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Exec orders 1 percent cut to Pierce County budget

Post by David Wickert on March 9, 2010 at 8:00 am with 12 Comments »
March 9, 2010 3:16 pm

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy has ordered a 1 percent across-the-board spending cut as the worst recession in decades continues to take a toll on county revenue.

McCarthy’s budget director, Pat Kenney, ordered the cut in general fund departments in a memo to department heads and elected officials Thursday. Kenney said “the impact of the recession upon our revenues (development activity, sales tax, police service contracts, etc.) is still quite negative.”

The move follows a series or spending cuts in 2009. And McCarthy isn’t ruling out more cuts later this year.

You can download a PDF copy of Kenney’s memo here.

McCarthy is expected to discuss the budget with the County Council at a study session at noon today. Chances are, she’ll get a cool reception.

In the 2010 budget it approved in November, the council asked McCarthy to report back in January on how she would cut spending an additional 1 percent and 3 percent, if needed.

McCarthy has not complied with that request. Council members have noticed.

Council Chairman Roger Bush, R-Graham, forwarded Kenny’s memo to fellow council members with the following observation:

“As you can see, it contains language that conflicts with council budget provisos that asked the executive for budget-reduction options of 1 percent and 3 percent. Instead, it mandates a 1 percent across-the-board cut.”

Bush added: “It appears that our concerns over the delegation of policy-setting authority in this county … are valid.”

McCarthy and the council have been sparring for more than a year over budget and other priorities, with each side suggesting the other is overstepping its authority.

Should be an interesting study session.

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  1. Does this include the infusion of funds to Chambers Bay Golf Course? What a waste of taxpayer money that is. Both McCarthy and the council are overstepping their boundaries on that decision. A whole bunch of warm chairs and wet signatures if you ask me.

  2. murphtall says:

    ohhh one percent. how brave. how about twelve percent?

  3. Whoa Pat, Wow, holly Molly !

    1 Percent !

    The Supreme sacrifice, our County Council !

    Hey Patty, how about cutting the position of your Pool Boy (Phelps), and saving the taxpayers a six-figure figure a year ?

  4. How about County Council and Executive paycuts also? Considering the decisions these people have been making I can see that job paying about $24,000 per year. Or they can just hire an intern from UPS, PLU, or UWT to make decisions and it wouldn’t cost them anything, and they would probably be better decisions because an intern is educated. Take the difference right off the property taxes county wide and watch more people play golf at Chambers Bay. Brilliant!!

  5. guidocarmasi says:



    1% ??? COME ON GUYS GET A CLUE!!!!!

  6. Re-do Cheney and send the invoice to Nick LeChay.

  7. tacomajoe says:

    Maybe the county should fire the idiot who thinks the U.S. Open is bigger than the World Cup or Super Bowl.

  8. “Maybe the county should fire the idiot who thinks the U.S. Open is bigger ”

    That would be Patty’s Pool Boy !

    Refer comment Above !

  9. They better hope that Tiger Woods doesn’t have any more liasons, or that tournament will lose money. That golf course is going to turn into the next Narrows Plaza Bowl. Really nice when it opened, hosted a major tournament (the first with a $1 million prize pool) and then it went to garbage. The only difference is that Narrows Plaza is private, and Chambers Bay is funded by taxpayer money, and a majority of them can’t justify spending $100+ for 18 holes.

  10. Pierce County cuts 1% then they will turn around and raise our taxes by 6%. How magnanimous.

  11. BecauseICARE says:

    Of course Pat would have a minion issue a decree like this.The Council already made its recommendations of 1% OR 3% cuts, but that was ignored by Pat, as usual. How about we start at home for the budget cuts? Pat has 4 mini-exec with 6-figure salaries. How about we cut those? County Council: your assistants are not worth 75,000 a year for a part time job. Hire interns, college kids, whatever for 25,000 a year. Its not 6M, but its a start. The economy SUCKS right now and we need people to cut back, everywhere.

    McCarthy seems to take the ostrich approach to the budget & the council. A simple request to check back on the budget is ignored. Can we stop the cat-and-mouse game playing? Please do not forget that we, the voters, also notice these things, and you can be fired just as easily as you were hired.

  12. teammojjo says:

    One percent, and they want to be told how to do it. Is this a joke? These idiots must subscribe to the Greg-Whore school of stupidity if they can’t figure out how to remove 1 percent. Trim the fat from the top and I bet they can cut 5 or even 10 percent. OK that’s a bit of a stretch, but if they got rid of all the garbage that comes with being a politician, I bet someone’s back deck and pool wouldn’t get fixed. Oh boohoo.

    So McCarthy and Kenney said cut one percent, and all the morons say “how”? Here’s an idea….how about anyone who can’t figure out how to do it gets fired.

    Just more fuel on the fire that this state is the laughing stock of the nation when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

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