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Romney critical of Obama’s oil spill response

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on June 12, 2010 at 1:46 pm with 8 Comments »
June 12, 2010 1:49 pm

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said the Gulf oil spill has proven President Barack Obama “is totally out of his depth in dealing with a crisis.”

Romney, once and probably future candidate for president, spoke to fellow Republicans in his keynote speech at their Washington state convention.

He told them Obama should have brought in experts from BP, other oil companies and universities, listened to their ideas and chosen the best solution.

“He hasn’t even met with the chief executive of BP. How can that be?” Romney said. “Instead he’s trying to figure out who to blame. We don’t want a politician trying to find blame, we want a leader who will get things done for America.”

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  1. janicegammill says:

    “What do they want me to do? Drive down there and suck the oil up with a straw”? Barack Hussien Obama. June 11, 2010.

  2. How often did you meet with criminals to determine how you’d prosecute them when you were Governor Mitt?

  3. MikeBoyScout says:

    Romney’s just echoing the same useless ‘meet with the CEO of BP’ crap that Sarah Palin posted to her facebook page last week.

    It is bad enough that this is a lame criticism, but can’t Romney come up with his own lame comments?

  4. Yes, MC Obalma. I do want you to suck it up with a straw. Use your godlike powers and cleanse the ocean. Remember though, that straw is made of plastic, which also comes from oil.

  5. IMHO….Wait and see….This is almost a mirror perfect repeat of the Carter years and history repeating itself.

    The public is tired of Nixon, and all he represents, including his vice president (Ford)…the elections come around in 1976 and a complete unknown surfaces and gsts elected becuase he represents “change”…..turns out to be a complete presidential flop…lasts one term and is trounced by a Republican candidate.

    Mark my words…and I’ll eat my socks if Im wrong….but we are going to see the same scenario with this guy.

    (standing by waiting for an Obama lover to surface and pick and choose tidbits of my comment to run off course with it)

  6. twade0616 says:

    DCr I see what you saying about the presidencies but I think you forgot a few things. Nixon resigned because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar of eavesdropping, plus he was actually getting the country out of a war not starting two at the same time. The issue is both guys have to clean up big messes left by the previous presidents. Carter didn’t step into as big as a mess as Obama though.
    It is amazing how people seem to leave out a few important facts. Such as BP set up a combined control and command structure and government officials were there with them working on ideas to plug the leak. It amazes me that he thinks it is easy to pick the best solution. Well what happens when the best solution doesn’t work? Everyone knows the best solution- a relief well- the problem is it will take months for the well to be operational. So please spare us with the side line quarterbacking.

  7. yabetchya says:

    janicegammill says:
    June 12, 2010 at 4:10 pm
    “What do they want me to do? Drive down there and suck the oil up with a straw”? Barack Hussien Obama. June 11, 2010.

    Well Barry, you did admit to knowing how to use the straw…not by drinking the coke that is.

  8. twade06…dont get me wrong. Of course there are details that are different. Amazes me how so many people take a GENERAL thought and nit pick about details. And yes I am VERY well aware that Nixon ended our involvement in Vietnam ( BEFORE it was lost by the way…apparently unknown to the masses)

    I was, once again, speaking generally about the similarities between the Carter election and Obamas. Both unknowns. Both a “fresh start” from earlier Administrations. Both unequipped or barely (if at all) qualified for the office. Both soundly defeated in the next election.

    I think 2012 will be very similar to 1980 in the way 2008 is similar to 1976.

    Just my opinion.

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