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Protesters turn in 36,000 ‘signatures’ to AG McKenna

Post by Brad Shannon / The Olympian on March 26, 2010 at 2:30 pm with 27 Comments »
March 26, 2010 2:55 pm

The protest against Attorney General Rob McKenna’s legal action to block federal health reform was peaceful today at the state Highways Licenses Building.

A group of about 50 protesters chanted “Shame on Rob” and “Don’t Rob Our Benefits.” Democratic activist Nathe Lawver of Pierce County pushed a wheelbarrow filled with 20,000 petitions and a letter representing another 16,000 residents who protest McKenna’s decision to join the health-care lawsuit with a dozen states including Florida.

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  1. Cervantes says:

    That bum McKenna needs to be turned out and his political career ended over this.

  2. bullman120 says:

    be sure to recycle when filing those signatures

  3. jmhoward says:

    way to go Rob! At least someone is trying to stop this malfunction of a law. Where’s the left’s outrage over increased government intervention in our lives? Wasn’t that one of their biggest beefs with the Bush? The Feds now control 2 of 3 car companies, the banking industry and the health care sector, shouldn’t we just give them all of our earnings and let Chris/Barack/Nancy/Harry tell what we need.

  4. Damn shame when the constitution interferes with someone’s agenda. If the law is perfectly constitutional, we should have nothing to worry about. I’ve seen my share of laws stuck down by this process (and McKenna). Can’t have it both ways.

  5. Novelist2 says:

    As I’ve said before-
    McKenna’s got my vote. And that of every registered voter in my household.

  6. bullman120 says:

    why not mention that florida is funding the lawsuit?

  7. TacomaScott says:

    I’m behind you Rob. I’d love to have universal, inexpensive, quality healthcare… but not at the expense of my constitutional rights.

  8. jiminycricket says:

    I’m a democrat who has voted for McKenna in the past. Never again, and that’s every registered voter in my household.

  9. canuvisualizeit says:

    I am backing Rob McKenna 100% on this. I ,for one ,am tired of the government being involved in so many aspects of my life. Government is for the people and by the people. The politicians in Washington forget who they are working for. I would rather see Obama doing something to get people back to work and get the economy moving rather than all of the time he has spent trying to cram this down peoples throats. He was even back out on the campaign trail yesterday in Iowa… If it is such a wonderful thing why does he have to keep talking about it… And one thing while we are talking about Obama… I think it is very tacky for Channel 5 news to broadcast all of the fun and plays and museums that the Obama girls and Michelle are doing in NY for Spring vacation since their trip to Indonesia was cancelled…How dare they flaunt it when so many people are struggling just to put food on the table in this country… How many kids are not going to do anything fun during their spring vacation? People don’t want this healthcare program so get over it Barrack!

  10. I support McKenna on this as well. He has my vote.

  11. Concernedfather says:

    Right on, Rob. They are quaking in their shoes! Afraid some one gonna take away da FREE RIDE!

    “Don’t take away your BENIFITS”? ha ha
    Call it what it is. Illegal WELFARE!

  12. Wow I’m impressed what is that way less than 1/4 of one percent. But then their are the signatures of the dead to be counted as well in Washington.

  13. tacomaguy30 says:

    I find it hard to believe you could gather 36,000 valid signatures in such a short time period.

  14. OutSydeDog says:

    I’m with you tacomaguy30.

  15. OutSydeDog says:

    America, land of the free. That is, until you actually try to exercise that freedom instead of just being a good citizen and doing what the government tells you to do.

  16. ctdrules says:

    35,000 unemployed morons who want the working class to support them.

  17. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    and I’ll bet the lil bastards were chanting “It’s my money, and I want it now!”

  18. You go Rob! First they’ll force people to by health care they cant afford. What next, force people to buy cigarrettes so they can get all that tax money? Rob you have my vote.

  19. crockerd says:

    I wonder what the protesters feel when Tim Eyman submits his signatures. I bet they don’t like it very much. And even worse, I bet they don’t like it when THEY AREN’T LISTENED TO BY THEIR ELECTED OFFICIALS!!!!!!

    We’re with you Rob. Don’t cower and don’t waver. Freedom hangs in the balance.

  20. Final_Analysis says:

    HaHa – I’ll bet they got the petition signatures the same place Queen Chris got the votes when she stole the election from Dino Rossi !!!!

  21. DAKOTANATIVE says:

    I was on Rob’s side until he came on the radio and started stretching the truth to prove his side of the debate (not that both sides aren’t, I guess). He was talking about how this is a state issue not a one for the feds. He went on to say that the states decide speed limits and legal drinking age, not the feds. However, if you check the facts, the states are not elgible for federal highway funds unless they follow the federal “recomendations”. Montana had no speed limit and an 18 year old drinking age until the money dried up. Then he couldn’t even answer simple questions about the bill like the amount of the fine if you don’t purchase insurance. Seems to me that you would have a basic grasp on the law you are blowing state money to fight. What really shocked me was how he encouraged young people to go without insurance. Why would he encourage people to go without insurance and stick the hospital with the bill if they have a major injury?

  22. bigmeatgrinder says:

    That’s quite a rant dakota….stick to the subject baby! Down with the clowns in Oly town. Does our tax money actually fund that school of idiots down there?

  23. Concernedfather says:

    Dakota, this bill is 2,000 pages of “Good luck fiquring it out” crap. I will bet you my next paycheck, most the A.ss.holes who voted for it have not read it.

    That is really not the point. The question is whether it is legal, not whether or not it will benefit you.

  24. ktcmairman says:

    Thank you Mr. McKenna. 2.5 million of us are silently waiting for Nov. 2010.

  25. fanciladi says:

    Keep on keeping on, Rob…! You have many, many supporters covering your back! Keep on Keeping on!

  26. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Good Job Rob!!! And how many of the 35,000 signatures were obtained by ACORN and their subsidiaries??!!

  27. davidmcarson says:

    Cervantes: What, for doing his job and upholding the Constitution of Washington and the United States of America? If I know Rob (and I do), he will do what’s right first and never what’s politically expedient.

    When these provisions are found to be unconstitutional, you can apologize to the AG in person.

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