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UPDATE: Public Disclosure Commission rejects staff-negotiated deal with Moxie Media’s Lisa MacLean

Post by Peter Callaghan / The News Tribune on Oct. 28, 2010 at 9:37 am with 17 Comments »
October 28, 2010 11:53 am

UPDATE: The five-member state Public Disclosure Commission rejected a stipulated agreement between its staff and Moxie Media’s Lisa MacLean. Instead, it will ask the state attorney general to push a civil action against MacLean.

The commission met this morning to decide whether to accept the deal. If accepted, MacLean would have paid $30,000 in fines and costs. The vote to reject was 3-0 with two members recusing themselves.

As part of the stipulated agreement, MacLean acknowledged that she committed multiple violation of state campaign finance law during this year’s primary.

MacLean was the coordinator of a late-primary effort to promote the candidacy of Everett conservative candidate Rod Rieger. The point wasn’t to elect Rieger but to help the candidacy of a Democrat put forward by labor unions, trial lawyers and other liberal organizations. That candidate is Nick Harper.

Rieger took enough votes to prevent Democratic incumbent Sen. Jean Berkey from getting into the top two November runoff. Berkey had been targeted by the groups because she was deemed not liberal enough and had cast votes that they disagreed with.

The settlement did not involve the strategy, but instead responded to MacLean’s attempt to delay the disclosure of the funders of the campaign.

While the PDC staff investigation found evidence of eight different violations, MacLean agreed to admit to three related to failure to report the source of money, failing to identify herself as an officer of the political action committees she created for the pro-Rieger campaign, and failing to identify her firm, Moxie Media, as the sponsor of the mailings and robocall.

The settlement did not appear to deal with the broader issue, that MacLean set up a series of PACs with the intent of disguising the actual source of the money for the Everett campaign. PDC says she should have reported the source as a PAC she created called 2nd Defense.

But the investigation found that the actual source – the entities that agreed that money they’d given to 2nd Defense should be moved to other PACs – were the Washington State Labor Council, the state’s trial lawyers association and the Washington Federation of State Employees.

Here is a link to the PDC website with the agenda to today’s meeting, including a link to the staff report on Moxie Media.

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  1. Concernedfather says:

    A strong message needs to be sent, and an example made of this case. Otherwise, it not only becomes accepted practice, even more devious campaigns are launched.

  2. This is politics at its most corrupt. Not only should Lisa MacLean be prosecuted, but her cohorts in this scheem need sensure.
    The major problem in this case is it appears the unethical alliance will provbe sucsessful in November.

  3. OOPS!
    It appears the rage overcame my spell-c heck.

  4. justacitizen says:

    Residents of the 28th District received 3 lying attack pieces on candidate Paul Wagemann from Moxie/MacLean’s PAC “STRIDE PAC”. In following the money trail on PDC, we found that STRIDE received all of its money from MOVE PAC (also lists the same Lisa MacLean as the contact person). MOVE received all of its money (over 76K this month) from SEIUs, Teamsters, and other Labor organizations from the Seattle/Oly/Tacoma area (donations ranged from 2K to 20K). This is money-laundering. MacLean is the contact person for each organization and is merely funneling money from committee to committee: a real shell game and against the law.
    Tami Green needs to step up and discuss her role in these attack ads and unlawful campaign tactics. MacLean and her cohorts should face a severe penalty.

  5. lovethemountains says:

    I sometimes wonder if we will ever again have honest and straightforward politics in this country. The corruption in our political process is evident in both major parties.

  6. mhanagan says:

    But I thought only conservatives engaged in “dirty tricks” politics. Is anyone else concerned about the inordinate amount of influence unions, and particularly the SEIU, has come to have in the Democratic Party or is everyone okay with it as long as it helps the Democrats stay in power?

  7. “lovethemountains says: October 28, 2010 at 11:42 am
    I sometimes wonder if we will ever again have honest and straightforward politics in this country. The corruption in our political process is evident in both major parties. ”

    I’m sorry, I do sympathize with you. But honestly, this reads like like a direct quote from a 19thC source. Really.

    It’s always been ugly people. The only ones who are surprised by this those that don’t read history.

  8. Why should I be worried about SEIU? The’re just a group of fun loving union guys. Heck the voting machine technicians in Clark County (Vegas) are one bunch of SEIU good old boy jokers
    Their machines vote by themselves, and for Harry Reid yet. Who would a thunk it. Ha ha ha. The guys are a laugh a minute.

  9. First_Lefty says:

    Isn’t this basically what the GOP did in South Carolina to eliminate a quality Democrat? Since Demint was unopposed, they propped up Alvin Greene and cast usual GOP votes to Greene in the primary to eliminate competition.

    Still unanswered is where Greene got his filing fee.

  10. dneuman54 says:

    What do you expect from the Dems and the lying scum union thugs, the trial lawyers and other liberal organizations? They are the party/group of lying, cheating, and dirty tricks. All that are involved in this despicable ploy should get jail time. But we are in Washington, that’s not likely to happen now is it. Remember King County and its election fraud?

  11. First_Lefty says:

    The right wing blogosphere and the Washington Examiner have “picked up” the voting machine “story” from Nevada. Where’s FOX? We need a trifecta.

  12. First_Lefty says:

    It’s comical how union members could program computer voting into a favorable position, but the thought of Diebold doing in from a corporate position is impossible.

  13. First Lefty

    You have not one shred of evidence to what you spout as true.

    1) Greene beat Vic Rawl in the primary. Neither one were public figures or well known. Greene’s name was above Rawl’s on the ballot.

    2) Robert Ford, a SC State Senator suggested that the surname “Greene” is common among African-Americans, and suggested that he may have gained African-American votes because of his name.

    3) The executive committee of the South Carolina Democratic Party voted 55 to 10 to reject Rawl’s request for a new Senate primary after questions were raised about Greene’s surprise victory.

    4) Greene cleared in South Carolina investigation. By Charles Riley and Peter Hamby, CNN
    July 9, 2010 9:05 p.m. EDT
    “During the course of the investigation, SLED determined that monies spent for Greene’s filing fee were the candidate’s personal funds and therefore, no laws were violated in association with Greene’s payment to the South Carolina Democratic Party,” SLED said.

    Maybe it was a confusing ballot, huh, what do ya think Lefty?

  14. This is on the heals of stories from the field of phone banks set up in the primary by the same interests to help push a perceived weaker opponent into the finals only to slam him with the same tactics.

  15. donjames says:

    EOS, don’t let Lofty bother you. He’s gone to DefCon 1: Cocked Pistol: Maximum Readiness in his defense of indefensible dirty tricks.

    No surprise.

  16. We will always have this type of activity from both R’s and D’s until we have 100% publicly funded elections.

  17. Rep. Tom Campbell 2nd legislative district is also involved with Moxie Media to smear JT Wilcox. Our household has received at least four of the hit pieces of mail. Tom Campbell has lost all respect in the 2nd district. My crystal ball say’s Tom Campbell is going to lose. Perhaps, he can get a job with one of the labor unions he represented while in the state house. Loser!

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