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How many ballots are still out there?

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on Nov. 3, 2010 at 10:33 am with 15 Comments »
November 3, 2010 10:41 am

Washington elections officials logged the results of more than 1.4 million ballots Tuesday.

If predictions of 66 percent voter turnout hold up — and Secretary of State Sam Reed said Tuesday night he stands by that forecast — there are less than a million ballots left to count.

More than 500,000 ballots are already sitting at elections offices, waiting to be counted. Many more will come in the mail today, from those who waited until Election Day to vote. (King County alone expects to receive more than 120,000 ballots today.) Tens of thousands more will dribble in over the days that follow.

So who will those favor? It’s hard to say, but King is key.

Sen. Patty Murray leads there with 62 percent. Campaign manager Jeff Bjornstad argued to reporters she is likely to keep an overwhelming lead in the remaining King ballots.

Dino Rossi campaign manager Pat Shortridge points out that only a quarter of the ballots already sitting uncounted at election offices are in King. Since King accounts for 30 percent of all voters in the state, he argues King will count proportionately fewer ballots from now on than the rest of the state.

But ballots will keep pouring in. If state and King County turnout predictions both are borne out, King will account for more than 36 percent of remaining ballots (346,000 out of 942,000), so it will count proportionately more than the rest of the state.

Still, we don’t know how late voters in any county will compare to early voters. There’s nothing left to do but wait.

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  1. Taildragrrr says:

    Let’s wait until the votes are tallied before we declare a winner.

  2. JobyRay says:

    When I saw this pic I thought for a second there that my dog had gone and gotten himself a job in politics.

  3. JobyRay says:

    seriously though, I left the senate section blank on my ballot…am I the only one tired of the same old race between the same old candidates? lack of viable choices is the real shame!

  4. nascar9 says:

    As usual King County controls the state. No wonder Eastern Washington wants to secede and form their own state.

  5. aranciata says:

    Not one damn ballot from any other county ought to be counted until all King, Pierce and Snohomish ballots have been counted and certified as final. Not one!

  6. aranciata says:

    I’m serious, can’t the paper come up with one stinking photo of Patty Murray wherein she didn’t have her mouth hanging open. For God’s sake. she looks for all the world like a slack-jawed half-wit in the picture here too.

  7. wyecoyote says:

    aranciata, she probably looks that way because that is the way she is. Gotta admit no matter who you are now that was funny. Though I do like your idea that no other county should start counting until after King, Pierce and Snohomish count and certify theirs. Especially King County so there are no magical “Found” ballots.

    If Dino doesn’t win this time then he should quit running ever again in the future. Move off to some stumping for other Republican’s and give someone else a chance. I was tempted to vote for none of the above this time around. Don’t like either or of my choices.

  8. Ankleface says:

    I agree with wyecoyote. How long should Washington be burdened with this Rossi albatross? Continually circling a ship waiting for a carcass that he can consume?

  9. the3rdpigshouse says:

    The irresponsible citizen doesn’t vote! The leftist ideologue votes socialist democrat regardless of how incompentent the candidate!! The conservatives hope that some of the irresponsible & some of the socialist democrats will awaken from their mental disorders and vote pro-American and anti-socialist!!

    The sad truth is that on the West coast there are etirely too many people living on the public dole or in some way dependent on the “State” for their existence and refuse to cut the cord – even if their State economies are crumbling around them!!!

  10. Ankleface says:

    3rdpigs has some of the symptoms of the conservative republican tea party response. Study it, friends. Excessive emotion: note the exclamation marks, several in a row, in some places. Also note the typos and misspellings. These denote a lack of rational calm thought and a heightened sense of panic and vitriol. To submit such a comment without checking for misspellings shows a rash and hurried dash to scream loudly and hurriedly and without thought. I give you your new right-wing republican tea party. May God have mercy on our souls.

  11. aranciata says:

    I suspect that it is a part of the anatomy that resides about a yard nort of the ankle that would make a more appropriate moniker for Ankleface.

  12. Amazing!

    I see new names with the same old message (except for Piggy). I am beginning to realize that this is just a scam.

  13. mortonster says:

    I’m just glad this thing is about over and we can get back to concentrate on important things like why our Huskies and Cougars can’t win a football game. Thank goodness basketball season is here and we can watch Gonzaga kick some butt.

    If I had to watch another political commercial I think I’d puke. History has proven that it doesn’t really matter whether the crooks on the left or the crooks on the right are in power if you are one of the majority that resides in the middle.

  14. The one teabagger argument that always leaves me shaking my head: There is an assumption that we vote to the left because we’re trying to protect our entitlements. This has little merit when speaking of the huge number of people who, like myself, have been gainfully employed and paying our taxes for decades without receiving one dime on the dole — and yet we still vote left.

    Why do you suppose we do that? Could it be because there is something more important than the almighty Benjamins? Can you possibly have a glimmer of understanding that there are value system decisions behind it?

    It’s simply foolhardy to think that flocking to the corporate cause is going to do you — as an individual — any good whatsoever. But it serves their purpose to sell it to you, and to paint all the rest of us as Communists.

    There is a whole population of us Centrist-type Lefties who share some concerns and positions with you, e.g., illegal immigration and out of control spending. Unfortunately, those things we share are drowned out by the incessant drum-beating of the extremists on both sides of the aisle.

    I feel sorry that there are so many sheep being led around by party rhetoric instead of seeking or offering solutions that everyone can live and thrive with, even if it wasn’t their first choice.

  15. aranciata says:

    “there are so many sheep being led around by party rhetoric”

    Would you be referring to the “hope and change” crowd?

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