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KING-TV/Survey USA polls has 9th District race closer than thought

Post by Peter Callaghan / The News Tribune on Sep. 20, 2010 at 4:36 pm with 30 Comments »
September 20, 2010 4:38 pm

On its political blog, KING TV is giving the first look at it’s Survey USA poll on the 9th Congressional District.

And it produces something of a shock. Incumbent Democrat Adam Smith is below 50 percent and his GOP rival Dick Muri is within three percentage points.

First, here’s the link to KING’s site.

The survey gives Smith 49 percent and Muri 46 percent. That’s within the poll’s 4.1 percent margin of error, making the difference between the two candidates statistically insignificant.

Smith enjoys a large fund-raising edge and did comfortably well in the primary. Most national handicappers (like Nate Silver at the New York Times) have the district in the solid Democrat category – the same level given Democrat’s Norm Dicks and Jim McDermott.

Since it was created following the 1990 Census, the district has elected a Republican just once. That was Randy Tate in 1994, the year of the last big GOP Congressional sweep. Smith defeated Tate in 1996. Muri is a member of the Pierce County Council.

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  1. JeffTacoma says:

    For those of us who live in the far south end, lets remember that Dick Muri fought against the Cross Base Highway, siding with the rich horse owners over people who need to get to work. If you get caught in a big traffic jam at Fort Lewis, thank Dick Muri.
    Nice the mention Tate. Muri is the dumbest guy I’ve met since Tate.

  2. Dick Muri seems to be proud to be a part of the party that ran our national debt up during the Bush Administration. And he presumably also supports the idea that party currently is promoting, that unless Millionaires and Billionaires get a tax refund that will give them over $100,000 each, no middle class tax payer deserves a tax cut. In other words, while Mr. Muri claims to be concerned about expenses, he wants to vote in a tax benefit for the richest 2% of Americans, costing us all $700 billion. How can that possibly help our deficit or the national debt? Adam Smith has looked out for the interests of this District, and for the country. He is on the Armed Forces Committee. We need his seniority in the House.

  3. During a recent forum in Tillicum discussing the proposed relocation of the Camp Murray gate, Dick Muri said that he knew nothing about the issue until that night. And this guy wants to serve in Congress? How can a county councilman who claims to take great pride in supporting the military believe he is qualified to serve in Congress when he doesn’t even know about such a major issue in his own district. CanMan is right– I’d rather have someone who chairs one of the Armed Services Subcommittees and understands the needs of the military, like Smith, than a clueless stuffed shirt like Muri representing me in DC.

  4. Dont_treadonme says:

    Actually you must not of ever met Adam Smith, he is quite possibly the dumbest person I have ever met. Oh and his staff at his office–even dumber. So jefftacoma i highly recommend you make an effort to meet Adam Smith, not only as he never had a real job other then 2 years as a lawyer… but really the dumbest guy you’ll ever meet.

  5. comment_tayter says:

    It’s a crying shame that the Democrats believed that they had to become ‘Republicans Lite’ aka the ‘New Democrats,’ of which Smith is one.

    Smith is now going to pay for being neither fish nor fowl in the eyes of Democrats, especially the ones disenchanted with being betrayed by Obama and Obama’s supposedly-promised progressive changes.

    He is also going to pay for voting slavishly along Democratic Party lines in the eyes of the Republicans, Tea Partiers, and anyone under the influence of right-wing talk radio propaganda.

    When a representative’s voting record does not genuinely represent one’s constituency, or he or she is more interested in being re-elected than adhering to their own fundamental principles, then there is going to be a siesmic shift when times like these come, when voter dissatisfation finally reaches a crescendo.

  6. Dont_treadonme says:

    right wing radio propaganda… Tayter.. i don’t get that.. so I suppose you are under the influence of left wing propaganda. Like Obermann and Maddow.. talk about a couple of whacked out crack pots…

  7. wa_govwatch says:

    Rep. Adam Smith has faithfully demonstrated that he is always accessible, always listening to and representing his constituents. Conversely, Muri has proven that he represents only himself and the radical right.

  8. Muri is a loon. The only Republican in the district that could possibly unseat Smith is Skip Priest in Federal Way. Maybe Tom Campbell as well, but he’s a pirate.

  9. lgcnelson84 says:

    wa_govwatch – I have heard far more people complain about their letters, calls and questions to Mr. Smith going unanswered, than those who contact Mr. Muri. Did you know his personal phone number is on all of his campaign material? He has also always been the most easily reachable councilmans I’ve ever met, which has time and time again served our county well.

    Adam Smith refused to listen to his contituents who flooded his office when it came to Obama-care stating that he “voted for those who didn’t contact” him. Sure, he had town halls about it, but he, like many others didn’t read the bill, voted for it regardless of what he said to us back home, and now when questioned about it, gets angry and tells us that being a congressman and having to vote is much harder than just talking about issues (paraphrased from a debate in Puyallup two weeks ago). That may be true, but I’d rather have a man in office who will honestly listen to his contituents, and work with them when coming to conclusions, as opposed to saying “I’m open to suggestions” after the fact as Mr. Smith does so well.

  10. @JAvison – Are you kidding me? Skip Priest doesn’t even have THAT much support in his own legislative district. He’s going to have a touch fight on his hands with Jim Ferrell in the Mayor’s race. Skip only picked up 35.5% of the vote, Ferrell 27.7%.

    @wa_govwatch – You are delusional. Putting aside Muri, Smith does NOT listen to his constituents. He ADMITTED he received about 20% MORE phone calls / emails for him to REJECT Obamacare, but he still voted for it. Now, we’re talking like 12,000 people that wrote into his office… that’s EASILY statistically significant. Smith is a pathetic excuse for an “independent”, especially because he votes with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time!!!!!! Big-Government spender!

    @CanMan – Look at your own Chairmain, Maobama. In the TWO YEARS he’s been in office, the man has run deficits greater than the spending of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars COMBINED!!! MURI, who was on the Pierce County Council, actually had to BALANCE BUDGETS, unlike your man Smith who VOTED FOR A S*** TON OF EXCESS SPENDING.

    How blind ARE you people?!?!

  11. lgcnelson84 says:

    Nuron – maybe we shouldn’t cloud the issue with facts. ;)

  12. lgcnelson84 says:

    CanMan said “Adam Smith has looked out for the interests of this District, and for the country. He is on the Armed Forces Committee. We need his seniority in the House.”

    Yes, voting for a $30 billion jet engine that the military didn’t want or need is a perfect example of Mr. Smith looking out for the interests of the district, country and military. Then again, if I had stock in GE, knew that they were donating to my campaign, and that they were bidding on the contract to build the engine, I might find it hard not to vote in their favor too.

    Give me a break people, Adam Smith looks out for his interest and those of his friends. He never put on a military uniform, he never served his country in that way, so I have a hard time believing that he has a better understanding than a retired LTC of what the military wants and needs just because he chairs a subcomittee.

  13. Man, I want Nuron to come up with more names to call people. Quite creative.

    Congressman Smith is one of the most thoughtful people that I know. He deliberates and studies issues and comes up with a pragmatic solution … and you can tell because it rubs the extremes of both parties the wrong way.

    He is a hard working practical man who grew up in a working class family, and instills those values into his own.

    He is constantly in district to work with his constituents, and his staff is highly responsive.

    He deserves to continue representing us.

  14. JeffTacoma says:

    Actually, I have met Smith at his town hall meeting. Informed and well thought out positions were my takeaways from the meeting.
    Muri is just a dumb follower. He took all his orders from Shawn Bunney on the Council. He and Bunney are the main reasons the Council is so dyfunctional. They can’t agree on lunch, let alone the county business. Muri put stuff in his personal part of the County budget like money for Lakewood Rotary and Anderson Island friends, while the Sheriff complains about not enough deputies.

  15. stopbiggov says:

    Adam Smith is a Nancy Pelosi follower. Is that who you want to represent the 9th district? Dick Muri has done an excellent job in the City council, is open and honest about who and what he stands for and listens to the people. Adam Smith voted for Obama healthcare, which will ruin our economy and healthcare system, this alone should wake up this district that he is not the man to represent us. Rates now going up 15 to 20% and will continue this growth until no one can afford insurance and then we will all have to go on a government plan. OK, you think good, hello the government can’t run a post office, medicare, or social security. Do you honestly think the government can run healthcare. Do you really want Nancy Pelosi telling you what kind of care you can have or cannot have. The government will bankrupt the healthcare system as they have our country. Lets downsize with good hardworking fiscal cosnervative men and women like Dick Muri. Get a grip on reality.

  16. stopbiggov says:

    Whooops, Dick Muri is on the Pierce County Council. Typo error.

  17. stopbiggov
    not gonna get into too much detail, but insurance rates have been going up by 10-20 percent a year for the past 8 years. It’s the insurance companies that are doing it to pad the pockets of their investors.

    We have a decent system here. Is it perfect? No? Does it work? Most of the time.

    Love the name calling again. Speaker Pelosi has done a fine job, and Congressman Smith has taken his stands, even if it has been contrary to her positions.

  18. @NEALSr – At least the names caught your attention ;) Anyway, Smith IS a very intelligent and thoughtful guys, I have NO problem with his character. I don’t see how you can say he rubs both ends of the aisle the wrong way, he’s voted on all of the progressive bills (Obamacare, Cap & Trade, Stimulus, etc etc) and seems to be gung-ho for Obama and Pelosi. He is just NOT the independent he used to be (in his first 2 or 3 terms).

    @JeffTacoma – Muri is a leader on the council, he has spearheaded legislation like E-Verify, the Pierce County Firearms Advisory Commission, and in Roy-McKenna a community advisory council to ensure that residents can communicate with a direct line to the Sheriff. And IMO, providing resources for service organizations like Rotary clubs is more admirable then being bought of by corporate lobbyists (http://nwdigest.com/politics/07-16-2010/is-adam-smith-building-a-new-bridge-to-nowhere-you-betcha/)

  19. nuron

    name calling isn’t right, and distracts from facts and issues.

    Yes, Congressman Smith did vote on the health care bill … and was one of a few members of congress who read the whole thing. It frustrated the left because he did not have a decision on how he was going to vote until 24 hours before the vote. It frustrates the right because he voted for it.

    He is a strong supported of so-called ‘free-trade’ agreements. This gets the right all excited, and gets the left frustrated.

    He’s a good moderate.

    Muri has proven to be a radical on the county council, brining national issues to a local level, not working with the executive to reach compromises. As a person, Muri is alright, I enjoy talking with him. He’s just out of step with the community.

  20. lgcnelson84 says:

    NEALSr – I’m sorry, I must respectfully disagree with you.

    Adam Smith is not a “Moderate”, “Maverick”, “Independent” or any other name that you or anyone else want to call him. As a person, he might be these things, but as a congressman, he votes with the Democratic party line 97% of the time. He’s just out of step with the district.

  21. lgcnelson84,
    No need to be sorry, we just disagree.

  22. stopbiggov says:

    If Adam Smith stays in, we will be voting in more and more big spending bills. Who is going to pay for these? I can’t afford any more taxes, can you? I also think there are many in this community that can’t afford more taxes. We need jobs, not more handouts and more taxes. This is what is in store for us if Adam Smith and the democrats stay in power. We must level the field and give our economy a boost, and the democrats have definitely showed us they do not know how to boost our economy. Hows that Stimulus Bill working for you: LA spends $150m for 5 created or SAVED jobs. Come on, is this the right path our country needs to be going down. You could start a large business with that kind of money and hire 100’s instead of 5. Lets all get real and realise the Adam Smith will not improve our economy and put the right man DIck Muri in office who can and will support jobs.

  23. stopbiggov,
    Washington has one the lowest tax revenues in the country.

    The spending has gone on long enough, for sure. How about we close down the two wars and concentrate on building at home?

    This economy came from 30 years of conservative fiscal policy and bubble chasing on wall street, it’s time to end the insanity, bring back people who actually believe in a government … of, by and for we the people.

  24. stopbiggov says:

    Neal Sr, I am talking about Federal Taxes, not Washington’s. State tax is another nightmare coming our way. When we defeat the terrorists then we can come home. Until then our country is at great risk. I would not like to see bombs going off in our shopping malls and schools, would you? The last two years has been a radical spending spree, by only the democrats. Yes, we want people in government who are for the people, not people who just want power to control our lives, ridicule us and spend the peoples money on thier favorite Pork project that makes their friends rich. We are not stupid and we just have to follow the money and it stinks where that money has been going. We want honest people like Dick Muri and many others who are running for government positions right now and don’t think we won’t keep our eye on them too. Lets vote for honest people who will work for us, who will cut spending and who will give the private sector what it needs to improve our economy. That person is Dick Muri, not Adam Smith.

  25. lgcnelson84 says:

    NEALSr, you said “How about we close down the two wars and concentrate on building at home?”

    Unfortunately, Adam Smith thinks we should send our troops to Yemen next…. “The intelligence community, broadly speaking will need to increase its focus on Yemen,” he said, adding that the efforts needed aren’t just CIA operations but also counterterrorism efforts of other agencies, including the U.S. military.” http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704125604575450162714867720.html

    I completely agree with you that we should vote for “people who actually believe in a government … of, by and for we the people”. Which is why my vote is for Dick Muri who, by the way, carries the constitution in his back pocket because those are the values he lives and votes by.

  26. stopbiggov says:

    Lgcnelson, right on. I carry one too and I have seen Dick pull his copy out several times. I wonder if Adam Smith has a copy on him. Hmmm.

  27. When we defeat the terrorists, then we can come home.”

    Uh-oh. We’ll be there forEVER.

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