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UPDATED: Patty Murray wins re-election

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on Nov. 4, 2010 at 5:45 pm with 20 Comments »
November 4, 2010 6:14 pm

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash

UPDATE: The Associated Press has just called the race for Murray and Rossi has conceded.

It’s hard to see a path to victory for Dino Rossi.

Of more than 600,000 votes left to be counted, nearly half are in King County, which isn’t going Rossi’s way.

Ballots counted today extended Sen. Patty Murray‘s lead in King County by more than 25,000 votes, to 63.42 percent.

While Rossi gained today in places like Spokane County, he lost a little ground in Kitsap County and in Pierce County, where his lead shrank by about 800 votes.

Murray now has a possibly insurmountable lead of 46,368 votes statewide out of 1.8 million votes cast.

Click here for latest returns.

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  1. DevilDoc says:

    Damn these people anyway!
    WHY do the great uninformed continue to vote with any possible organ… EXCEPT their brains???
    Stand by for more baloney years from her and Dicks… and all those liberal thieves who kept their seats.
    Disgusting thought for me.

    Any lefties who don’t care for my comments? Go take a bath.

  2. cushmannews says:

    Now maybe Mr. Rossi will get a real job if he can hold one, and not live off public $$$. Hope this is the last of him.

  3. fivecardstud says:

    I really can’t believe how any sane human being can continue to back someone who is in an administration that is ruining our country. I though Washingtonians had more sense. I guess I was wrong. Well when the bad days get worse just remember this day.

  4. demeter says:

    well i might as well get started for 2016 ………….dump corrupt patty in 2016

  5. fivecardstud says:

    I think you mean Patty Murray can continue to con the people of Washington out of their money don’t you cushmannews ? But what else could she do? Smarten up, Rossi made his money honestly not by builking the citizens.

  6. duckfan4ever says:

    It is very telling that Dino Rossi managed to lose his third straight statewide election by losing big in his own county! When a King County politician cannot even carry King County, something is very wrong. The simple truth is that this three-time loser is a lightweight compared to the likes of Patty Murray. If Rossi is serious about wanting to serve in Congress, I suggest that he try showing us first what he can do in the House, and then trying for the Senate after proving himself. Dave Reichart is just as useless a Congressman as he was a Sheriff; Rossi should be able to kick Sheriff Dave’s butt two years from now. Instead, Rossi insists on running for statewide office and keeps losing. Hopefully he will adhere to the “three strikes rule” and give us all a break! So long, Dino-saur.

  7. trekontenner says:

    I firmly believe that it is not the current party that is “destroying” out country. Any party that is in “control” has had their hand in it. Our politicians, and I don’t care what party they belong to does what big business wants them to. The people we think “we” elected have nothing but their own interests at heart.
    The days of representing the people of this country have sadly come to an end. I for one am damn tired of all the bickering and whatnot and wish I knew a way that we can change our government without changing what our forefathers had in mind. What a difference over now and what was envisioned for us 234 years ago.

  8. Ryver_MystDragon says:

    You all forget it was a Democratic President that got us a surplus of money and a Republican President who lost it all. Where do you all think that extra $600 came from that Bush gave away to everyone? Patty has done a lot for our state that is positive. All Rossi has done is run and lost. 3 times now. 3 strikes your out!

  9. tacomascene says:

    Back when the wall street bailout crap was jolting the citizenry of this country, I sent many e-mail messages to Senators Murray and Cantwell and also to Congressman Dicks…….. and even to some other members of congress having nothing to do with Washington State..

    I may be talking out of school, here, but all three of them poges voted with their peers and basically voted against their constituency. Murray and Dicks, at least, support veterans.

    Oh, well……. it was only 700 billion OPMs.

    And then I hear that Russia is twerked at the U.S. because it apparently has such a humongous heroin problem amongst its comrades because the U.S. hasn’t decimated Afghanistan’s poppy fields.

    Just goes to show you that you can’t make everybody happy all the time. Not even some of the time.

  10. julie1056 says:

    I just can’t believe the people of WA gave this loser another chance. She is a liar and has done nothing but hurt the state of WA with her fellow democrates. Our state is a mess because of her, Cantwell and Gregoire. And the idiots that voted these 3 losers in just keep on dragging us down until we will have nothing left. Wise up people. Obama was a hugh mistake and look where we are now. Not saying we didn’t have problems before but all you liberals… healthcare is a mistake. It will cost millions. I can’t afford to pay $700.00 a year because I don’t want some state run health program. I’m being punished because I don’t want a hand out. YOUR new senator voted that piece of legislation in. Oh that’s right she not only read the bill but helped write it. You all deserve her. I hope she reads these comments and sees how many people want her OUT. We need somebody new in there. I work for what I have and don’t expect any handouts and I expect to keep it. She’ll be in all your pockets soon. If you like her so much you pay all the additional taxes and leave the rest of us alone. Can we succeed from the state of WA. Get her and her liberal friends outt a here!!!

  11. Commandtiger says:

    It is a shame did King county and Seattle find some more lost votes? But maybe Rossi will have another chance when Senator Cantwell comes up for re election Maybe the Republicans will be Dumb enough to let him try again;;

  12. Commandtiger says:

    M urrary needs 6 more years to help Obama screw up the country more.. But maybe we will get a person in the white house that does not call people who vote against him.. Now what did he say?????

  13. Johnfrancis says:

    Sanity prevails. Great job by Patty not only as our senator but in the election as well. mr rossi showed his lak of knowledge as well as lack of any ability. Should we never hear from him again it will be appreciated. The things Patty has done during the last 18 years benefit the state of Washington much better than the actions anticipated by mr rossi. The veterans created by mr bush, who is in the same party as mr rossi have benefited by the actions of Patty. She never caused a war that her daddy could not win. The 4,000 plus dead created by george bush have died in vain, thanks george. Keep things going Patty and enjoy.

  14. ladystar1 says:

    What a shame!

    We need to elect people who can restore the once great state of WA.

  15. Yes there is a God and she likes Patty Murray and she is wealthy.
    With 1.8 million votes cast that must mean WA state has 1,140,000 people earn more than $250,000, which is the cut-off level for the income tax law. That’s how many voted to not allow the initiative to become law, it didn’t pass.

    The state has $4.8 BILLIONS to cut from the budget now that taxes on candy and pop was rescinded and no income tax. Worse 60% of the Budget is non-discretionary meaning it can’t be touched. The new State legislature has a nice Halloween present cut everything and leave the lights on so we know we are alive and kicking.

    This is the largest shortfall in WA history. At least our wonderful legislature gets paid while the rest of state employees get pink slips.That would be a fitting job for the legislature picking up debris since they will be cleaning house.

  16. TSI1960 says:

    Another fraudulent election brought to us by Demo-King County? Go away Patty, you are a pathetitic pinhead.

  17. HopeforAmerica says:

    Thank god Patty won! (Too bad Reichert didn’t loose. He is worthless and even voted against equal pay for women.)

  18. TSI1960 says:

    How can anyone be happy Patty Pinhead won? Do they receiver their mail at Western State.

    Julie1056 has it right – there is no hope when pinheads are in control. Don’t knock David Reichert, he is anything but worthless to those of use who know the truth about the man. So, at the risk of being sensored, you need to not open your mouth “hopeforamerica” until you know what you are talking about. Why do so many people not see the Truth or is TV reality??? LOL :)

  19. TSI1960 says:

    Have a Cigar Patty. Ha ha – charade you are! Only 2 ways you could win this election: 1) Too many voters are as stupid as you, or 2) We really are in the Land of Oz and you’re in the Emerald City pulling the strings behind the curtain. Remember that movie Patty Pinhead? It was filmed in 1939 when you were already a fossil. It’s a good anaology for you and Seattle in many ways:)

    OK – no more anti Patty Pinhead stuff. The damage is done. We can only pray now because this particular toilet cannot be flushed again until 2018:(

  20. EatonvilleTaxPayer says:

    Very disappointed that Murray won, though one must wonder if Patty realizes how many people in the entire state disapprove of her. It was almost 50/50. Rossi took every county, except 8 or 9 last I checked.

    I seriously fear another 6 years of Murray politics. She does NOT listen to what the people want. She acts as if she is merely an Obama puppet. It’s a sad day in Washington…..be ready for a whole lot more in the years to come.

    BOOOO and darn you King County voters–you ruin everything for the majority of every other county in the state.

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