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Joe Biden to join Patty Murray at Tacoma rally

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on Sep. 23, 2010 at 4:06 pm with 18 Comments »
September 23, 2010 4:09 pm

Vice President Joe Biden will stump for Sen. Patty Murray in Tacoma.

Biden is scheduled to headline a “get out the vote” rally Oct. 8 at the University of Washington Tacoma, Murray’s campaign said. The 9 a.m. event is open to the public (RSVP here.)

Murray said in a statement:

I am very honored to welcome Vice President Biden back to Washington state in October.  He has been a true champion for middle and working class families across our state and nation.  This election is about continuing to move our country forward and take care of families and businesses on Main Street. There’s no one better to help us get out the vote than a good friend of Main Street, our Vice President.  I look forward to joining him in Tacoma next month.

For a refresher on Biden and what he’s been up to in the Obama administration, there’s a profile in this month’s issue of The Atlantic.

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  1. Whatever1214 says:

    Neither one will probably spend a lot of time discussing quantum theory.

  2. rampoloparent says:

    They should both be hired as engineers by WA State DOT! Couldn’t be much worse.

  3. Final_Analysis says:

    Wahoo! – Maybe Joe and Patty can tell us that the recession is over, and how well Obamacare and the Stimulus are working for us – and about some of their other accomplishments.

  4. tacomaguy30 says:

    Nearly two years ago, on October 19, 2008 at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Joseph Biden stated “we are going to provide jobs” “43,000 in the State of Washington with a $50,000 a year average salary.”

    Hey Joe, where are the jobs?

  5. A knucklehead stumping for an airhead. Should make for some interesting sound bites.

  6. thewestside says:

    Why is Biden coming here? What is that going to cost the city of Tacoma in police protection and how much of the city will be shut down?
    What a complete waist of money!!!!!
    Gee, who will I vote for???

  7. tree_guy says:

    They don’t need to come here on my account. Our entire family is going with Rossi.

  8. drxtreme says:

    Gee like face time here in our area is going to get my vote?!?!?!?! Do these people REALLY believe we are that stupid? Get a Clue Murray! Tell Joe to stay home and rest, he hasn’t done anything else for me…I still can’t afford my medicine, I still can’t afford dental care, I still can’t afford to let my honors student that finished school a year early go to college cause some green card holding SOB has his slot and his scholarship funds! So Just go away both of you…..

  9. Joe “Recovery Summer” Biden! Welcome to “Throw the Bums Out” Fall in the Northwest.

  10. Dumb AND dumber

  11. headshaker says:

    listen to you guys…. can you hear yourselves? I hope they are polite at the rally, and do not comment on the unusual concentration of idiots in this here town….

  12. headshaker.. you mean the unwashed masses we hear ourselves , the problem is they dont hear us !

  13. UnbiasedReporter says:

    F-bomb Biden…..this should be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Biden is always good for a foot in the mouth quote

  14. lovethemountains says:

    Biden is coming, Biden is coming! Oh, I can hardly wait.

  15. Look at all the latest polls: Murray is up and winning, now over 50%. Why elect a real estate salesman and two-time loser?

  16. Important Announcement: We Need You

    Today, this country is faced with the typical problem of the political party in charge losing its voting strength in the mid-term election. This situation has occurred with some regularity in recent U.S. history. But, this election is different. We’ve witnessed the worst recession (some say depression) since the 30’s and 40’s. And, of course, severe unemployment and economic despair may cause many citizens to think that the Administration should take a different tact. However, it’s a matter of whether President Obama is going to have a Congressional team to allow him to continue with the recovery, or whether we elect more Republicans (and in some cases extreme Conservatives) which would radically change the complexion of the Congress, creating a reactionary movement back to the situation we were in before Barak Obama became President.

    Many say, “What has he done for us?” Or, “Shouldn’t he do more, or at least something different?” There may be various answers to these questions in our electorate, but many over-look what President Obama and the a friendly House of Representatives, despite a filibuster-crazy Senate, has accomplished anyway:

    Decrease in national debt by 8% .
    This has been accompanied a stabilization of the Dow Jones Average at above 10,000.

    Created a health care program—although flawed, some may say—which will provide protection for an estimated 45 million people without insurance, or under-insured. Sure, health care may not be an important issue to the 80% of Americans already covered, but what about those who have no
    such protection? How many people would otherwise die?.

    Although unemployment is still unacceptably high, the Obama administration has halted this
    increase which was occurring when President Obama took office. We are at a pinnacle like has
    never occurred in our recent experience. It is no longer necessary just to create industries
    —industries that can just outsource jobs overseas—we need to create industries which will keep
    jobs in this country, and cannot be shipped overseas. Do you really think the Republicans can do
    this? They don’t even know that this is the goal. The old way just doesn’t work any more.

    His administration reformed the rules of the Wall Street financial industries. Many say, “Not
    enough”, and I agree. But at least the Congress got something positive accomplished amidst
    Republican objection. Can you imagine how little would have been accomplished if the
    Republicans had been in charge? Nothing.

    To view a list of 100 of Obama accomplishments in his first year of Presidency, see
    http://simplifythepositive.blogspot.com/2010/03/100-accomplishments-of-president-barack.html .

    A vote for the Republican Party this November means a vote for the 25% far-fight, radical element, which is embraced by the Conservative (Republican) Party. Why, that’s about the same percentage of people in the U.S. who believe the solar system revolves around the Earth—and probably includes much of the same people. Let’s look at what else these people believe—as represented by some of their most vocal representatives—before considering turning our government over to them:

    Not only are Conservatives supporting the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but only is it
    includes a tax cut for the upper class—who really need it. In January, the Bush tax cuts are set to
    expire. The Democrats support reinstating them for the middle class, but not the upper class. By
    allowing these tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, the Republicans deny the government
    almost a trillion dollars in revenue, based on the assumption that these people will put it back into
    the economy through investment. But who say this will happen? If it doesn’t, this country stands
    to increase the deficit by $700 billion dollars..
    What a gamble, based on a theory. I say ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’–no pun

    Some of the most radical members have seemed to suggest ‘gun play’ in the event they don’t win. Others suggest ending social programs, like medicare and social security, because they’re too
    expensive, while profiting from these very programs all these years. Or, that science is creating
    mice with fully developed human brains. Do we really want persons like this representing the
    American people?.

    What do conservatives have to offer about improving the economy? All they can talk about is
    complaining about ‘tax and spend’ Democrats—on balance, will they take a page from the
    George Bush play book, and become ‘borrow and spend’ Republicans instead, or just continue to
    talk? I still I haven’t seen the Republican plan. While the conservatives were in power, during
    the past 10 years, America’s middle class income has been reduced by 5%!

    Many of the right-wing have exhibited statements suggesting religious, ethnic, and
    gender intolerance—currently directed toward the Muslim and GLBT community. Essentially,
    they simply don’t believe in freedom for all people—to them freedoms are bestowed upon whom
    they prefer to pick and choose. We have seen this in our history with the KKK, and
    anti-Semitism, and prejudice toward many other immigrant groups. And we’ve seen it more
    recently with the emergence of ‘the Birthers’ and a wealth of photos depicting President Obama
    as a witch doctor or pimp—next thing you know they’ll be saying he’s a space alien. Do you
    really want these kind of sentiments having an influence on government?

    Conservatives are constantly calling attention to the high unemployment rate. But they forget
    to remind you that during the Reagan administration, the unemployment rate went to 9.7-9.8%
    and remained there for two years—and that was a mild recession compared to this near
    Changing the economy is not an easy job; and the Republicans don’t have the answer by
    regressing back to the practices of the Bush days.

    And Tea Party candidates are just going to be co-oped into the Republican Party as soon as they’re elected—so don’t think they’re going to be anything special. A vote for them is just a good as a vote for the Republicans. It’s them or us!

    Dismantling or privatizing social security, medicare, and veteran’s health care—how well would that have worked, for example, when the bottom fell out of the stock market a couple of years ago? We’ve all got a stake in this dog and pony show!

    If you agree with what I’ve said here, go out and vote Democratic in November. We’re almost certain to lose some seats in congress because of a traditionally low turnout of progressive voters during mid-term elections. So we need Independent and Democratic voters to turn out and vote for progressive candidates to minimize the number of seats lost to reactionary conservatives. We’re especially vulnerable to losing the House of Representatives, where some important bills originate. Don’t let this happen! And vote Democratic for Governor too—where applicable.

  17. newshound100 says:

    Bring Bo the White House dog . I love dogs . You can keep Barrack and Joe

  18. another obamatron nut job

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