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Julie Anderson-Norm Dicks e-mail ‘a hoax,’ party leader says

Post by Kris Sherman / The News Tribune on Oct. 20, 2010 at 4:59 pm with 10 Comments »
October 20, 2010 4:59 pm

Norm Dicks getting reelected to Congress and then resigning for health reasons?

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson perhaps taking his place?

It’s all a hoax, Anderson, Dicks and the leader of the Pierce County Democratic Party say.

Julie Anderson
Norm Dicks

That news went out in an e-mail last week to at least some Pierce County Democratic leaders and faithful. It purportedly was sent by a new campaign manager in Anderson’s reelection bid for Auditor and referenced a web site: www.electjulieanderson.org. That web link redirected visitors to Anderson’s real campaign website.

It appears the e-mail was concocted and sent by Robert Hill, a Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, who has since been ousted from the party for a number for reasons, said Pierce County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Nathe Lawver.

“It was a complete hoax,” Lawver said.

Anderson and Dicks also said the e-mail was bogus.

Hill, who is barred by restraining order from contact with Anderson, told me this afternoon he’d seen the e-mail, but he didn’t send it.

It was sent to an unknown number of recipients, including local Democratic party officers. Dicks is seeking reelection to the 6th Congressional District seat he’s held since 1977. He is opposed by Republican Doug Cloud.

Anderson is running for reelection to the nonpartisan Pierce County Auditor seat, so party is not stated in that race. Her opponent is University Place School Board member Kent Keel. Though party is not listed on the ballot, Anderson is a well-known local Democrat.

“It was very unpleasant the day that rumor went out,” she said. “It was unpleasant to receive a barrage of phone calls and e-mails about it.”

The e-mail, headed “‘Friends for Julie Anderson Special Issue Newsletter,”‘ reads in part: ” … I have momentous news for you.” Dicks, the purported campaign manager continues, “…I was on the phone for an hour and a half with Rep. Dicks… who told me because of very-very recent health issues, he is stepping down shortly after the election…and wants Julie to be his replacement for the U.S. House from the Sixth District.”

“Wow. … Talk about a plum landing in my lap. Being on the team to help Julie gain national prominence.”

If a Congressman were to resign, his seat would be filled by special election, butĀ  the endorsement of the incumbent can be a powerful stepping stone to the job.

Dicks, on the campaign trail in Pierce County, said of the e-mail Tuesday: “This is totally somebody’s fantasy, and there’s no truth to it at all. I am running for my 18th term in Congress. I am in good health, and I’m looking forward to another term of serving the people of the Sixth District.

Anderson and Dicks’ campaign each asked Tacoma Police to investigate, they said.

A detective looked at the case, but preliminary investigation shows no lawbreaking, Tacoma Police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

It appears the incident is protected under freedom of speech law, he added.

The person who sent it “had nothing to gain financially,” Fulghum said.

Last December, three weeks after Pierce County District Court Judge Maggie Ross imposed the anti-harassment order on Hill, he filed paperwork with the state Public Disclosure Commission to create two political action committees for Anderson.

“The Independent PAC to Elect Julie Anderson as President of the United States of America in 2020!” and “The Independent PAC to Elect Julie Anderson Pierce County Auditor in 2009!” each listed electjulieanderson.org as a site for e-mail and information.

The supposed presidential campaign listed “The Grand Honorable Mister Robert Hill” as treasurer. It was accompanied by a handwritten note saying” I have been in jail, off and on, for the last month, and I recently came across this late registration form.”

Each of the Political Committee Registration filings listed The Swiss pub in Tacoma as the site for inspection of campaign records.

The campaigns are not sanctioned by Anderson, who said she knew nothing about them until she saw the PDC filings.

Hill said he didn’t create the e-mail address www.electjulieanderson.org and merely listed one in use by her campaign; Anderson said that’s never been her web address and it was put up without her permission.

Lawver alleges HillĀ  “has a long history of very unstable shenanigans within the community.” Pierce County Democratic party leaders studied the law before sending Hill a letter last week, stripping him of his elected status as a precinct committee officer and telling him “he’s no longer welcome in our party,” Lawver said.

As to any rumor of Dicks leaving Congress, the local party leader said: “Norm is not going anywhere. We’re working very hard to get him reelected. He’s done a great job for our district. We need him there (in Congress).”

Of the e-mail incident, Dicks said: “It’s very bizarre.”

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  1. Do you mean that his ruddy complexion is due to only the over ingestion of alcohol?

    Nice pic of ol’ Normie!! About 25 years ago….

    What a complete shell job of an article…

    Whomever is responsible for this sham, should be brought before
    the editor in chief and have his career ending bell wrung..

    Most biased POC I have ever read..

    The picture of Norm did it… Whoa… How did he ever lose that complexion of the 4 martini lunches?

  2. tree_guy says:

    The democrats probably orchestrated these rumors in order to attract some much needed sympathy for their slate of candidates. And please remind your children, if they see Norm Dicks on the street, not to refer to him as the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man.

  3. PumainTacoma says:

    Dream on Julie…Dream on… Nice gimmick.

    It would just cause more people talking about the TPD Brame pics…

  4. Judging by the tone of the comments here, I would say that there is a severe disturbance in the Force.

  5. After looking at the Norm picture, it appears that his computer is running on a more recent version of Windows (XP?) than one that was in-use 25 years ago…

  6. randydutton says:

    Dicks was sick a little more than a month ago. That is why he cancelled his only ‘scripted’ event in Grays Harbor County.

    1/3 of a century is too long for anyone to work in Congress.

    Send, Jabba the Hutt, I mean, Norm, into retirement. Give America a chance to recover from this DEBT hangover created by Dicks and his cronies.

  7. randydutton says:

    Too much PORK will make anyone sick.

    I suggest all politicians undergo random drug and alcohol testing. That would open up a bunch of jobs.

  8. Perspicacious1 says:

    Did anyone make the connection that theTNTdid? Julie is running for a non partisan office and always tells everyone she is the most non partisan person in the race, yet she openly states at debates that she is a Democrat and now the TNT states she is a well known Democrat…..

    Let’s see Dicks has been in 17 terms, Julie has been in public office at least 6 years and looking for another 4…..can we connect the dots to professional politician….??

    No matter the hoax emails (well, ok we don’t like Julie, but we don’t want harm to come to her if indeed this guy who did this is a nut), Julie is not the right person for a non partisan job.

    And the TNT has mentioned it over and over….and by the way, great PR stunt this hoax……!

  9. hopeandchange says:

    This is for sure a PR stunt complete with a link to Anderson’s web site!!! Add this to the firing at NPR today and you see liberal democrates (opposed to conservative democrates like me) will stop at nothing to get their candidates elected.

    I think Anderson did not tell the truth in the voter’s pamphlet (she in charge of printing it now) when she says she is independent. Now, I question if she is truthful on other things.

  10. entrepreneur says:

    Julie Anderson thinks the new term for liberal or Democrat is Independent. Nothing Independent about her. Vote for Kent Keel, a True Independent!

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