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Governor warns of mass job cuts without federal aid

Post by lesblumenthal on June 7, 2010 at 12:09 pm with 29 Comments »
June 7, 2010 12:12 pm

WASHINGTON – Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire warned Monday unless Congress acts quickly to provide $23 billion in additional Medicaid funding Washington state may have to lay off up to 12,000 workers. In a letter to the state’s congressional, Gregoire said the state was counting on the $480 million it expected to receive from the federal government through the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMPA) program.

The governor said absent the federal funding, she would be forced to call a special session of the Legislature. If the Legislature acted quickly to fill the budget deficit, the state would have to cut 6,000 jobs. If the Legislature waited until January when it regularly meets, the state might have to cut 12,000 workers, Gregoire said.

“If the extension is not realized, the state will not only be unable to provide medical services to thousands of families, but would likely see a loss of thousands of jobs as across the board cuts would be a likely response,” Gregoire said.

Here’s a link to the governor’s letter:GovGregoireFMAP

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  1. nonstopjoe says:

    How many state government jobs have been added during Gregoire’s tenure?

  2. mojjonation says:

    It’s too bad we have to have a governor. Doing away with her would be doing this state a favor. Maybe we can just get rid of her.

  3. coopersmith says:

    About Damm Time!!!

  4. Mudbone says:

    I hate to see the state workers lose their jobs but our government is WAY TOO BIG! The bad thing is that they will effect the rest of the workers by not purchasing as much. But we actually need to reduce the size of county, state and federal government by about 20%!

    A trillion here, a trilion there. TIME TO AUDIT THE FED!

  5. slasmith says:

    Welcome to the real world govenor. The bank account is empty and it is time to quit bouncing checks!

  6. Sumner401 says:

    Oh oh, a mention of the Governor and spending they come out of the wood work waving their teabags.

  7. sgraver says:

    This needed to be done a long time ago, but we continue to elect people who have no abililty to control spending. Now it will be even more painful because wise and tough choices weren’t made before.

  8. meishelleh says:

    To nonstopjoe – state employees have increased by 6100 since Gregoire took office. State government employees are now at an all-time high of 111,300. What is bad is that WA state is the 40th best state for business, according to Chief Executive Magazine. And the state is 2nd in the nation for business terminations. Bottom line: we need to make WA a better state for businesses (especially small businesses, which provide 41% of the jobs, but are most at risk for termination): grow the goose that lays the golden eggs instead of the government that takes the eggs and regularly beats the goose.

  9. Please try this:

    Stop spending on violence, destruction, exploitation and war.

    Start spending on life, beauty, creation, health, and lasting prosperity.

    End the ability to profit off of war.

    End economic dominance.

    Start a socio-cultural economic system of cooperation, harmony, and reciprocity.

    We might find that that would help the situation considerably.

  10. nothin’ to add, :) unfortunate that it took this to get Gregoire to cut the size of our state government……she should have listened to the legislators that were opposed to using this 480 mill from the federal government to balance the budget.

  11. demeter says:

    The governor sound like a junkie waiting for a welfare check from the guberment!
    Parties over welcome to the private sector,another 12000 in our boat come on in theres plenty of room.

  12. stevekrueger says:

    Anyone who believes that politicians just add jobs to the public payroll on a whim is living in a dream world. Public service jobs are created out of the demand for a public response to a societal issue. Whether because of rising crime rates, an aging population that requires additional medical care, a rising number of children living in grinding poverty, or the demand for more and better roads and transit….all of these things get government attention because we demand it. I chuckle at the Tea Baggers….they refuse to admit that everyone benefits from the things our taxes provide. We all drive on roads that taxes build. We all use hospitals and schools taxes create and sustain. If Gregoire has to chop jobs, it won’t be pork or fat. It will be meat-on-the-bone…and it’ll hurt all of us, in some way.

  13. modyfied says:

    Spoken like a true democrat.
    Are you saying that EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT job is absolutely needed?
    You are right, they will cut the legs off the workers that are working, and keep in place the workers that are not. Then come next quarter, cry because the workers they have cant get it done. Look deeper into the process of state budgets, and you will see they never reduce the budget, they always increase it, at the expense of the taxpayer.
    Wean government as we have been forced to wean. I cant ask for more money, why should They?

  14. Sumner401 says:

    Spoken like a true republican.
    Are you saying every single Government job should be eliminated?
    Or that every single Government job is over paid?

  15. This would be an OK start. 50,000 would be a better start.

  16. klthompson says:

    The “public” should stop demanding services the “public” cannot afford. This “public” is fed up with the buildup of “public” bureaucracy with high salaries and job security. Sorry, times are tough and some members of the “public” have to go. Get it done and get over it!

  17. orhs1963 says:

    Dear BerdWhitlock:

    All of the things you are seeking can be yours – move your butt to Haight Ashbury. Don’t have any money to get there? Ever thought about getting a job?

  18. thebeavertailwhap says:

    62, 315 state workers in that state of Washington at this particular moment..
    Of that, 23, 657 are on the payroll of DSHS..
    The DSHS numbers do not include, licensing, state patrol, or any other body, other than the social services that this state of socialism has attempted to become.
    Well, Gov. Christine..
    Wake up call came… Are you listening to the alarm clock??
    Your time, and the time of all the other big government people is just about up.
    Realilty is about to sink in..

  19. Zhukov01 says:

    Basing our budget on a check from the Feds shows how desparate our situation has become. What is to happen next year?
    We can’t ignore the simple fact that our income does not cover our expenses. Cuts are coming. The question is, do we do it now, or put it off until next year. Time for Olympia to pull their heads out of the sand. It isn’t going to go away………

  20. demeter says:

    Re: steve Krueger
    is this the same steve krueger ?

    Steve Krueger
    Office of State Procurement, Department of General Administration

    another one at the pig trough wailing he needs more feed! sorry were out

  21. Mudbone says:

    Hey stevee krueger it is NOT the Tea ‘Baggers’ and you KNOW IT! You are purposely trying to insult the organization of people who want a small government and low taxes!
    And NO EVERYONE does not benefit from the things that taxes provide. The more money people make the less benefits they recieve in proportion to someone who works less hard!
    I have always been in very dangerous, skilled, high paying careers such as in the best union for merchant marine engineers. I have paid about $One million in taxes! Why? Because the government is ULTRA GREEDY! And demoncraps like you have no problem what so ever spending other peoples’ hard earned money! There needs to be REAL tax fairness! People who have worked at 80 hours per week positions for years and years and who have paid more taxes than 95% of the tax payers out there should reach an exemption point. Once people have paid their homes off there should be no more property tax!
    If you don’t pay at least $10,000.oo per year in taxes you should not be able to vote! If you don’t own a home you should not be able to vote!
    We are WAY PAST the breaking point which was reached by our founding fathers when it was necessary for a revolution!

  22. sincere says:

    I notice Gregoire said IF the feds don,t cough up 23 BILLION,not million, Wa.State, May have to lay off UP to 12000 workers.If this comes about and a special session is called,you can bet your last tax dollar that an increase in Taxes or Fees is coming to the citizens of Washington!!!!Someone once said, don,t let a good crisis go to waste.It looks like Gregoire is heeding this advice.Now if she can get the voters to buy into her programs, I am sure she will be ever so happy!Then she can start planning the next tax increase for the next castrophe.Scary tactics such as having to laying off thousands of workers is starting to wear thin,like crying wolf when there is none in sight.

  23. FreeAmerica says:

    480 million for 12000 jobs…. Feds are 13 trillion in the hole…

    Tick Tock is not the debt clock…its a time bomb waiting to go off.

  24. Funny? Just the other day I read that Gregoire had talked the legislature to put $480 Mil into a rainy day fund. Now that fund can’t be released? Wassup?

  25. demeter says:

    i hope old steve wasn’t using a guberment computer spouting this trash while he was on the taxpayers time,if you want to ask

    Steve Krueger
    Office of State Procurement, Department of General Administration

    or better yet send it to his boss, heck they were probably standing over his shoulder while he typed

  26. Case has been made why names are not used. To go after a guy, who expressed an opinion with not only his employment but contact information is unspeakable. Is freedom of speech defended here? I call out also the left side which continually dismissed an opinion when one did not use a real name as it related to the Arizonia law.

    My opinion on this latest challenge stated by our Governor is to urge her to stop making threats and do what needs to be done to get the budget balanced. Don’t count on a bailout from the Feds as each of us aren’t counting on our elected officials to solve how to keep food on our tables.

  27. edasterisk says:

    i heard the only dept the legislature cut last session was the state Auditors office

  28. jcalexander says:

    Tragic…absolutely tragic.

  29. modyfied says:

    Re: steve Krueger:

    Seems my lowly opinion has been supported by MANY constituents.
    Not all jobs should be eliminated, thats not what I said.
    But if you study history, about 200+ years ago, a revolution started, and a lot of that had to do with taxation without representaion. You can argue that we are represented, but that doesnt seem to hold water, when the last tax increases were NOT approved by us general population, and the backlash is making all of us think more and more that our government is for the elected, and not for the citizens.

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