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Rossi, rivals sign on to tea party ‘Contract,’ want single tax rate

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on July 28, 2010 at 1:26 pm with 11 Comments »
July 28, 2010 1:33 pm

Republican Senate candidates Dino Rossi, Clint Didier and Paul Akers have signed on to the “Contract from America,” supported by many tea party groups and other conservative organizations.

The 10-point agenda, whose name is a takeoff of Republicans’ 1994 Contract With America, offers a series of promises for candidates running for Congress and other elected positions to adopt. Hundreds of candidates and a few members of Congress, including Washington state’s Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, have made the pledge.

The planks reflect an agenda of fiscal and economic conservatism aimed at small government and low taxes: repeal the federal health care overhaul, oppose regulation of carbon dioxide and expand “exploration of proven energy reserves,” limit earmarks and require a balanced budget.

The most sweeping change offered might be replacing the federal tax code with a “simple and fair single-rate tax system,” the text of which would have to be no longer than the Constitution.

It appears to be a reference to the flat tax or FairTax. Groups pushing both ideas are among the sponsors of the Contract From America.

The FairTax would abolish income taxes, corporate taxes and all other federal taxes and impose a 30 percent federal sales tax (the group calls it 23 percent because it calculates it like an income tax) in their place. A flat tax would keep the idea of income taxes but set them at a single rate for everyone regardless of income. Opponents say either system would be too regressive.

Rossi told me there are various ways to create a single-rate tax, and singled out the flat tax as one possibility. “The idea is making it fair and predictable,” he said.

Didier is on board with the FairTax — he wants to change the Constitution to abolish the income tax. He thinks a sales tax rate could end up much lower than 23 percent. “If God can run the world on 10 percent,” he told me, referring to church tithing, “I don’t know why we can’t run our country on 10 percent.”

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  1. “If God can run the world on 10 percent,” he told me, referring to church tithing, “I don’t know why we can’t run our country on 10 percent.”

    Oh please God, don’t let this idiot be elected.

  2. tubbythetuba says:

    Amen, and please, Lord, help elect conservative Members of Congress and throw out the wild spenders and Socialists that are running things now.

  3. SuperSteve says:

    “If God can run the world on 10 percent,” Didier said, referring to church tithing, “I don’t know why we can’t run our country on 10 percent.”

    God doesn’t have to pay for two wars…

  4. EatonvilleTaxPayer says:

    I agree with the majority of the contract; repeal the health care plan, budget and spend wisely–not so sure about the idea for the tax rate, but do think it should be more fairly taxed amongst everyone.

    I am voting for Clint Didier. He is leading in the polls against Murray and is a great candidate for Washington citizens. Surely anyone is better than spend-aholic Murray and her stinky sneakers!

    Ron Paul recently endorsed Didier. Didier has great character, is well educated, hardworking farmer and small business owner. He really knows what the average Washington citizen and business owners, like myself, feel and HE LISTENS.

    Check out Didier at http://www.clintdidier.org


  5. JeffTacoma says:

    This joke should be called the Contract ON America. It’s really an attempt by the Corporations and the Rich to get more and more. They use their money to set up this phony tea party and fool those that they can, which is usually about 25% of the people. During the Bush years, while these guys were in charge, 99% of the income gain went to the top 1% of the rich in America! These guys drove the economy into the ditch and now they want the keys back.

  6. JeffTacoma says:

    Oh, Eatonvile. By the way, Didier is two faced. He talks small government and then he collects over $600,000 in federal subsidies for his farm. He is on government welfare!

  7. dirtydan54 says:

    Anyone with any common sense at all that remebers the republicans so called contract with America will immediately realize republicans just like democrats are not capable of changing the way politics and government operates.

    It seems that the lack off being able to truly change the way government now and has been operating by putting other interests before the interests of the people will never change until a new political party is formed.

    I, myself consider it to be an insult to my intelligence in their attempt to control government by coming up with the phony, contract with America sloan in an attempt to get elected.

    What happened to their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and act on behalf of the people. Guess corporate power has made them forget those comittments and now feel they need to somehow give up something to the people through a contractual obligation that also will not be fulfilled.

    Have we as a people acted so stupid and devoid of intelligence for so long that they actually believe we are that stupid?

    Or, are we really so stupid that we will continue to believe whatever comes out of their mouths and that they really are acting in our best interests as our represenatives first and foremost?

    I don’t think were really that stupid to trust and believe in a twist to an old slogan we fell for once already by any political party.

    We desperatly need a new political party that serves the people first and foremost before any other concern or interest and let the existing dinosaur political parties and politicians face their long overdue date with extinction.

  8. tjnpuyallup says:

    @JeffT – That Contract ‘ON’ America joke is 16 years old now… Not quite as old as the evil corporations/evil rich guy rhetoric. Might be time to sharpen the pencil and write some new talking points.

    “99% of income gained went to the top 1% of the rich”? Can you provide any reference to back that up?

    Also, not that it matters on your overall point… but Didier got around $250,000 in farm aide, not $600,000. Where are you getting these wildly inaccurate statistics?

  9. TonyCrago says:

    I love this. The righties are fighting amongst themselves to decide which nut job is nutty enough to represent them in the election. Of course we all know it doesn’t matter because any of these fools would just try to further run the country into the ground like they did during the Bush regime. We’ve already seen that movie folks and it ended badly.

  10. TonyCrago says:

    Oh and by the way the Contract ON America – whether an old line or a new one is dead on. The righties aren’t interested in saving America. They want to destroy it so they can remake in their image.

  11. EatonvilleTaxPayer says:

    You must be a “flat-lander” and not a farmer. If you knew the first thing about farming or farm subsidies you would realize you just embarassed yourself.

    Your facts are also incorrect…I see someone else has already corrected that, so won’t comment further.

    Clint Didier is a fabulous candidate–worthy of the people’s vote because he is well-educated, hardworking, honest and has achieved his own personal goals by sticking to something he truly believed in.

    I believe in Didier and I believe in what he says about getting rid of big govt. ending this socialist fast-track our country is on, protecting our Constitution and our rights. Americans across this country are electing other candidates of like mind. Together I believe they can work towards these goals and save America from the greedy, corrupt govt. we currently have.

    WE THE PEOPLE still believe in freedom and America. We are fighting to keep it. Get out of our way!

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