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It’s official

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on April 10, 2010 at 3:30 pm with 14 Comments »
April 10, 2010 3:30 pm

Democratic budget negotiators officially unveiled their long-awaited tax plan this afternoon.

If leaders decide they have the votes, the House could vote as soon as today on the $667 million package, followed later by the Senate. Other legislation bumps the total revenue to about $800 million, with most of the difference coming from a $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase.

The plan would:

  • Increase business taxes on most service businesses – such as lawyers and accountants – from the current 1.5 percent to 1.8 percent. The increase would last three years and a tax credit for small businesses would permanently double. Raises $242 million.
  • End a tax exemption for certain out-of-state businesses that do sales in Washington through representatives. Raises $155 million.
  • Triple the beer tax, adding about 28 cents to cost of a six-pack. The increase would last three years and microbrewers’ first 60,000 barrels would be exempt. Raises $59 million.
  • Increase tax on soda pop by 2 cents per 12-ounces of pop, also for three years. Bottlers’ first $10 million in sales would be exempt. Raises $34 million.
  • Apply sales tax to bottled water, also for three years. Raises $33 million. There are exemptions for people who don’t have potable water or have a medical need for bottled water.
  • Apply sales tax to candy and gum, permanently. Candy makers will get a $1,000 tax credit for each of their Washington employees for the next two years. Raises $31 million.
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  1. Devinc253 says:

    How about we Fire Chris Gregoire. Thatd save us millions

  2. special__k says:

    I”m totally disapointed in this latest increase in taxes. I just can’t believe they would raise taxes on essential products like beer, cigarettes, bottled water, gum and pop. Clearly they should have raised the taxes on shyster lawyers from 1.5 % to 2.7% and left accountants alone, thus raising $726 million and having a budget surplus of $59 million. Clearly Gregoire, you can fix this. Veto the current proposal and make them redo it . If you wish, you can even ask to raise the lawyer tax even more. As much as you want to, I bet you get overwhelming support.

  3. special__k says:

    Was just kidding about the essential products, lol. But still, why should we pay more than we already do for these products when lawyers can file lawsuits for 182 million dollars anytime they need a little extra cash. Holy cow, their stock portfolio lost money last month, well they can just sue for another million.

  4. bkeyport1970 says:

    yet another tax package to kill business and jobs in washington. Lovely.

  5. LOL run what businesss we have left in washington. Do Christy and her thugs have a brain?

  6. newscrap says:

    Oh my God. Not taxes on beer and candy. Yes, business will leave the state like crazy now. What is left to live for if we tax candy and beer? Oh no oh no. The sky is fallilng the sky is falling. The right exagerates as usual.

  7. First of all, why do they do this on a Saturday.
    Second, how do we recall a Governor?

  8. I’m getting off pretty easy here. The only 1 that will impact me is bottled water (instead of pop, I drink Seltzer water/club soda) which has been untaxed until now.

  9. Hobbledeyhoy says:

    The only alternative to these taxes is totally turning our back on the poor. The teabagger conservative types believe the poor deserve to be poor and that they brought it on the themselves, so they don’t deserve any help. Fortunately, the governor and the majority of the citizens realize we cannot turn our back on the less fortunate in our society, especially at a time like this. I ask anyone who wants to have a budget without a tax increase this: what program do you want to cut and how much? It’s very easy to criticize taxes. It’s very hard to balance a budget at a time of decreased revenue- decreased revenue that wasn’t causes by Washington’s leaders but by the global financial crisis.

    If I led the state though, I’d get rid of the sales tax and switch to a progressive income tax, and design it in such away there would never be budget shortfall issues again.

  10. special__k says:

    Oh yeah, that’s what I want, a nice progressive income tax. Yessiree. A nice progressive income tax that will never leave us with budget shortfalls ever again. LMAO RFLMAO No such thing, never has been and never will be. You give in to an income tax and pretty soon you’ll have that and sales taxes. Taxes don’t go away. Do you really think any of these taxes will go away in 3 years. H**L NO. You and I both no in 3 years they will have something else that they want to fund and guess where they’ll find the money. That’s right, extend the temporary tax and make it permanent.

  11. stephen_tacoma_wa says:

    Make your own soda pop with Splenda, sugar free latte syrup, CO2 and water. Heck of a lot healthier and cheaper. Don’t suck on taxable burning weeds. Booze? I went to Sharie’s today, the waitress asked if I wanted desert once but if I wanted liqueur twice. I pointed at the cars out the windows and said “We all drove here.” Sucking on cancer, pickling our brains – often while driving is stupidity beyond reason. As is blowing up our diabetes ridden waist lines with corn syrup is plain foolishness. I am tired of paying for other peoples carelessness, self inflicted bad health and reckless driving. I have no sympathy for the sinfully stupid. Thank you Governor.

  12. What a bunch of thieves.

  13. madmike272 says:

    Hobbledeyhoy, you lost any credible point you may have had by throwing homosexual profane slander at those who disagree with you. It only demonstrates that you are a liberal extremist.

  14. lightrailnow says:

    Great job the taxes are in appropriate areas and are well thought out. Another example of why the Dems are in power and will stay that way. Great Job!

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