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Democrats glad to save GOP House candidate Hans Zeiger’s writings from going out of print

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on Sep. 2, 2010 at 4:29 pm | 29 Comments »
September 3, 2010 5:59 pm

Hans Zeiger
Democrats can’t help but be worried about the political future of Rep. Dawn Morrell, who despite her four terms in the Legislature garnered just a hair over 40 percent of the primary vote. Even if you assume she’ll pick up the votes of everyone who chose a Democrat in the 25th District House primary, that still leaves her far short of the majority she’ll need to defeat political newcomer and Republican Hans Zeiger.

Democrats have ground to make up, so no doubt they have been looking for an opening to target Zeiger. Now he’s given them one.

Zeiger, the author of two books and many columns, essays and blog posts about politics and local history, recently had his writings taken down from a number of websites, including Intellectual Conservative.

Morrell’s campaign and the House Democratic Campaign Committee noticed the missing articles Saturday, the HDCC said. The group opened its general-election season campaign with a news release questioning why the articles, more than 50 by their count, were disappearing. The HDCC said Zeiger was taking them down to hide his “extremist” views. Field Director Alex Hur said: “Voters deserve to know what a candidate’s values really are.”

Zeiger told me those articles don’t all represent his values anymore, so he had them removed. They would be a “distraction” from the campaign, he said.

Articles coming down aren’t from very long ago, mainly 2003 and 2004. But Zeiger is just 25, and he was in college at the time. He said he’s “grown up since age 18 and 19 when the really provocative stuff was going up.”

Democrats also point to more recent pieces that are still up, but mostly they highlighted the columns that have been pulled, many still archived by Google.  One criticizes the Girl Scouts for welcoming lesbians and consorting with Planned Parenthood:

One might wonder why the Girl Scouts have been spared the painful attacks that have been launched upon the Boy Scouts by the Left in recent years. The reasons are simple: the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps. … If the Girl Scouts of America can’t get back to teaching real character, perhaps it will be time to look for our cookies elsewhere.”

Zeiger told me he still believes the Girl Scouts have strayed from their roots, but notes that isn’t likely to come up if he becomes a legislator. More relevant to state government might be a critical description of public schools that he now repudiates:

I spent most of my K-12 education at my local government indoctrination center. I was also home schooled during the seventh and eighth grades. The corridors and classrooms of the modern public school are so polluted with the filth of moral relativism that the typical public high school graduate moves into the world devoid of character, conscience or courage.

“Growing up on talk radio, that informed some of my early views,” Zeiger told me.

Since then, he’s come to realize he had “a wonderful experience” in Puyallup public schools. He says he’s probably even to the left of many Republicans on education, calling for full state funding of public schools and supporting a property tax levy voters approved last February for Puyallup School District.

These days, Zeiger is more interested in writing about Puyallup history, as he does on his blog. He makes his living working part-time as a fellow at the conservative American Civil Rights Union.

Here’s the Democrats’ full release:

What is Hans Hiding?

More than 50 Far-Right Blog Posts Suddenly Pulled from Website Zeiger has listed as his “job”;

Out-of-Mainstream views clearly a problem for 25 year old ideologue

PUYALLUP– More than 50 far right blog posts by State House candidate Hans Zeiger were removed over the weekend from the IntellectualConservative.com website, an ideological blog Zeiger had listed as a job.  The now absent posts contained Zeiger’s controversial positions on many issues, including highly divisive opinions on public education, women’s rights, and religion.

Zeiger is running against critical care nurse Dawn Morrell, a mother and grandmother whose children are graduates of local public schools.

Alex Hur of the House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC) said that he and members of Morrell’s campaign team noticed the missing posts Saturday.  “I have to wonder what Zeiger is afraid of people reading,” said Hur.  “Why are these articles disappearing now, when more voters than ever are in favor of open government and transparency in their candidates and elected officials?  Voters deserve to know what a candidate’s values really are.”

Hur continued, “If Zeiger truly believes what he wrote, like, ‘I spent most of my K-12 education at my local government indoctrination center… the typical public high school graduate moves into the world devoid of character, conscience, or courage’ and ‘the PTA is now more decadent than ever’ then he should live with his words instead of hiding his out of touch opinions from voters.”

(Quotes from Failing Public Schools; Intellectual Conservative, February 9th, 2004 and Save Oregon from Ginny Markell!; WorldNetDaily, November 13, 2004)

Zeiger is the author of a plethora of blog postings and two books, Reagan’s Children: Taking Back the City on the Hill and Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America.  In his various writings, he expounds on a variety of issues, including his deep appreciation for the Boy Scouts, and his obvious distaste for Girl Scouts, stating “If the Girl Scouts of America can’t get back to teaching real character, perhaps it will be time to look for our cookies elsewhere. (Source:  Pro-Abortion Feminist Scouts; Intellectual Conservative, February 16, 2004)

Hur isn’t surprised Zeiger, who moved back to Puyallup a year ago, has focused mostly on federal policy issues instead of local concerns in his prolific writings.

“He’s a guy who hasn’t had to deal with the real life concerns of local families,” said Hur.  “It’s okay to be an academic, but there is nothing academic about struggling to make ends meet when a job is lost, fighting an insurance company to get needed coverage, or standing up for vets when the federal government is slow to respond.  Dawn Morrell will remain true to her record of service for the people of Pierce County.”

ATTACHED:  Highlights of Zeiger’s posts and partial record of the writings now deleted from the website.

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