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Hans Zeiger wins House seat

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on Dec. 3, 2010 at 4:39 pm with 18 Comments »
December 3, 2010 4:41 pm
Hans Zeiger

A weeklong hand recount of ballots has confirmed it. Hans Zeiger has unseated state Rep. Dawn Morrell.

The Republican won by just 30 votes.

With other recounts reportedly confirming today the losses by Sen. Randy Gordon and House budget chairwoman Kelli Linville,  Democrats’ majorities have been trimmed to 27-22 in the Senate and 56-42 in the House.

Pierce County’s three-member Canvassing Board certified the 25th Legislative District results this afternoon. The recount narrowed Zeiger’s lead slightly, from 47 in the first count.

“It really helps you to appreciate the value of one vote,” Zeiger said.

The recount by county Auditor Julie Anderson‘s office ended up tallying just four more ballots than the agency’s first count.

Zeiger lives in Edgewood and works part-time as a senior fellow at a Washington, D.C.-area think tank called the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative counterpoint to the American Civil Liberties Union. He ended the four-term legislative career of Morrell, a nurse who had risen to become the majority caucus chairwoman for House Democrats.

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  1. Congratulations! Hans….and to your campaign staff and supporters as well. You’ve proven the naysayers wrong…and most importantly, your victory exemplifies that responsible voters are concerned about education, fiscal responsibility and freedom from onerous taxation. God bless!

  2. Well, at least we can look forward to some good Tacomics.

  3. Yes, the girl scouts have your number Hanso

  4. papasan says:

    Shame on the voters of the 25th district. They had FANTASTIC representation under Dawn Morrell and now will have for their voice a young whelp that not only speaks ultra-religeous tripe, but then blames his youth and ignorance for his words. I hope that you get what you deserve.
    Thank you, Dawn for your service to ALL of your community.

  5. First_Lefty says:

    The GOP had dead people vote.
    Count enough times to get the result you wanted.
    The GOP had ballots in the back room.
    The GOP had Tim Eyman’s signature gatherers making up voters.

    Did I cover everything?

  6. First_Lefty says:

    “Zeiger lives in Edgewood and works part-time as a senior fellow at a Washington, D.C”

    Must be quite a part-time job to be able to commute across the country to work.

    Or could it be that the Edgewood address is faux or a relative?

    Seeing that his employer is ripping off the ACLU for their namesake, I’m going to guess that there is some manipulation going on here.

    Quick, someone get a copy of his financial statement……

  7. rockrabbit says:


  8. nwcolorist says:

    Wow. The Democrats and the media did their best to vilify and trash Hans Zeiger, and they still couldn’t keep him down.

    Keep an eye on this young man.

  9. I agree. Keep an eye on him.

    If he violated ethics rules and possibly state campaign laws by campaigning in the Puyallup schools during an election (thanks to his mommy, a substitute teacher), he should be watched. Who knows what he’ll try to get away with as a legislator. Using public resources for his campaign (schools, materials, etc) is probably just the tip of the iceberg of what he is capable of. Let’s all watch him.

  10. Sagacious says:

    Nice job Hans!

    Hans, remember that there are only 30 more people in the 25th who like you than don’t. When you stop for breakfast at your favorite diner, statistically, half of the folks there didn’t vote for you.

    So, go to Olympia and do the best you can. Don’t kowtow to the caucus or special interests, vote as you think best for the district you represent, you are now THEIR Representative. The chances of your votes pleasing all of your constituents are nil; even the approval of half is going to be a challenge.

    Good luck!

  11. tn4lee, your responsible voters just selected someone who thinks public schools are government indoctrination centers, that his religion (whatever it is) is the only true one and everybody else worships a false god, and discrimination is the American Way.

    Nwcolorist, telling the truth by publishing little Hanse own words is not vilifying or trashing.

    Sagacious, one has to wonder when Hanse’s Thugs were out collecting signatures to validate ballots how many Morrell Ballets got lost on the way back to the Auditor’s Office.

  12. hortonpeak says:

    Actually, Sagacious, it is closer to one-third. The district has about 77,000 registered voters, of whom 52,000 bothered to vote. Of whom, a bit less than 50% voted for Hans, and 30 fewer voted for Dawn. I might add over 2000 voters, of those who voted, voted for neither candidate. Additionally, I do not think one who knows Dawn’s record can say she kowtowed to the caucus and the only special interest she supported was what she thought was best for folks without regard for many of the labels that we attach to people. I wish Hans the best but I really do not know who he is since he has disavowed his entire history of record and at this point is a blank slate. Oh well, such is democracy.

  13. Sagacious says:


    All we can say for sure is the 30 more people like him than don’t; the rest we can only speculate about.

    Actually, I made no reference to Dawn or her record, I merely gave free advice to Hans.

    @xring:”. . . religion (whatever it is) is the only true one and everybody else worships a false god” By definition only one can be right, if you truely believe your religion is right, then all others are wrong. If not, then you are wrong or don’t really believe your religion’s tenets. Or, ultimately, god is confused or, maybe, does not exit at all.

  14. Sagacious: FYI: Jews, Christian, and Muslins ALL worships the same God:
    But here are some of Little Hanse writings on what he calls religion:

    “It just so happens that the ‘Religious Right’ is the only significant religious group in America that is really dedicated and interested in praying to God. That isn’t to say there aren’t folks who occasionally pray to false gods or demons or themselves in various corners of the Religious Left, but they don’t tend to be the prayer-warrior types.”

    -Hans Zeiger, Pray for Barry Lynn (May 6, 2004)

    “Unitarians, mainstream Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, members of the ‘Military Pagan Network’ and other watered-down ecumenists will hold an ‘Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection’ on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol today to pray to the generic god.”

    -Hans Zeiger, Pray for Barry Lynn (May 6, 2004)

    “The significant difference between the kumbaya sessions and interfaith vigils and atheist protests of the Religious Left and the Bible studies and prayer circles of the Religious Right is that our God is real.”

    -Hans Zeiger, Pray for Barry Lynn (May 6, 2004)

    “The resolution on Jesus as Lord remains in the rejection pile, because the Episcopal Church is not a Christian church. It is a liberal church. And it is dying with its generation.”

    -Hans Zeiger, Baby Boomer Religion – Where Truth Evolves (June 22, 2006)

    for more see http://www.zeigerzingers.com

  15. JeffTacoma says:

    What a joke, this kid will be a disaster.

  16. papasan says:

    @JeffTacoma: Very well said, indeed. At some time during his tenure, there WILL BE scandal. Count on it.

  17. Sagacious says:

    @xring: “FYI: Jews, Christian, and Muslins ALL worships the same God” sorta’ but not quite. The Legislative Building is not a revival tent and this is not the column for that argument.

    Hans is young and he wrote your quotes when he was even younger, by half a decade or so. He has wandered out into the real world for a while now and some of those ideas have changed. I suggest we give him a chance, as, indeed we must, since he is now elected.

    Certainly Dawn and her group haven’t done well by us over the decades they have been and continue in control of Olympia. The Gov is going to call a special session, the second this year, to try to fix the mess they created. Apparently the grown-ups’ ideas are not all that good. Maybe the “kids” can think outside the box, since they haven’t been stuck inside of it for decades like a lot of the fogies now attempting to run state government.

    Keep and eye on that special session, I’m sure it will be “special.”

  18. Sagacious,

    Hanse wrote those and other quotes and If he had a shed of maturity he would have refudiated or otherwise distanced himself from his un-American ramblings. Instead he reaffirmed his support of each and every idea in the past election. The only thing he “regrets” is the vitriolic language he used to garner the adoration of the ultra right wing nut cases.

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