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Tea party activists plan tax day protests in Olympia, Seattle

Post by John Henrikson / The News Tribune on April 14, 2010 at 5:19 am with 19 Comments »
April 13, 2010 7:27 pm

Member of tea parties, including a Pierce County contingent, and other anti-tax groups plan to descend on Olympia and Seattle Thursday for rallies. Of course, April 15 marks the day federal income taxes are due, but also comes on the heels of the state Legislature passing several tax increases.

A state Capitol rally starts at noon, while one in Westlake Park starts at 5:30 p.m. Read the press release below for more details.

April 13, 2010

Tea Party groups to protest in Seattle and Olympia on Tax Day

Olympia – Washington’s tea party groups and the Evergreen Freedom Foundation will come together to bring citizens “Tea for Two,” an all-day, two-part rally that will take place on both the State Capitol Campus and in downtown Seattle. The events are scheduled for Thursday, April 15, from noon to 3 p.m. on the North Capitol Steps in Olympia and then at 5:30 p.m. in downtown Seattle’s Westlake Park.

The event is hosted by Pierce County Tea Party, Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty, the Freedom Foundation, Tea Party Patriots, and South Sound Tea Party.

The non-partisan gathering will feature an array of dynamic speakers including David Boze, Dori Monson, Kirby Wilbur, Amber Gunn, and “Liberty Belle” Keli Carender. Both rallies are packed with an assortment of live music and family-friendly entertainment, and will give citizens the chance to make their voices heard on the issues of increased government spending and taxation as well as the recently passed health care bill.

The Seattle and Olympia tea parties are part of the National Tea Party movement taking place on April 15, the day when federal income taxes are due. In Washington, many citizens will gather to protest the legislature’s decision to raise taxes while state spending continues to increase. Others have expressed outrage and disappointment at the list of new taxes recently passed by the Washington state legislature, including candy, soda, tobacco, and alcohol taxes. The legislature passed the new tax package and adjourned their session early this morning.

“Government at all levels is continuing to grow. Though our federal tax burden is relatively low by recent historical standards, deficits, debt and entitlement obligations have reached historic levels. At some point this imbalance will have to be corrected,” says Amber Gunn, Director of Economic Policy at the Freedom Foundation.

“State officials don’t have as many options when it comes to the ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme, so they have passed the largest tax package in state history, along with a half-billion dollar debt package they hope voters will be duped into supporting. Mounting pension and retiree health obligations were completely ignored, per usual,” adds Gunn.

“As it stands, our elected officials are spending our future prosperity. This rally is one of many ways for us to hold them accountable and let them know that we will remember in November.”

For more information, please visit: www.teapartypatriots.com

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  1. truthwillout says:

    I’m going to march with them, it’s about time we stood up to the tyranny of taxation without representation.

  2. Please Tea Party folks, If you go and hold a sign please make sure it is speeled right. You make Ameicans look bad. I may not be 100% the best speeler but I would make sure any sign I help in public was speeled right.

  3. No wonder we have such a hard time balancing the state budget. Let’s close Maple Lane school and save 6 million dollars at a cost of 16 million dollars to create space for the displaced people? I am no accountant nor politician so I am having trouble figuring out this one! HELP!

  4. … to mark the 1 year anniversary of a tax cut for 90 percent of working Americans?

  5. … to support the continuation of the don’t tax and spend philosophy of Reagannomics?

  6. Yes, I sure there will be a bunch of liberal plants in both groups with mis-spelled signs, signs with racist themes, etc. attempting to discredit the movement. I will be there as well

  7. as a supporter of the movement, not as a goofball just trying to discredit the Tea Party

  8. madmike272 says:

    That’s right erkvhd, you can take you photo of the chosen one to the restroom with you now, and get that “shiver” up your leg like

  9. footballscaa says:

    The Tea Party is simply the Federalist Party reincarnate. The Federalist’s disagreed with any and everything Thomas Jefferson did. Just saying no is Nancy’s, not Ronalds doctrine. The idea of being against all things Obama is not rational politics, it’s just not having the guts or taking the time to consider tcrossing party lines.

  10. … to ignore the Fourteenth Amendment?

  11. Roncella says:

    I only wish President Ronald Reagan was around to see Americans Protesting with home made signs many for the first time in their lifes.
    He would have been truly proud of them all and would never have called them nasty names like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, some others have done.

    I will be there with my home made sign. I will be watching for trouble makers

    trying to dis-credit Tea Party Folks.

  12. tubbythetuba says:

    Ok, Americans, don’t let left wing Socialists scare you with lables…..their words cannot hurt you. Stand up for what you know is right.

  13. tubbythetuba,

    I appreciate the irony of your comment. It made my day!

  14. tacomajoe says:

    There is nothing family friendly about these tax cheats. Half the country isn’t paying any federal tax – my guess is that includes these unemployed deadbeats.

    “Family friendly” are those who get a job and take care of their families. If I’m in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned racism and revisionism, I’ll check this out. But it’s easier to catch up on anti-American rants by watching the latest al-Qaeda rants on YouTube. GOD BLESS BARACK OBAMA, AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  15. whoviangirl says:

    You realize that income taxes are taken out of unemployment checks right? So I don’t think calling the unemployed deadbeats and implying that they aren’t contributing members of society is ignorant, don’t you?

    And why is it when people who disagree with the liberal party agenda want to protest, the liberals call them all sorts of horrible names, like racist?

  16. crimsonguardian says:

    truthwillout, how about doing some research on what “Taxation without Representation” is all about before claiming that’s what’s happening with our current government. Because it’s not.


    And it sounds like most Tea Party members aren’t aware that the middle class got a tax cut this year.

    Whatever happened to researching facts before coming up with an opinion?

  17. Objective says:

    so we got tax cut this year? If so how many new taxes were added to replace the one cut?

  18. alderscaler says:

    I support this movement. Not because I’m white, not because I’m angry and not because I hate anyone. On the contrary. I believe that that a tax code that uses bribes and coersion to change the citizens behavior is wrong. I believe that the private sector is our engine of opportunity. I believe that spending our grandchildrens money is a crime. I believe that our liberty is more important than our security. I believe that the government has no business being IN business. I believe that these beliefs benefit everyone.

  19. I’m so confused … we’ve spent nearly a trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our state’s share of that is more than 22 billion.

    From the time these missions began, it was kept out of the budget, and a rather large chunk of that went to private companies to whom we outsourced basic military functions … food prep, diplomatic security, etc.

    Obama enters office, puts the majority of this spending back into the budget and into the projections for future debt.

    So my confusion is this: from 2001 to 2008 it’s unpatriotic to question these missions, from funding, execution, etc. Now, it’s NOT unpatriotic to question the spending.

    More confusion: for the past 7 years we’ve been rebuilding roads and cities in Iraq … and when we say we want to do the same here it’s socialism or tyranny, or Nazism, or something that makes no sense.

    Can someone here reasonably explain the whys and whatnots of this?

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