who need a little help. Smug people like you are what is smelling up this “cesspool”…

  26. See you guys on the road!!!!

  27. Nose, say goodbye to face if the proposition fails.

    Cheap labor moves by bus. Small business owners, take note.

    Students move by bus. Families, take note.

    The poor, elderly and disabled move by bus. Everybody, take note.

    The list goes on and on.

  28. gerry0416 says:

    Is dmx_tre saying that the Pierce Transit drivers are going to start intentionally hitting cars going by them? If so, this shows the moronic attitude of these union thugs.

  29. I voted yes on this tax. Mass Transit is always a good cause. I don’t blame them for asking for more money. Now that they know they didn’t get it, I want them to go back to the drawing board. Come up with a lean proposal that meets the needs as many riders as is cost effective. Go ahead and consider fare increases too.

  30. This is good news for Seattle.

    Although we’re in our own transit crunch, we still have a very robust system that is about to rebound and are well-connected to the airport, cruise terminal and more. If you’re a major corporation in Tacoma, now might be the perfect time to consider one of the many large spaces in the South Lake Union or Denny Triangle areas.

    Case in point: Amazon is snatching up half a million square feet and many of you are aware that Russell Investments chose the superior Seattle for its new HQ.

    Come to the Emerald City! :)

  31. runner52 says:

    As I look at the salaries that the PT drivers are receiving, they must all have Masters or Doctorate degrees. I know a lot of folks with advanced degrees that would regard such salaries with envy. I voted no. Three phone calls a day to my house from every leftist group imaginable convinced me that this proposition stunk.

  32. WhoooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Soundlife says:

    Pierce Transit is completely mismanaged.
    Overpaid management, bloated bureacracy and overpaid drivers.
    Too many buses running too many routes with only 3 or 4 riders.
    Time to turn this over to a private company to operate.
    Get rid of the union goons driving the buses, reduce the size of buses on routes with few passengers, and charge realistic rates to riders that reflect the cost of operation.
    We turned them down this time and will turn them down in the future.
    If they can not come up with better management, they deserve the same fate as the dodo bird

  34. tommy98466 says:

    “Special service to events like the Fourth of July Freedom Fair and the Puyallup Fair will be cut out completely.”
    Why would you cut out bus service to the Fair if the buses are full and everyone pays their way? I don’t get it.

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/politics/2011/02/08/voters-rejecting-pierce-transit-sales-tax-hike/#ixzz1DRMb80SO

  35. tommy98466 says:

    AAhhhhh… dmx_tre. If you are a bus driver, the yield sign means to yield to the bus, not that the bus driver just pulls out when he/she feels like it. If you are a bus driver with that attitude I suggest you get another job. People like you are not needed in the transportation business. Pathetic.

  36. Cut services and streamline management.

    All government run operations better stop living in the past which had ever increasing tax revenues. The good times are over, if the government didn’t know this train was coming down the tracks it just got ran over.

  37. gerry0416 says:

    tommy98466. Pierce Transit plans to punish the taxpayers for rejecting the sales tax increase. Management will cancel the routes that are used the most and according to dmx_tre the drivers will start pulling out in front of moving cars in a dangerous manner.

  38. gerry0416.

    Your comment simply reflects the arrogance by those who should be “serving” the public.

    These “servants” include the governor and all other elected officials – who oversee the rank and file public servants, whether it’s law enforcement, firemen, DMV, or public bus drivers.

    Crap rolls downhill. No elected official is going to condone any overt act by Pierce Transit to “punish” taxpaying voters. They may find themselves out of a job in the next election.

  39. sandmanIV says:

    I have to chuckle at those who are outraged that a few drivers make high wages because of their overtime work. There was once a time in this country where people would applaud someone for working long hours during snowstorms, holidays, weekends and yes even SuperBowls to provide for their families. Some of these drivers are taking care of elderly parents, others are trying to put two kids through college on a drivers pay. Shame on you for critizising someone who is making his way the American Way by hard work.

  40. Lavarock says:

    Looks like my friend’s dad is out of a job, I’ll be joining him soon if my route can’t get me to work. Thank you Pierce County!! Thanks for increasing unemployment!!!

  41. Why don’t we just stop paying taxes altogether and end all services? Who needs transit, roads, law enforcement, education, libraries, museums, public health, etc.?

  42. sandman –

    Read the first 2-3 comments on this thread. Respect went downhill from there.

  43. Pierce Transit CHOSE to spend over 2 times the cost of a Proposition by making it a Special Election gambling $550,000-600,000.00 minimum to do this.

    Pierce Transit CHOSE to make this a mail in vote only, depriving many (of the very residents their claiming will be hurt by cuts) the right to even vote in this election.

    Pierce Transit Chose to spend $72,000 .00 on one mailer alone

    Pierce Transit has caused their own issues and it may be that the voters will finally call them to task.

    Will be interesting to see how much Fed. Subsidy they’ll lose if they do cut services and the suits that will ensue from the disabled community…..

  44. Schmit –

    Everyone in this drawn out recession (depression) is hurting except those born with a trust fund.

    Businesses are closing/downsizing and taking with it their tax revenues – and between workers losing jobs, or are just being more conservative with their buying, sales tax revenues are going down as well. It’s doubtful that even the sales tax hike for Pierce Transit would cover the ever rising cost of gas to run the buses (or inflation for spare parts to keep them maintained).

    Reality has to set in – yes there are going to be some serious cuts, and some cuts hurt some people more than others.

    But the reality is that the ways and means of tax revenues have slipped just like home values. Everyone who derives a service, or their income, from a government agency will need to start tightening their belts just like those of us in the private sector.

  45. sandmanIV says:

    Soundlife You are a real piece of work. Did you learn a new word today? You sure do like to use “Goon” alot. Do you actually know any of the people you are calling goons? You say you want to privatize the bus service.. you mean like Greyound? Where a ride to Seattle from Tacoma costs over $7.00 as opposed to the $3.00 it’s costing now. Drivers make what they do because the market calls for it. You cannot find anyone with a clean driving record and background check who will put up with what a driver has to do day in and day out. If the job is so great why are they always advertizing for drivers? They can’t find any ,thats why. So how do you get someone to apply? You pay them.

  46. UnbiasedReporter says:

    I only asked one little thing to vote yes, that being Ms. Lynne Griffith, CEO of Pierce Transit, give back her $450 a month CAR allowance (if the bus is so good why doesn’t she take it).

    She is still collecting that $450 a month —- so voted NO

  47. arbeenjo says:

    Time to get out your calculators again. CEO Griffith claims that in the last 2 1/2 years she cut $89,000,000 from PT budget? I seriously doubt it given that $89Mil is about 75% of a single years budget: you can’t cut that much that fast in any organization. It’s all smoke and mirrors…..and dishonest. PT can’t take credit for dubious out-year cuts and “efficiencies” when they can’t get their fiscal act together today!

    Between 2007 and 2009 sale tax revenue decreased $14M from $77.1M to $63.3M, yet that accounts for only about an 11% reduction in the overall budget ($121M) over three years: annualized at -4%. Yet PT had the audacity to claim to need an immediate and continuing annual transfusion of $30,000,000 in new taxes to make up the difference. PT now threatens to punish voters with a 35% reduction in services……all because they went through a recession with a pull back in sales tax revenue of 4% annually. If PT management can’t figure out how to live with a 4% annual reduction in revenues then the entire leadership should be replaced. They certainly figured out how to operate with more than a 4% increase in revenues annually.

    The solution is to cut marginal routes; focus on urban growth areas; increase farebox revenue; and get a grip on bloated salaries and benefits.

    Welcome to the new reality.

  48. sandman, no one said anything about not appreciating hard work. Management made a conscious decision to pay the highest-paid drivers overtime instead of paying regular wages to more drivers. Overtime costs the agency more than just the amount paid to drivers, even as high as that extra cost is. It adds up in other administrative costs. Overtime for some of the issues you talk about is inevitable, especially the unforeseen weather or traffic tie-ups, etc.. Transit managment made it a routine practice, however, instead of applying it judiciously when it couldn’t be helped. Costs skyrocketed because their sole priority was to make drivers happy, and they forgot about the taxpayer and the riders.

    Seattle Metro drivers agree to freeze their wages and not accept a cost of living increase. Pierce drivers refused to freeze their wages and insisted on the cost of living ioncreases even though the cost of living did not actually go up. That is why I talked about priorities.

  49. arbeenjo says:

    sandmanIV: Do you really think a PT bus to Seattle “only” costs $3.00? Given that PT farebox revenue is only 17% of cost, that $3.00 cheap PT bus ride actually cost $17.65! The taxpayer picks up the tab for the $14.65 the rider doesn’t pay. Yes I would rather pay Greyhound $7.00 for a private bus ride than kid myself than I’m getting a bargain from PT for $3.00.

  50. sandmanIV says:

    tuddo You say it is cheaper to pay regular wages to more drivers. You cite administrative costs. Can you tell me what those are. I contend that it would cost a lot more to have more drivers just making regular wages if you factor in the cost of hiring ,training and their health packages..Police departments know this and would rather pay the OT than hire additional bodies.

  51. sandmanIV says:

    $3.00 is what it cost the passenger. The rest is subsidized I agree. So I gues you would rather privatize police and fire departments also.

  52. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Yay! Great news!!

  53. dmx_tre
    You sound like you might just be one of the reasons Pierce Transit is so Mismanaged due to the fact your still on the Payroll. With your Irresponsible attitude I would be scared to death knowing I had a wack-job driver like you driving the bus I was riding. You know after reading your comments I’m even happier now that this has been defeated because I can look at this as kind of a crap shoot maybe your route and your job will be eliminated for the better your attitude is just one more element that gives your agency a bad reputation. Furthermore when you cited RCW 46.61.220 you forgot the second part of it that reads( Nothing in this section shall operate to relieve the driver of a transit vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the roadway.) And that would include operators of the very vehicles you have threatened to just pull out in front of.

  54. princessnancy says:

    This is very sad news. There are so many people who depend on the bus to get to work. It is unfortunate that those voting are not thinking of the greater good…to help those who cannot afford cars and need to support themselves and their families. Don’t punish those who must use the bus system because you are upset with Pierce Transit management.

    Yes, Pierce Transit salaries are bordering ridiculous but I suspect that with all the publicity they have received over this they are going to have to reduce salaries or lay off those not absolutely necessary to running their programs before ever asking for a tax increase again. I hope they have learned a valuable lesson from this.

  55. Concernedfather says:

    People will still be able to ride the bus, they will still get to work; it just may not be as convenient. Boo Hoo.

    It will not add a single vehicle to traffic congestion either. People that ride the bus don’t have a car sitting in the driveway at home.
    dmx_tre, bahaahaahaa!

    This is not about 3 cents, this would have raised the amout I personally subsidized bus rides to around a dollar a day. No thank you. Not when I am paying $35.00 a day for the privilege of owning, insuring, and driving my own vehicles.

    I proudly voted no, and so did everyone I know. Can you hear us now?

  56. This is goodnow maybe they will start looking at the salaries of the higher up and the others at Pierce County transit.
    lower salariesand get them to pay more of the benifits.
    I know this is tough but private companies have to do it.
    Then look at the real problem of running these large buses with maybe 2 to 4 people on it.
    The large busses were needed years ago because people used the system because they had no cars.
    They an start bussing the Kids to school and eliminate the other system they put into effect. I thought that the school buses were a private owned company but i guess not when i see the County licenses plates on the bus.
    How much money was wasted on this election to get a no for an answer.
    There are a lot of peopl out of work and all you can do is think of is another way to make them suffer and pay more. RUN SMALLER BUSES AND CHANGE THE SCHEDULE FROM 15MIN to an HOUR

  57. royboy361 says:

    This is just not the time to raise taxes in this economy. Just ask the State.
    Even a small candy and water tax was repealed by the voters.

  58. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    “northsc says:
    February 8, 2011 at 10:52 pm
    sandman –

    Read the first 2-3 comments on this thread. Respect went downhill from there”
    2 out of 3 of those comments were mine. And if my sympathy and care for those less fortunate than me causes you to lose respect for me. Well, I never wanted it in the first place. Ignorant… Like I said.

  59. TheMASO says:

    When I see two vehicles and four individuals from Pierce Transit at the bus stop; 1 cleaning the area and 3 smokin’ and jokin'; you will get a NO vote from me every time!!!

  60. dmx_tre says:

    Bus riders: lot of us drivers are going to let all riders ride for free! No voters are still paying taxes for PT, let them pay for your fare also! Ha ha! They have to pay for gas insurance car maintenance etc….while you guys will be riding free to Seattle or where ever you want to go for free on the no voters’ dime!! Ha ha ha!

  61. sandman, you ask about overtime. I acknowledged to you that overtime was necessary in certain circumstances. It is also cheaper in small bites than hiring new staff. However, use of overtime must be managed well or it becomes a drain. Unfortunately, PT managers have not negotiated union contracts well. If you are paying extra staff to sit around waiting for the need for extra drivers, overtime is the cheaper way to go. However, in a well-managed contract, “on-call” pay for temporary drivers and aprt-time drivers is much less than overtime. The union hates temps and part-time, but in the world of transit, there are many people who would love to work 15-20 hours a week and to be on call to get that pay. In the world of fire fighters we are actually paying them to be ready to act, and not just for the work itself. Except for some volunteer fire fighters, we do pay people a full wage to wait until they are needed. Fires (and police incidents) can be much less planned than transit schedules, so overtime is a constant issue.

    There are many interesting discussions on line about when overtime is less costly, and Pierce Transit does not meet the criteria by a long shot. I defer to the experts, since it is a complicated subject. For instance, in contract construction, it is much less costly to use overtime if you need to move to another waiting job. It is less costly for fire departments and police rather than overstaffing for the big events. In many expert discussions, transit, both public and private, was used as an example where inflexible union contracts that did not allow flexible staffing patterns could raise overtime costs to unacceptable levels. As I have said before, I do not blame uniions for asking for whatever they can get. I do, expect management to negotiate effective and efficient contracts that also benefit, not harm, tax payers and riders, however.

  62. peachy8302 says:

    Too bad the government doesn’t make voters take an IQ test before they were actually able to vote. It might rid of the delirious and deranged ones.

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