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Rossi: Don’t ask, don’t tell ‘seems to have been working’

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on May 28, 2010 at 9:49 am with 19 Comments »
May 28, 2010 10:00 am

Dino Rossi told me in an interview Thursday evening that Congressional votes to allow gays to serve openly in the military are premature.

“’Don’t ask, don’t tell’ seems to have been working,” the Republican U.S. Senate candidate said, “but there’s a review in place right now, and I  think this shouldn’t be made up on political promises by candidates, it should be made looking, talking to the men and women in the field who are actually defending America.”

The House and a Senate committee both voted Thursday to end “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” The military is studying the issue.

Before his speech at a forum for Republican legislative candidates in the 28th District, Rossi talked about a wide range of issues. It was his 24th interview of the day, he said. Among Rossi’s comments on his first day giving interviews as a candidate:

  • Rossi told me abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, GOP rival Clint Didier‘s top priority, is “not part of my agenda,” though he stopped short of opposing the idea. More in today’s News Tribune story.
  • He criticized the financial regulation legislation moving through Congress for not taking on mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He didn’t take a position, though, on the bill that passed the Senate last week. Nor is he yet sure whether banks should be made to spin off their derivatives operations or whether investment banks should be separated from commercial banks, key questions in the financial reform debate.
  • He told the Seattle Times he would not seek earmarks for Washington.
  • He supports a temporary ban on offshore oil drilling, but not a permanent one, the Times and King 5 News reported.
  • He didn’t take a position on Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigration, but he understands it was “born of frustration,” he told the Associated Press.
  • He dislikes proposals to add new limits on election spending by corporations and unions in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance, he told seattlepi.com.
“Don’t ask don’t tell seems to have been working, but there’s a review in place right now and I think this shouldn’t be made up on potloicial promnisies by candidteaes, it should be made looking, talking to the men and women in the field, who are actually defending America”
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  1. How much more time would you like to make up your mind Dino? We’ve been at war for a decade. Many gay men and women have fought and died in it. Do you or do you not support their right to serve?

    If you can’t come to a decision on this why should we trust you to come to a decision on anything? “Didn’t take a position” is already becoming a theme for you.

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Gay personnel have no business in a military expected to be a cohesive fighting machine – if you want to be in a socialist Gay tolerant military, move overseas and become part of those who have openly gay personnel in their militarysand who are also very ineffective as a functional military!!

  3. Equality1776 says:

    The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Law is unfair and demeaning. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Law requires good soldiers to deceive others, and that’s not right. Our country shouldn’t be forcing good soldiers to lie about their identity. We need these soldiers more than ever since we’re fighting 2 wars overseas. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Law has taken away the jobs of over 13,500 soldiers. How is this a good law? Rossi is out of touch. Rossi doesn’t understand that equality is actually important in this country. Everyone should be equal in this country.

  4. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Don’t ask/Don’t tell was an unnecessary compromise by another anti-military socialist – CLINTON! Gays not welcome nor required in a functional U.S. military!!!

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Maybe all you naive liberal social engineers would appreciate pedophile teachers in the public school system??! “equality is actually important in this country.” DUUUUH!!

  6. RyanGrant says:

    Yes, because pedophile schoolteachers is clearly equivalent to tossing qualified Arabic translators out of the armed forces because they’re gay.

    The bigot contingent knows they’re losing, and it’s a sad thing to watch them spiral into irrelevance.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Ryan – So if we have a competent pedophile teaching young impressionable minds, we should retain the pedophile??!

  8. dooly44 says:

    Rossi and Dave Richert have too much in common. Their beliefs seem to go which ever a favorable wind is blowing.

  9. mattersnot1 says:

    I’d rather have a candidate who reserves opinion until he is better acquainted with the subject than another Obama promising us that he would cure all the ills of the world, then falling flat on his face and taking our country with him.

  10. fragile says:

    Dooly – that’s pretty much every politician.

    Mattersnot – you nailed it!

  11. jiminycricket says:

    Rossi=3 time loser

  12. the3rdpigshouse says:


  13. CrazyJim says:

    DADT worked for Rossi when his shady real estate dealings were questioned the last two elections. Just saying…………………

  14. CrazyJim says:

    BTW when 60% of the Republicans and 78% of the public want to get rid of DADT you know Rossi hasn’t learned how to gage public opinion. Or perhaps his intent is to only represent the fringe right?

  15. Rossi’s resume on affairs of a national scope is pretty thin. That makes It unsurprising that he declined to take firm positions on any number of issues the US is facing. Even as a state senator his actual experience is rather dated, issues dealt with up to ’03 in Wash st were light years removed from today’s.
    Apparently all Rossi has is a good amount of name recognition and I would be curious as to the blandishments offered by the NSCC to him in order to get him in the race. I mean REALLY ! That three time loser rap is a hard one to wear for the rest of your public life and that prospect must have weighed so heavily on his mind that it took this long to get him to announce his candidacy.
    This is a bridge too far for the R’s though. The tea party’ers will see to it that the right stays conflicted, after all Rossi is an establishment candidate that the NRC is trying to stealth a candidate by. I trust our local wingers to keep schreeching no matter what.

  16. the3rdpigshouse says:

    CJ – how about a refereence for your poll stats??

  17. Volks253 says:

    What does the used car salesman care? He isn’t going to do anything about it.
    It’s going to pass and it’s contingent on the DOD review.
    It’s a done deal, live with it.

  18. beefthorsen says:

    Rossi’s ignorance is surpassed only by that of pigshouse. Letting gays in the military, where they already are allowed, is in no way comparable to to allowing pedophiles to teach kids. Pighouse’s protest sounds amazingly comparable to some fallen from grace Republicans.

  19. tacomajoe says:

    If this Dino does not support abolishing the Department of Education, he is a RINO! Let’s see this commie’s birth certificate – he will NEVER get the Tea Party vote!

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