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McKenna already dealing with funding backlash

Post by Jordan Schrader / The News Tribune on March 24, 2010 at 5:11 pm with 35 Comments »
March 24, 2010 5:25 pm

Quietly, Democratic lawmakers have already moved to make it harder for Attorney General Rob McKenna to spend money suing the federal government over health care.

The reaction to the Republican lawman joining a 13-state attack on President Obama’s health care bill has come swiftly. Not only are Democrats considering a budget proviso blocking the lawsuit, but McKenna already faces new controls on his spending.

Office of Financial Management Director Victor Moore sent a letter Tuesday revoking McKenna’s blanket exemption to a freeze on state contracts. The exemption, which Moore had granted days earlier, allowed the attorney general’s office to pay private attorneys, expert witnesses, mediators and others without approval from the bean counters in the governor’s office.

But legislators, including House Ways and Means Chairwoman Kelli Linville, raised concerns that McKenna might use that authority to spend money on the health care lawsuit, prompting Moore’s action.

Now the governor’s financial office will scrutinize every request for outside spending.

A spokesman for the attorney general’s office said it has no intention of going outside the agency for help on the health care lawsuit. The lead state on the lawsuit, Florida, will put in most of the work. The attorney general will put his name behind it and may contribute occasional work by lawyers in his office, but at minimal cost, spokesman Dan Sytman said.

But Linville said no one can be sure what will be spent on the lawsuit: “I don’t think we know. That’s why we asked the governor to rescind that part of the exemption.”

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  1. dm63ford says:

    Rob, you have my vote for governor!

  2. Novelist2 says:

    Mine too.

  3. McKenna is a good attorney general: clean, honest, smart, basically non- and bi-partisan. His record on open government is the best. However, this is a mistake, a waste of taxpayers’ money, and very partisan. Let the lawsuit go on without us and see what happens.

    Please Mr. McKenna reconsider. Listen to the professionals on your staff — they respect you and try to give you the best advise. A better approach would be to commit your resources to maximize Washington’s benefits from this.

  4. Good luck running for Governor – because there is no chance he will be re-elected Attorney General.

  5. Bye-bye Washington State Democrats. Let’s Remember Historic Health Care Reform Legislative Votes as each and every voter’s election nears.

  6. Hey, come November, ask yourself….What has the Party of No done for you?
    That’s right: nothing.

  7. janicegammill says:

    Simply unbelievable that these scum can get away with this! Every day I see our liberties under assault! This is McKennas job as an elected official! You may not agree with what he is doing but the PEOPLE elected this man to uphold the Constitution! I very much appreciate what he is doing! Don’t know about you but my kids in their 20″s can’t afford this! Since when have citizens been told to buy something simply for being here!
    Go McKenna!

  8. janicegammill says:

    Bummer, look at that, Verizon raising the premium rates on their employees! Who would have thunk? This will happen everywhere now since the insurance companies are in cahoots with obama.
    Check out the new http://www.cbsnews.com poll

  9. LibertyBell says:

    Everthing’s free, even health care!
    Isn’t it wonderful that Beijing can pay for this too!
    Don’t you just love it, the babyboomers believe that Beijing will keep on paying for Social Security, after the same babyboomers robbed that trust fund for decades too?
    Too bad government didn’t enact formal legal and required abortion in 1946, and required it for the children of New Deal parents!

  10. Parkland says:

    Washington State has been in the hands of Democrats for years. On the federal level, the democrats have total control. In November, ask yourself, “Am I better off now than I was?” Then, drain the swamp.

  11. volvo1999 says:

    good luck libs getting re-elected, go pound sand idiots

  12. I don’t know who those legislators think they represent, but they don’t represent me!

  13. bullman120 says:

    comrade Orwell may be right, the good little sheep get in line and reelect your socialist in tennis shoes.

  14. Pat_riot says:

    orwell: C

    Come November, ask yourself what the party of socialism has done to protect liberty and personal freedom, by following and adhering to the constitution of the United States, the greatest document by and for the people ever created in the history of the world..

    .. that’s right, nothing.

  15. Pat_riot says:

    Sadly; an upright honest straight forward person, and protector of the great US constitution ,doesn’t have a chance to get re-elected as AG or elected governor in this socialist playground we call Washington state.

    .. but sane people will stand behind him.. thanks for fighting for the us Rob, we got your back!

  16. faithfulone says:

    Go Rob! Maybe we all should donate some money to help him with this lawsuit! Never say never because I think that people have just about had enough of these democrats and Gregoire and her bull%^$#, at least I hope so after all her lies. Rob will sure have my vote if he runs for governor! I pray that he does!!!

  17. steilacoommike says:

    I cannot believe how short some people”s memories are. You are really gonna vote someone governer over a cheap political stunt like this? From the same party that caused this recession??

  18. lovethemountains says:

    Every day something more incedible comes out the the democrats (lower case d intended) and gives me thought that they must have convinced themselves they are in power forever and have total immunity from any election fallout. Their motto must be “crush any and all opposition.” Does that sound familiar?

    Let us prove them wrong.

  19. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    So instead of letting our system of checks and balances move forward the democratic way, Christine Gregoire (and a lot of sheeple) would rather cut funding to Rob McKenna’s ELECTED position and prevent the voice of dissent from being heard. Seems like the wrong posture for the righteous to take, let the voice of dissent be heard if you’re so confident you haven’t perverted the constitution. Preventing that voice from being heard is suspicious at best, and from my jaded view, your efforts to impede the democratic process are un-democratic. It’s also a very good indication that the democrats trying to stop this guy aren’t so confident they’ll win court. People in Washington may have forgotten the religious undertones in our state, but lest we forget Pat Robertson and the number of votes your forward thinking citizens gave him? The fringe controlled democrats are losing the battle here and they know it ;0)

  20. Oldgroaner says:

    Something for you Pro Mckenna people. The issue that you all are so angry about, that Mckenna is sueing over, is an idea that was first introduced by the REPUBLICANS in 1993. The only reason they are complaining is politics and rasicm.
    Are you are also forgetting that President Obama used to be professor Obama, that taught constitutional law. Do you really think he would put something into law that could be successfully challenged in court. I don’t think so.
    As for McKenna, Hopoefully, come election time, there will be a nice big voter’s boot to kick him out of office.

  21. Pacman33 says:

    Obama also wanted a SCOTUS nominee with “empathy”. Anyways, Obama didn’t write the bill even if he was an authority on constitutional law.

    Funny how Gregoire was singing a different tune during the I – 960 court challenge. Lisa Brown didn’t consult Chrissy either prior to filing the lawsuit on I-960

    Why are the Demorats always on the wrong side of public opinion?

  22. At least Wa state Dems have a spine!!!

    Is McKenna running this year? I hope so, I want to vote him out.

  23. He’s got my vote and my support for Governor.

  24. malaglot says:

    Don’t worry Rob. If we have to stroke checks ourselves to fund this the Democrats will not stand in the way of our 10th Amendment rights.

  25. malaglot says:

    Oldgroaner said, “Are you are also forgetting that President Obama used to be professor Obama, that taught constitutional law. Do you really think he would put something into law that could be successfully challenged in court. I don’t think so.” So why bother reading the Constitution for yourself? After all Obama says he knows the Constitution so why question him? Really? Try actually picking up a copy of the Constitution and reading it. You can start with Article 1 Section 8 where the enumerated powers are listed. Health-care isn’t in there. Check out the Commerce clause. Congress doesn’t have the power to fine you for not participating in commerce either. Then you can read the 10th Amendment. It says that all powers not granted to the federal government belongs to the states or the people. Oh and by the way, Your brilliant “Constitutional scholar” Obama apparently doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have the power to trump federal laws with a executive order. He’s trying to do that too. For someone who is supposed to know so much about the Constitution, he doesn’t seem to follow it very well.

  26. CrazyJim says:

    Two thumbs up for cutting him off at the pockets.

  27. So if the governor’s logic is that the AG shouldn’t sue because of the benefit to her subjects (ends justify the means) then shouldn’t she apply the same logic to the prosecutor in the case of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn’s DUI. Isn’t his carrying out his duties a huge benefit to her, I mean, her subjects of Washington? With her logic, where do you stop? Selective politically based criminal prosecutions too? Millions of people once upon a time left counties in Europe because of things being run that way. If the case has no merit, wouldn’t it benefit the heath czars to have the courts establish that as early as possible? I think they know it’s going to have merit and found unconstitutional.

  28. gigahertz says:

    Amazing! The Washington one party in control finally, finally, finally, finally, finally actually has found some spending they want to cut!

  29. justacitizen says:

    Thank you, Rob McKenna!
    The Constitution is the Law of the USA
    Not Christine Gregoire

  30. Psychonaut says:

    This egregious waste of tax payer dollars to help propagate a political gimmick by the GOP is disgusting. Not one cent of tax revenue should be wasted, there is absolutely no legal merit, and is just another example of sniveling by “da Right”.

  31. lovethemountains says:

    Oldgroaer, obama was a professor of constitutional law in title only. Get abreast of the times.

    Psychonaut says there is absolutely no legal merit to the proposed lawsuit. Tell me, Psychonaut, were you also a professor of constitutional law?

  32. Please keep fighting for us Mr. McKenna. You’re talking about Constitutional rights and the Governor is talking about federal handouts.

  33. gowenray says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Washington State is joining with Florida to challenge the legislation intended to reform medical care in the country?
    You remember Florida don’t you? One of those states that was shown to abuse the amount of money spent under our current medical care entitlement programs being regulated by………..political fiat?

  34. equaloppjoker says:

    You have my vote for governor Rob!

  35. Our U.S. senate and congressmen received over $4.6 million for their vote on health care…from health care lobbyists. You people who believe the insurance companies are in bed with the GOP are so brainwashed it’s no wonder you need the Democraic party to do your thinking. Next, they’ll be telling you what toilet paper to use.

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