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Pam Roach writes poem about Dorn’s DUI

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on March 25, 2010 at 11:08 am with 18 Comments »
March 25, 2010 11:25 am

Sen. Pam Roach has found a creative way to needle Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn over his drunken-driving charge.

The Auburn Republican penned a poem about the Eatonville Democrat’s DUI that she posted on her blog today, one of five poems she wrote about political goings-on during the special legislative session.

Dorn issued a statement of apology today saying he has hurt his loved ones.

Roach asks on her blog: “Should he stay in office?”

While readers are pondering that question, she offers this Dr.Seuss-style poem, suggesting Dorn may avoid consequences for his action even though he “probably has found no cure”:

See Randy drive.
Randy can drive.
He drinks beer and can’t really steer.

Can Randy stop in time?
Will Randy hit a child of mine?
I do not know Pam I am.
Will he pay a fine?
I do not know Pam I am.
Will he spend some time?

Will parents be blind?
Will voters be kind?
I do not know Pam I am.
But this we know for sure.
He probably has found no cure.
No matter Pam I am.
The papers will pass.
He will say mass.
The judge will defer.
His colleagues concur,
So Randy can drive.
See Randy drive.

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  1. guidocarmasi says:


    Coming from a politician? Say it ain’t so.

    Where or where have our standards gone?

    very disturbing on all counts

  2. mojjonation says:

    You’re kidding right? This nut job dinging someone. Instead of voting people into office, maybe we should base credibility on a psyche evaluation. This speaks volumes to how much of a flake she truly is.

  3. she is a poet and we didn’t even know it.

  4. Pawnbroker1 says:

    Middle school can be a cruel place.

  5. PuyallupRocks says:

    Well, since her own party found her so obnoxious they kicked her out of their own caucus, rendering her completly ineffective, she’s got some spare time. Perhaps her therapist encouraged her to find an outlet and this is it. At least I hope she has a therapist.

  6. lewiswells says:

    Pam the po8.

  7. S_Emerson says:

    I have to wonder if she was a good mother to Dan Roach.

  8. I bet she would be good at one of those spoken word jams.

  9. I challenge somebody to get a recording of her reading one of these!

  10. duckfan4ever says:

    See Pam make a fool of herself (again).

    See the clueless voters re-elect her (again).

    If I were state Rep. Dan Roach, I would seriously consider changing my last name.

  11. ldozy1234 says:

    Dang Pam… are you really stupid enough to start asking whom should stay in office? I think your reputation for antics and personality flaws far outweigh Dorns bad judgment here.
    I think you might get an answer next election.

  12. I think she is just beside herself that someone else is on the hot seat for a change. And let’s hope she wins her next election. You know, for the humor alone.

  13. bullman120 says:

    this is why the socialist run the state of Washington. the republicans either nominate religious nuts or idiots.

  14. justanotherreader says:

    Really Pam? Are you trying to be the new Cat-in-the-hat with your poem, or just wanting to show the community your education level? You, Pam Roach are a “whack-job”! Nothing you do should cease to amaze me.

  15. what an idiot. And she is in our local government? No wonder this state is going to hell in a handbasket. She of all people should stay under the radar and not bring anymore attention to herself.

  16. From my view Pam Roach is an embarrassment, at least from the perspective of the events that have hit the news. At least the Republicans recognized this and have taken steps to remove her from influential positions for the time-being, at least until a replacement can be found to be nominated to run for her spot.

    The Dems, on the other hand, merely make excuses for their nut-jobs and those with legal problems, keep them in their positions, sing ‘cum bye ya’ to make it all go away and lable anyone who is critical of ‘their comrade’, a ‘hater’.

    If is weren’t so sad, and dangerous, it would be funny to notice that Dems call for a lynching if it’s NOT a Dem, but think ‘understanding and therapy’ is in order if it’s a Dem involved. The ultimate party of the double standard.

  17. I wonder if Baby Roach is posting on his website too?

  18. sydney2003 says:

    With all the time she spent sitting in the hall (since her own Caucus evicted her during the Legislative Session), I’m not surprised she had time to write poems.

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