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Lawmaker finds possibly illegal mole traps at Capitol Campus

Post by Brad Shannon / The Olympian on Feb. 2, 2010 at 9:51 am with 19 Comments »
February 2, 2010 11:45 am

Republican Rep. Joel Kretz said last night he found two mole traps stuck into soil on the Capitol Campus, raising questions about the state’s compliance with Initiative 713’s ban on body-gripping traps.

Voters approved I-713 in 2000, and efforts to change it legislatively to allow mole traps have failed several times. I put in a call last night and again this morning to the Department of General Administration, which manages state government properties, but spokesman Steve Valandra said he would have to look into it further.

“The irony is if I’ve got coyotes killing my sheep I can’t put a trap out. But if you’ve got a mole on the Capitol Campus, you can,” Kretz said, suggesting there is a need to change the law to that people protecting their property and crops from animal damage can use traps for that purpose.

UPDATE: General Administration spokesman Steve Valandra says it is true. The agency’s groundskeepers have used body-gripping traps and will pull the five to 10 traps set on various Capitol Campus lawns in order to comply with the law.

The agency lacked permits and will look into getting them for traps that do not grip the target animal’s body, Valandra said this morning. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is also investigating but likely will only give the agency a warning, chief of enforcement Bruce Bjork said.

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  1. bigbarb43 says:

    Is this all the politicians can find to do, on taxpayer’s dollars?

  2. PolarBear53 says:

    What a crock of a Law

  3. welcome to the reality of too many laws written by special interests like PETA, and remember a mouse trap is also illegal boys and girls

  4. Mudbone says:

    Remember that P.E.T.A. is an ‘animals rights’ organization! They believe that a rat has the same rights as your child. They are just like the Sierra Club and other ‘anti-use’ organizations whose sole purpose is to make an immense profit and to aquire power. Of course they do not want to actually solve any of their imaginary problems because then the donations from gullible individuals would stop flowing in. Never give a dime to Humane Society of the United States (H.S.U.S.) or PETA unless you want your rights to be systematically stripped away. Instead give to a local county or city Humane Society they actually do help puppies and kittens and are ‘animal welfare organizations’ as opposed to the ‘animal rights organizations’ such as PETA and HSUS.
    The original terrorists are the so called environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club. They all work together, the Sierra Club is VERY friendly with ‘Earth First’! Some of the first terrorism they performed was tree spiking with the intention to kill mill workers.
    Hunters, ranchers, farmers and loggers are the real environmentalists.
    According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1996 hunters spent $900 million dollars on hunting licenses, tags and duck stamps. They put $23 billion dollars into the economy that year with their gear, hunting rigs, and hunting trips in the U.S.
    Much more suffering occurrs when there is reduced hunting and trapping.
    Trapping is a viable wildlife management tool, and trappers do not let the animals suffer unnecessarily. But without hunting and trapping the animals would have suffer much more with starvation and diseases. Dozens of people are killed annually in collisions with elk and deer, and thousands of deer and elk are killed every year. Would you rather see more of that or hunters putting some meat on the table at the same time that they contribute greatly to animal habitat and conservation with $billions of dollars? I recommend that all hunters join the N.R.A. and The Safari Club International.

  5. fatuous says:

    “remember a mouse trap is also illegal boys and girls ”

    The department of Fish and Wildlife states that common mouse traps are legal.

    “and common rat or mouse traps are still legal for use”


    Also all non-body griping traps are legal.

  6. gblanston says:

    The ban on rat/mouse/mole traps is a complete waste of time. They are cheap, effective, and environmentally friendly. I find it kind of ironic that enviros would rather have people spread poison around to kill rodents than use snap traps.

    Personally, I use the “Giant Destroyer” smoke bombs available at your local feed store for moles. They work great and are similarly cheap, effective, and environmentally friendly. When it’s time to do a whole pasture, I grab the Rodentator (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l60g8DjwqYE) and get to work. It is also very effective. Of course, both of these methods require the mole to be in the hole/tunnels at the time…

    To representative whomever that spotted this – please spend your time worrying about the budget deficits, etc., not what the capitol groundskeepers are doing.

  7. fatuous says:

    From RCW 77.15.192

    “Cage and box traps, suitcase-type live beaver traps, and common rat and mouse traps are not considered body-gripping traps.”

  8. Tracianne says:

    Good thing they didn’t catch any moles in the traps at the Capital. Otherwise they would have had to spend thousands of tax payer dollars to do a necropsy on them to find the cause of death.

    My Rat traps work great and they hug the body (head) nice and snug so If PETA wants to come to my house they better walk gently…..

  9. gblanston says:

    fatuous says:
    February 2, 2010 at 2:31 pm
    From RCW 77.15.192

    “Cage and box traps, suitcase-type live beaver traps, and common rat and mouse traps are not considered body-gripping traps.”

    I had thought snap traps were also banned. I’m glad to see somebody had the common sense to keep these legal.

  10. americancitizen says:

    Am I going to get the same leniency if I unleash the Conibears and leg holds on the local beaver pond? Doubt it.

    Funny how it works, when they pass laws as stupid as the trap laws, eh?

  11. bgtown49 says:

    Seriously!! With the way the state is …this is our big concern!!!! Screw the law let’s get on to bigger and better things.

  12. LibertyBell says:

    Elvis Returns!

    “Were caught in a trap….we can’t go on togather with suspicious eyes…”

  13. It’s creepy to be amid so many people who really don’t care about animals.

  14. hvacguy says:

    cloud says:

    “It’s creepy to be amid so many people who really don’t care about animals”

    You must get a kick out of creepy since you jumped right in the middle of us.

  15. jcalexander says:

    How dare the state government go against the wishes of the voters of King County? They’ll be going after apple maggots next!

  16. They sell these traps all over Puget Sound!! Idiot legislators again…4 billion deficit and they worry about moles.. they don’t have a clue from the top down..All of them..no hope for them at all…

  17. witchiwoman says:

    So use a rat trap to catch moles. They are about the size of a large rat.

  18. theman321 says:

    I drop a smoke bomb in the hole and when it comes out shoot the thing with my pellet gun. M80s also work

  19. The HSUS doesn’t define animals in terms of rights but rather our responsiblity to minimze suffering and treat them with compassion. Anyone can visit our website (humanesociety.org) to see our programs and campaigns, all of which are well within the mainstream view that animals deserve to be treated humanely.

    It’s ridiculous to claim that we aren’t interested in solving animal welfare problems — our work speaks for itself, whether it’s upgrading animal fighting laws, shutting down puppy mills, advocating for modest reforms in the way that farm animals are raised, or encouraging the development of effective alternatives to animal testing.

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