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Tacoma council members to remove “boycott” language from tonight’s proposal on Arizona

Post by Lewis Kamb / The News Tribune on May 18, 2010 at 11:01 am with 62 Comments »
May 18, 2010 11:45 am

Two Tacoma City Council members who have proposed a measure to discourage business with and travel to Arizona due to that state’s new law cracking down on illegal immigrants are planning to remove the “boycott” language from their proposal, a city spokesman said today.

Council members Ryan Mello and Lauren Walker, who co-sponsored the proposal to be considered at tonight’s council meeting, “are changing the language of the resolution” to focus “more on the issue of racial profiling and a request to the city manager and the utility director not to send city staff on trips to Arizona,” said city spokesman Rob McNair-Huff.

McNair-Huff said the council members have said they decided to remove the “boycott” language and make other changes after having “conversations with their colleagues as well as (getting) feedback from community members.”

Since Mello and Walker publicly released details of their proposal last week, readers have generally denounced the idea in comment threads and a “hot button” poll on The News Tribune’s website.

Cities around the nation have passed similar boycott measures targeting Arizona after that state passed SB 1070 last month. Los Angeles adopted a boycott last week, while the Seattle City Council unanimously approved a measure yesterday.

Such measures generally have claimed Arizona’s new law encourages racial profiling and is unconstitutional. The law, set to take effect July 29, requires police, when enforcing another law, to question a person about immigration status if “reasonable suspicion” exists that the person is in the United States illegally.

Some polls have shown strong support for the Arizona law. This recent King 5 poll showed Tacoma residents generally favored the Arizona law and feel the city of Tacoma should support it.

Arizona officials, including Gov. Jan Brewer, have called such boycotts “misguided” and defended the Arizona law, saying it mirrors a federal requirement that legal immigrants carry immigration papers, according to recent reports by The Associated Press.

After hearing concerns and tepid responses from city council colleagues during last week’s study session, Mello and Walker tweaked initial drafts of their measure, including removing language about city contracts that had been in an original version.

As of Friday, even the draft of the measure that existed then — which included “boycott” language — seemed more symbolic than practical. It stated that unless Arizona rescinds the law, the council “urges” City Manager Eric Anderson and Public Utilities Director Bill Gaines “to boycott Arizona products and businesses in every way that is legal, practicable, and consistent with the law, including, but not limited to, avoid sending City officials or employees to conferences or other travel to Arizona.”

That version also encouraged other governments, private businesses and pro and college sports leagues to boycott the southwest state.

On Friday, I asked Anderson how that version would have affected the city’s relationship with Arizona. He replied that, if passed, the measure would have no consequence on existing and future city contracts. The only practical effect, he added, would have been on decisions about “discretionary spending,” largely related to city travel.

For instance, if city employees wanted to attend a professional conference or seminar in Arizona, “we would think very hard” about sending them, Anderson said. He added he is not aware of any plans by city employees to travel to Arizona for business or professional conferences.

“The way (the resolution was written as of Friday) speaks to legal and fiscal limitations,” Anderson said. “All of our purchases are regulated by state law, so in that area, it is limited.”

For instance, pulling out of any existing contracts with Arizona firms would put the city in breach of contract and subject to legal ramifications, Anderson said. As for future contracts, the city is subject to Washington state’s competitive bidding law, and so cannot lawfully choose to ignore the lowest responsible bid for any future city contract just because it came from a firm with Arizona ties, he added.

As far as city officials knew as of late last week, the City of Tacoma currently holds just one contract with a business based in Arizona: RedFlex Traffic Systems, which administers operations of the city’s red light cameras. Both Walker and Anderson, for reasoning spelled out above about existing contracts, had already noted last week that the city’s contract with RedFlex would be unaffected by the resolution.

Anderson added Friday that if a city employee in the future had to travel to Arizona to get training or certification related to the traffic enforcement camera operations, he likely would approve such a trip.

“That, I would think, is not discretionary,” Anderson said, because “we’re talking about very important revenue streams for the city” that are a function of an existing contract.

According to city spokeswoman Karrie Spitzer, the city pays RedFlex about $75,000 per month to administer operations for the 16 red light, speeding and school zone cameras now working in Tacoma. Spitzer did not immediately know Monday how much revenue the traffic enforcement cameras bring into the city, and directed my revenue questions to Tacoma Police Lt. Corey Darlington. Darlington had not responded as of 10:30 a.m. today.

I’ve put calls out this morning to both Mello and Walker for more details about their proposed changes. I’ll update this post with more information once I hear of them later, or at the very least, in tomorrow’s story in the TNT.

Walker, who returned my call between meetings while I was on the phone, left a voice mail saying she and Mello plan to have a final version of their proposal ready by today’s council study session.

“Ryan and I did some changes over the weekend and sent them to council members on Monday,” she said. “And there’s going to be some further changes this morning. We are planning is having the final amendments done by noon today.”

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  1. A perfect example of a pragmatic and commonsense outlook – as opposed to the nincompoops in Seattle/King County.

  2. MeDaMCSE says:

    1) I am just wondering if Mello and Walker actually READ the bill? (What part of unauthorized alien and reasonable suspicion do they not get, yes I read it.)

    2) Our fine city has enough issues with our sticking our nose into someone else’s business. When you’ve cleaned up all the gangs and drugs, and fixed all the CRAPPY streets in our fair city, then and only then should you be looking for something else. Just fix TACOMA and leave Arizona alone.

  3. ldozy1234 says:

    1) How many man hours were spent by the Council members, study group, etc. in discussion of this proposal which really isn’t part of their jobs as governing Tacoma?

    “Anderson added Friday that if a city employee in the future had to travel to Arizona to get training or certification related to the traffic enforcement camera operations, he likely would approve such a trip.”That, I would think, is not discretionary,” Anderson said, because “we’re talking about very important revenue streams for the city” that are a function of an existing contract.”

    2) So as long as Tacoma gets revenue from Arizona, it will do business? Kind of like Calif. boycotters still getting elec. and water from AZ?

    3) Shouldn’t we boycott Seattle instead? After all, aren’t they in the middle of hate mongering / racial profiling with their stomping incident?

  4. Volks253 says:

    It’s too bad they caved to the no doubt endless stream of name calling and threats from the far right. I can just imagine what that was like.
    They should stick to their convictions, not only because they are correct but because a person should always stick to their convictions.
    The City should boycott AZ and they should that word, boycott.

  5. donny253 says:

    SB 1070 Works and is the Law of the land

  6. Reaganomics says:

    volks253, are you really that clueless??? 80 percent of the people that took the TNT poll were in favor of the law. Well over 60 percent of the people that took national polls are for the law. Even the most liberal of our population are split evenly. This law makes sense and should be instituted in Washington.

  7. TruthBeTold says:

    Arizona is a problem. At times, the rest of the country has had to censure them before. They would not recognize MLK Jr. Day until the rest of the nation stuck it to em by the NFL pulling the Super Bowl out from under them. They are a bad child, who at times needs to be reminded that we are in the U.S.A and that we won’t tolerate our citizens being treated improperly and in contravention to the 4th Amendment of our Constitution.

    I find it troublesome that Seattle has the courage and votes, yet only a few of our councilmembers have the courage (Mello and Walker) to do what is right. What kind of city do we want to be known for – one where we uphold our beliefs and represent all within our community (this include Hispanics!) or easily turn a blind eye, such as did those who saw their Jewish neighbors dragged away to the camps… after all, they weren’t Jewish. Yes – a strong analogy, but one that must be given consideration, as it seems we like to respond in extremes.

    To the self proclaimed “Queen” who’s name on here is Areyouhighorwhat, I’d say you need to be de-throned,as I doubt anyone in their right mind would pay you any consideration except perhaps on this blog. You think you can do better – why don’t you run for council during the next election – perhaps then we can make fun of you, and criticise you for the efforts and hard work you would likely do. (I give you the benefit of the doubt there, assuming you are half competent, although that is in debate).

    Bottom Line: Its a resolution, and symbolic, so why so much outcry against it? Doing what is right isn’t always popular – but we must always do what is right.

  8. headedsouth says:

    Volks – dont label what you dont know. I am a labor union, Obama voting Dem and am tired of all the BS in local politics. Clean and safe streets and neighborhoods are the priority and that is not even close to be accomplished. Next Mello is going to want to boycott BP GAs in TAcoma due to the oil spill in the Gulf.
    Mello and Walker are two of the more liberal ones on Council and just got their lunch handed to them. Heck, Mello was not even elected. Mello should keep his mouth shut, learn the ropes and learn how things work first.

  9. If Tacoma chooses to boycott Arizona, I’ll boycott Tacoma. The difference being, I actually DO business in Tacoma, and my boycott will hurt.

  10. mojjonation says:

    Yes….Let’s boycott Arizona because they actually enforce the laws already on their books. Let’s boycott Arizona because their governor puts the rights of the majority, and legal citizens, before that of the minority and illegals. Let’s boycott Arizona and be led by a couple of no name politicians jumping on the next potential bandwagon that will win them votes. Are they up for re-election come November? I bet they are. If not, they are readying themselves for a run at some other seat.

    It’s too bad our governor doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to put the interests of the majority over that of the minority. It’s too bad our governor has her own interests, and the interests of those who line her pockets, above that of those who supposedly put her in office. Oh wait, the ones who line her pockets are the same ones who some how got her into office even when it took 3 counts to get there.

    Arizona is doing what every other state and politician is afraid to even touch. Deal with illegal immigrants the way they should have been dealt with all along.

  11. As was noted in Seattle when the tree huggers there found out that their red light camera revenue generation systems come from …… Arizona, they made an exception to the boycott. Probably their yuppie birkenstocks are too.
    Tacoma council is about as two faced. Only act when it looks like good PR and does not cost money to them personally.
    Tacoma needs to stay off its high horse and quit meddling in other states business. It will backfire.

  12. TruthBeTold, Will someone hand me a crying towel. Did you just pull your head out of the sand? Do you understand what the word ” illegal” means? ” we won’t tolerate our citizens being treated improperly” What a crock, even those two weenees on the Tacoma council got the message, go put your head back in the sand.

  13. hansgruber says:

    I just all of them an e-mail to support the Arizona Law. Since it mirrors the Federal Law, I wonder if these Council folks will not spend money on Arizona, will they also not collect money from the Feds? You know. like, on the US Immigration Detention Center right here in Tacoma?

    What a bunch a ninnies. Lets not be like Seattle and say we are not going to do business with Arizona … well….except for thre red light enforcement.

  14. wandertom says:

    Why is Tacoma the only West Coast port city without a chinatown?

    Any city councilor that doesn’t vote for a boycott or censure resolution of Arizona is guilty of hypocrisy if they are supporting and take credit for the Chinese Reconciliation Park. This is a chance for Tacoma to make a meaningful and effective reparation for past sins.

    First they came for the Chinese, but I wasn’t Chinese, so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the Japanese, but I wasn’t Japanese, so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the Muslims, but I wasn’t Muslim, so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the latinos, but I wasn’t latino, so I said nothing.
    When they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me.

    Decide which side you’re on….

    A) Arizona refusing to establish MLK Day, appeasing Hitler, slavery “states-rights,” condoning Jim Crow racism and lynching, Arizona passing racial-profiling legislation or….

    B) The NFL & NBA boycotting AZ until it passed MLK Day, anti-fascists, abolitionist and the Union Army, the Civil Rights Movement, those boycotting AZ for the racial-profiling legislation.

    The only thing required for evil to triumph is good people to do nothing.

  15. TacomaTaxpayer98409 says:

    So the two councilmembers are backing off now a bit huh?


    Let’s make damn sure the City Council members don’t travel to AZ

    Oh yes, it’s OK to continue to receive monies from the red light cameras…it’s all about the money! Money ho’s

  16. TacomaTaxpayer98409 says:

    Which TV Station was Mr. Mello on? I didn’t see the news and interested how he came across on TV…

  17. ldozy1234 says:

    How about we just make this grandstanding boycott concept easy on all our local govt. officials to prevent them ever looking like wannabe sheeple or non PC……
    how about we just forbid travel or purchasing from anywhere except their own little jurisdiction? That would be a twofer: let them “control” their own little worlds and help eliminate the travel budget.
    Course, Tacoma would have to shut down the Port, etc. but hey… its about doing the flavor of the month” right” political posturing thing.
    I mean come on- its ok to import from 3rd world countries who just kill folks right?

  18. TruthBeTold says:

    Frosty –
    You are so brilliant (Sarcasm). The whole point is that we can’t tell someone is illegal by how they look. It is Unlawful and against our constitution – there needs to be probable cause, and being Hispanic is not probable cause. So as I may need to pull my head out of the sand so to speak, you might want to think about pulling yours…

  19. aconcernedreader says:

    The Tacoma City Council needs to drop this proposal altogether. How much time have they wasted on trying to punish Arizona? (First of all, I highly doubt they have actually read Arizona’s bill or tried to understand serious issues Arizona faces being a border state with Mexico).

    Why don’t they focus on issues related to Tacoma first? Isn’t that their job? This is a ridiculous waste of time for the City Council. It makes me strongly question the intentions of the folks we have elected into the City Council.

    I am a Tacoma citizen who does not support the City Council proposed measure against Arizona! Please do not pass this tonight.

  20. wandertom, the reason there’s no China Town in Tacoma is because the Chinese are good business people, they would never invest their money in a town that rolls up the side walks at dusk or tries to copy it’s big sister to the north. The only businesses attracted to Tacoma are illegal alien shelters and dope smuggling.

  21. sl35351 says:

    This is so damn funny!!

    The only business we even do with Arizona relates to red light cameras.
    Tacoma’s useless pinko leaders wouldn’t DARE mess with their red light contracts.

    Hope this gets a ton of press for these idiots.

  22. TruthBeTold, are you taking your reading lessons from the Attorney General of the United States, it seems that both of you have difficulty reading the english language. Where does the Arizona law state that people who look Hispanic will be stopped? You should try to find some new talking points, those were discarded a week ago. Even the dimmest of liberals have recognized that no one will be stopped based on appearances. Now like a good little boy go stick your head back in the sand, or wherever you had it and try to reload. (oops, didn’t mean to offend you).

  23. amandaholder says:

    Tacoma has no China Town because the Tacoma expelled the Chinese


    Is the city council going to propose that the NW Detention Center on the tideflats be shut down?

  24. sincere says:

    Iftruthbeknown had the hairs pulled out of his A**, he or she would bald and their head would be covered in sand.As for probable cause, look that up in the dictionary,as you don,t appear to understand what the meaning is. What I think it means is,you have done something ,that denotes illegal.Such as, running a red light, speeding or some other infraction.And if it is dark you can bet the radar doesen,t give you a clue as to what the nationality js of the person violating the law.

  25. tommy98466 says:

    When are the Tacoma idiots going to figure it out that it ain’t profiling? Pathetic.

  26. the3rdpigshouse says:

    If the Tacoma City Council passes anything that is anti-Arizona on the subject of illegal immigration, that the naive local dullards (Walker & Mello) could not possibly understand the impact of, plan on a “BOYCOTT” of Tacoma by local residents with a brain!!!!!!!

  27. MeDaMCSE says:

    Truthbetold SB 1070 does state “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” it does not seek out Hispanics, nor does it mention ethnicity. Instead it focuses on illegal activity. Please read


  28. sl35351 says:

    The Arizona AG should sue the Federal government for doing nothing to help.

  29. If anyone wants to waste their time, the Tacoma Council meeting will be on channel 21 starting at five o’clock today, according to an audio recording of their planning agenda meeting today, they are expecting an overload of citizens to be there to make comments. They want to introduce the motion “before’ the meeting opens to the public. Sound familiar?

  30. abby0501 says:

    I’m so disgusted with so many local governments across the country. They are totally out of step with the average citizen. The Arizona bill just gives their state the power to do what the federal government has failed to, protect them. With all that has been going on in Arizona, murders, rapes, kidnappings, robberies, etc, they have to step up and do something. Did you know Pheonix is the second highest city in the WORLD for kidnappings? Behind Mexico City. If you’re still naive enough to say we don’t need to do something maybe you should move to Arizona and welcome illegals with open arms. Then maybe you’ll learn something when they stab you and steal your car. Wise up!

  31. mmrussell67 says:

    I appreciate the language has been toned down – But it’s not enough, everything about this resolution’s ‘message’ deserves to be refuted.

    The idea that the Tacoma City Council should pass judgment on a law passed by the good people of the State of Arizona is surprising in the scope of it’s arrogance and a very disappointing direction by this city council.

    It’s a wasteful distraction of public attention & local resources – As evidence of this you’ll notice at the meeting tonight the extraordinary length of time and energy used up in discussing and debating this…in reality – that is time, effort and public/council attention that could have been used to address more pertinent local and city issues facing us right here in Tacoma.

  32. nwcolorist says:

    It was the mainstream media that started this “racial profiling” hysteria. I’m encouraged to see that the Tacoma City Council is, hopefully, going to back away from it.

    It might be worth writing to our Senators and Representatives in D.C. to help them understand the best position on this issue.

  33. CityOfFlags says:

    Arizona should now cancel the red light traffic program in place with Seattle. That would shut the Tacoma Council up about a boycott.

  34. Told you so — Mello and Walker wanted public attention for votes and boy did they get attention. If this was about their belief system there are plenty of other ways they could voiced their concern. Our Council members are weak and lack experience. Walker has done nothing for her district but to break it into pieces by her under handed ways and Mello does need to learn that his personal agenda will not always serve him well

  35. mister253 says:

    Funny how when Arizona companies bring money to Tacoma then we’ll keep doing business but if we have to send an employee there for training we should think about that.

    Here”s an idea why don’t you think of a way to bring a business back to replace Russell Investments which we lost. Maybe you can listen to your citizens ideas as we are all sick and tired of the politicians ideas. They are all party based and do not refelct the views of the citizens.

  36. I live in AZ during the winter (yes, a snowbird), and I have read SB 1070. Nowhere, I repeat, nowhere in the law does it say anything about “Mexican or Hispanic” citizens. The law specifically targets those individuals who are in the US illegally, regardless of their country’s of origin. This is already a Federal law. What AZ has done is “enforcing” the existing law.

    The media here in the Phoenix area is the one’s that say only “Hispanic’s” will be subject to the law. Then all the so called “right’s” groups jump on the bandwagon, to get free publicity. I for one will boycott those areas that boycott AZ, and will not buy anthing that comes from Mexico. I will also boycott Tacoma and Seattle. Don’t go to Mexico for vacation’s. See what will happen if you cross into Mexico illegally. Remember the song, “Tiaguana Jail (sp)”.

  37. This is some information that I got from the ACLU about encountering law enforcement…
    Do I have to show officers my immigration documents…..The law requires non-citizens who are 18 or older and who have been issued valid US immigration documents to carry those documents with them at all times. These immigration documents are often called “alien registration” documents. The type you need to carry depends on your immigration status. Some examples include an unexpired permanent resident car aka a “green card”, Employment Authorization Document aka EAD or a border crossing card. Failure to comply to carry these documents can be a crime. If you have your valid US immigration documents and you are asked for them, then it is usually a good idea to show them to the officer becuase it is possible that you will be arrested if you do not do so.

    Think about it people….for those who have ever travelled outside the country (Not America’s top hat Canada) you carry your passport with you…all this law is saying is if a cop has a suspicion that you may not be a citizen of the US whether you are black, blue, brown, white, green, purple talk with a funny accent, he/she can ask for documentation…I don’t understand the big fuss about it!

  38. konocwa says:

    I am sure they backed off on the “language” since they only have a contract with Arizona based Redflex, the red light cameras. And that would cost them revenue. It’s all about the money. I do not know where these politicians think they get the moral high ground from when all the polls indicate their constituents are in favor of the Arizona law, yet they turn their backs and vote against the people who put them in office anyway. I will be paying very close attention to see who votes for this watered down proposal and be going after them at the next election. Let’s get back to something worthwhile like FIXING OUR STREETS AND DOING WHAT THE PEOPLE OF TACOMA ELECTED THEM TO DO AND GET OUT OF OTHER STATES BUSINESS. We should dock the pay of any council member who participated in this garbage instead of doing their job for the people of Tacoma.

  39. From7to10 says:

    I wonder what the reaction would be if the state of Washington experienced as few as a thousand illegals a day entering thru Canada.

  40. amandaholder says:

    I wonder if anyone who supports a boycott of Arizona has considered how it — if this boycott is successful — will negatively impact Arizona’s economy, particularly the hospitality industry which is a huge employer of Latinos/Hispanics…

  41. thebeavertailwhap says:

    Well, there are two names who initially supported and sponsered such nonsense… I guess that adds another two worthless politicians with agendas unlike my own feelings or values, that I can assist in voting out of office..

  42. demeter says:

    Chinese proverbs:

    Lies in newspapers are like rat droppings in clear soup. Not only disgusting but obvious.

  43. bullman120 says:

    this goes to show you just how little conviction these two have. I am totally against the boycott, but would have respected the two for their acting on their beliefs and convictions. Now we all know that these two politicians are nothing more than empty suits swinging in the wind. how pathetic they are.

  44. bummed1 says:

    It is shameful for Tacoma OR Seattle city councils to presume upon the taxpayers they govern, to waste any time at all on this worthless, meaningless tongue-clucking drivel they pontificate about Arizona’s choice of how to handle the Federal government’s incompetence when it comes to immigration policy and enforcement. I might feel different if these two city councils had accomplished ALL of their business and had nothing left to do…… naw I wouldn’t feel any different under those (or any) circumstances about these self-important delusional idiots thinking ANYONE cares about what they think about Arizona’s appraoch to thier immigration nightmare.
    Hmmm, what does it feel like to have your “inbox” empty council members? And speaking of empty, how does it feel to have such an empty head that you cannot see the hypocrisy in conveniently exempting the Arizona company that handles your red light cameras for “safety” that generate such great revenue? We’re all ears……………….

  45. joyceloveland says:

    I support Arizona and want to Thank them for wanting to enforce our immigration laws. It’s not about race, it’s about resources and you can’t really plan ahead when you don’t have a definite account of who is here.

  46. worldatlas says:

    Ryan Mello and Lauren Walker need to pull their head out of the sand, or they will probably not be on the council or any other elected position ever again. They were elected to represent the people, and the populace at large has stated quite clearly they support the law. Answer to the people, as we do not answer to you. Boycott Mello and Walker, and if they are successful in getting any such measure past the council “Boycott Tacoma,” which means all the City of Tacoma business and industry. No B&O taxes, no city government. Easy fix.

  47. Earth_watch says:

    Interesting that the percentage of speakers, who appeared in person at the actual council meeting Public Comments period, are by far (BY FAR, as in dozens and dozens) in support of the resolution, compared to about four (that’s right, FOUR, so far) against.

  48. amandaholder says:

    Perhaps the ones who are against it are still at work or on their way home from their jobs.

  49. Rootkick says:

    Since L.A. gets 25% of it’s power from AZ, an AZ utility board member tells them that if they really want a boycott, he’ll offer his services to help.

    (the actual letter) :


  50. ldozy1234 says:

    Kudo’s to Commisoner Pierce for the above letter!!!!
    I hope Redflex and other AZ companies do the same to the cities that have chosen any form of boycott.. Or better yet, hopefully Redflex will respect the intent of Tacoma Councils opinion and use this as an agreement to not permit any further trainings for Tacoma employees.

  51. The City Council community response tonight was very educational and I respect each individual on exercising their right of freedom of speech. This is what makes our country great so to every illegal,: We will welcome you at the front door not through the side door.

    Mello and Walker, you just don’t get it.

  52. Earth_watch says:

    The Arizona Resolution will be considered again next week with a full council.

  53. m9078jk3 says:

    There was a huge amount of pro boycott activists at the city council meeting public forum as compared to the tiny amount of people speaking against illegal immigration.Quite a different contrast as compared to the The News Tribune poll,its forum members opinions and the King 5 poll of Tacomans.
    The alternative measure didn’t pass (lack of votes) but I tell you that next week because of the huge amount of pro boycott activists at the meeting it looks likely that a pro boycott measure or an alternative measure would be likely to pass next week (most likely to have an even larger pro boycott activist crowd at the public forum) .It seems few keyboard anti illegal immigration warriors will show up and walk the walk at the city council meeting public speaking forum as they are just content with polls,emails and the message board forum

  54. InsideJob says:

    Table this and the rest of the nonsense until all of Tacoma’s streets are in good repair.

  55. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    So maybe they have more supporters than we thought…

    Or maybe, just maybe, this plays out like all the other protests, and people with JOBS can’t make it to their 5:00 pm Peyton Place Teaparties. Check out the Tacoma Crips Supporters last two protests, one at noon, one at 5, both on weekdays. I hate to speak badly of the left (I prefer to just badmouth the far left), but we’re pretty strategic about busing in agitators and stacking public forums in our favor. Let’s face it, people with entitlements have plenty of time to protest. I don’t believe for one second the people at that meeting were a true cross section of Tacoma’s electorate.

    “The people screaming the loudest are NEVER screaming for the benefit of everyone”

    P.S.: Those of you making this a Democrat/Republican issue are fooling yourselves. Whether you think all the board messages here are astro turf or not, they’re pretty consistent. Now compare that to the discussions the same posters had about Healthcare Insurance Reform on these boards; they were very divided and quite polarized. I just don’t see how the “community” of posters here could be so divided on that issue, yet come together soooooo consistently on this issue. Think about that before you discount what you read on these message boards. ;0)

  56. m9078jk3 says:

    Show up at the city council next week and speak at the public forum.

  57. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Check out the biography’s on the majority of the members of the Tacoma City Council – if that doesn’t scare the HE%% out of every citizen, I don’t know what it will take! The majority are nothing more than lifelong leeches on the public teet for government employees – when will the electorate begin to realize that these continuous leeches on the taxpayers incomes have no concept of competent government!

  58. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    m9078jk3: LOLZ! While I’m sure you don’t mean to sound threatening, you’re probably inviting trouble to next week’s meeting, careful what you wish for pookie….and I suggest everyone attending have their papers **giggles**

    Bottom Line: We have a REPRESENTATIVE government and If the responsible adults have to show up and correct the fit throwing slacker children every time they have a hissy, not much will get done……hence the representative government. The founding fathers might have been a lot of things, but they were very aware of “tyranny of the majority/minority”. I’m sorry if that’s not working in your favor this time, welcome to OUR democracy.


  59. dirtydan54 says:

    Funny, this council feels the need to express themselves to be in opposition of Arizona’s immigration policy until it involves money the city gets from an Arizona corporation that manages the traffic cameras. Why the heck is this council even wasting our money considering another States policies or legislation in the first place?

  60. Just remember—you get what you vote for , so when it comes time to vote–pay attention this time.. Vote against everyone that doesn’t know how to read I. E. The President all the way down to the city concil members.

  61. haveaniceday says:

    Arizona law makes sense for greater national security purposes and to protect women who abusers use sending them back to their country if they tell of abuse: also illegal workers working in bad conditions threatened with this also. So it protects on many levels. I thought other cities would enforce this also.

  62. haveaniceday says:

    I propose that the City supports Arizona and do more business with them.

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