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Republican Widener to run against Patty Murray

Post by David Wickert on Jan. 5, 2010 at 12:20 pm with 22 Comments »
January 5, 2010 12:24 pm

Issaquah businessman Chris Widener has announced he will run against Sen. Patty Murray in November. Here’s the announcement:

January 5, 2010
Contact: Chris Widener
Phone: 1-888-918-2010


Businessman and best-selling author Chris Widener announced today his intention to enter Washington’s 2010 U.S. Senate race against incumbent Patty Murray.

The Issaquah Republican cited concerns over the exploding national debt and Murray’s key role in the federal government’s runaway spending and spiraling budget deficits as his rationale for jumping in the race.

“The debt we’ve incurred during Patty Murray’s seventeen years in the Senate is historic and unsustainable,” explained Widener, 43.

“During these difficult economic times, residents throughout Washington state have been forced to cut spending in order to balance their household budgets,” he continued. “We should demand nothing less of our government and our United States Senator.”

“It’s unconscionable to leave our kids with this massive debt load,” Widener concluded. “I am running to say that, for the future well-being of our country, we must not keep doing things the same old way.”

Widener, the author of a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book, has traveled the country speaking on leadership and influence. He is the founder of Positively Republican, the largest Republican group on Facebook with more than 162,000 members nationwide. Late last month, Widener won the first straw poll among conservative activists with 45% in a five-candidate field. He and his wife Lisa are the parents of four children.

Widener will make an official announcement on January 23 with events in Pullman and Seattle. Please visit www.chriswidener.org for more information. For interview requests, please call 1-888-918-2010.


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  1. the3rdpigshouse says:

    If Widener can walk and chew gum at the same time – that will be an immense improvement over the most inept Senator in the U.S. Senate!!!!

  2. FreeAmerica says:

    Easy sell…Murray has outlived her seat

  3. guidocarmasi says:

    Change for the sake of change is futile. what do we know about Mr Widener and what can he bring to the table.?

    Remember Patty brings experience and senioity to the Senate .
    So she likes to redistribute the wealth to the less fortunate ones from the more ambitious workers . Whats wrong with that?

    We need to level the playing field to achieve more mediocrity and it will be easier for all concerned.
    No worries.

  4. SuperSteve says:

    He’s running because of “concerns over the exploding national debt?”

    Really? Where was he when that debt exploded under a Republican Congress and a Republican president who didn’t veto a single spending bill?

    His press release brags that he’s a “best selling author” but doesn’t name any of his books. The only thing listed on Amazon authored by a “Chris Widener” are a bunch of mumbo-jumbo inspirational self-help books.

  5. Come meet Chris Widener and the other potential candidates at the University of Washington Tacoma Tuesday, January 19th, from 6:30 to 8pm in the William Philip Hall (WPH) Milgard Assembly Room.

    The America’s Economic Future Forum will be hosted by Civitas, a student organization at UW Tacoma, and the public is invited to this free event and their questions are welcome.

    More info can be found at:

    Meridith Hatch
    Vice President, Civitas at UW Tacoma

  6. papasan says:

    Best selling author of what????
    Where was the Republican concern for the deficit when it was THEIR President and THEIR Senate doing all the spending without a Veto in sight. Go find a job, pal.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    I see the socialist democrat Kool-aid drinkeers are back on the site again!! Wake up ignorant electorate!

    And SuperSteve wants to redistribute ambitious hard working folks incomes to the less fortunate ones in our society – maybe Steve would like to have the heart surgeon working on his heart operation to be demoralized by confiscating his monies for the high school dropout down the street contributing nothing to society!!!!?

  8. IGo Widener, Go Widener, Go Widener!!!

  9. jiminycricket says:

    All of the sudden the repugs are concerned about the exploding National Debt! Well, well, where were all of you while this thing got out of hand under the Bush/Cheney regime for 8 years? The most useless war in the history of our world taking place in Iraq, the run amuck mortgage industry lending to anyone who could walk or talk, all in the name of greed, and now we’re faced with the biggest financial calamity that we’ve seen in 80 years. Some how Senator Murray and President Obama are to blame? Yeah, right, how laughable is this? As it is, we’re almost at a point where the middle class doesn’t exist anymore. Widener doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in he!! against Patty! You go girl!

  10. FreeAmerica says:

    The media driven dribel about Bush in the last eight years is about to make me puke…. without facts it’s just dribel.

    Bush made mistakes and drove up the national debt but I challenge any who speak of the last eight years to come up with facts of then and now.

    While your digging please tell us about the community re-investment act.

  11. jiminycricket says:

    Bushes dismal record is known to all and speaks for itself. He will go down in history as the worst, most ineffective president ever. No digging is necessary! We’re already living with his mistakes, day in, and day out. Take the Iraq War, for instance! We went in under false pretenses. Remember the WMD lies that took us there? And what have we gotten? Thousands and thousands of killed and seriously wounded soldiers, a trillion dollar price tag, and Bin Laden free to roam between Afghanistan and Pakistan as he pleases. And this is Bush and Cheney’s definition of “Mission Accomplished.” Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Under their so-called watch, our credit and mortgage markets have been nearly wiped out and now we’re facing the most challenging economic times in over 80 years. Millions of homes foreclosed upon, unemployment around 10%, businesses, both small and large forced into bankruptcy, bank failures at historic levels, on and on and on…… It’ll take President Obama’s administration and probably the next five to clean up the mess left by Bush/Cheney. Anyone living the past 8 years doesn’t need the facts to be convinced, they are living with the consequences of Bushes blunders every single day. Just ask anyone in an unemployment line or someone who has lost their home. They could care less about the facts, they’re living with the effects, and unfortunately, a daily nightmare that they’re having a hell of a time waking up from!

  12. “Businessman and best-selling author Chris Widener”

    SO, tell me why Chris is any better then the warmed-over real estgate p$mp you put up as Governor !

    His quote about “exploding debt” without mentioning that ALL were responsible, is irresponsible at best !

  13. bigbarb43 says:

    I love the comments that a sitting politician has experience and seniority. I suppose every politician we have now had experience when they were elected and as for seniority….. look at what it has brought us in the past. There are way too many professional politicians now. Once elected, their ideals and goals seem to be dictated by their biggest financial backers.

  14. jiminycricket says:

    How right you are, bigbarb43! Reminds me of a speech that George W. Bush gave to his wealthy friends at a political fundraiser when running for a second term. During the speech, Bush said: “Some people call you the elite, I call you my base………….” These words certainly epitomized the actions, or as some might say, the inactions of his 8 year reign in the Whitehouse. When it came to meeting the needs of his wealthy friends and donors though, Mr. Bush could never be faulted. “Like a good neighbor,” George Bush was there!

    Unlike Bush, I don’t think that Senator Murray’s actions are driven by money. I believe her record demonstrates that her actions are based on what’s best for the United States, the State of Washington and its citizens!

  15. FreeAmerica says:

    You need to do some homework Jiminycricket…. Check out Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

  16. mathius says:

    Ok I am tired of the gop being blamed for everything. The fact of the matter is the demoncrats have had complete control of the house and senate since jan 3 2007,and has anything got any better, NO! Even though we have more oil and gas in storage at levels we havent seen in 15 years, we have cut our use, and conserved, and have more fuel saving vehicles, the price of oil and gas keep going up. The demoncrats said” we will bring fuel prices and speclitive buying under control” well I dont see that happening. Three years and nothing!

  17. readingthelatest says:

    I don’t know what credentials Mr. Widener has. That point alone makes me concerned about his credibility to win against Sen. Murray. It seems to me that the GOP hasn’t ran anyone worth while against our Congressional Delegation.

    The GOP has a real chance this year, if they don’t blow it. I swear this- If I hear “family values” from the GOP candidates mouth, they will have lost the chance to win be back.

  18. the3rdpigshouse says:

    How do the socicalist/democrats that have come out here against Widener because he has no extensive government experience after they elected a know-nothing socialist/marxist community organizer to be President of the United States??!! The blind arrogance is astounding!!

  19. jiminycricket says:

    After reading the3rdpigshouse post, I thought it important to reference some statististics from the 2008 Presidential Election between Barack Obama and John McCain, according to Wikipedia. “Voter turnout was the highest in at least 40 years.” Another interesting note: “Obama won every region in the country by double digits except the South, which McCain won by 9 percent.”

    Below is a complete breakdown:

    Electoral vote: Obama 365 McCain 173

    Popular vote: Obama 69,456,897 McCain 59,934,814

    Percentage: Obama 52.9% McCain 45.7%

    States carried: Obama 28 plus the District of Columbia/McCain 22

    According to the3rdpighouse post, we are to believe that almost 70 million Americans elected a “know-nothing socialist/marxist community organizer to be President of the United States.” He further stated: “The blind arrogance is astounding.”

    Question, does the 3rdpighouse have something against democracy at work, is it sour grapes, are you a sore loser, or did you just happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Which one is it?

  20. the3rdpigshouse says:

    For jiminycricket – before you take another sip from the kool-aid glass, you obviously did absolutely no research prior to voting for “OH-Bummer” or you are on the same socialist/marxist agenda that he is following!!

    The public was duped by a liberal socialist/marxist candidate and a national press corp that has done everything for the past 40 years but promote a class envy society driven by socialist/marxist principles! No appropriate research was presented to the American electorate on the upbringing and tutoring of “OH-Bummer” by the most radical socialist/marxist members of our society! I often refer to the “ignorant electorate” based upon the last election resulting in a marxist/socialist occupying the White House!! Until “OH-Bummer” demonstrates that he is other than a redistribution marxist/socialist – I stand by my evaluation of the electorate!!

  21. jiminycricket says:

    For the3rdpigshouse-You’re a typical neocon! When someone constructively disagrees with you, you start with the personal attacks, showing your true colors.

  22. Sagacious says:

    I would offer some observations:
    Both Bush and Republicans and Obama and the Democrats evidence very little difference in spending or reducing the size, cost or influence of the federal government.
    Obama is currently attempting to compromise our Constitutional rights with the control healthcare; Bush successfully overstepped his Constitutionally approved duties and promoted federal controls in education (NCLB).
    Republicans have held out against the healthcare fiasco, however, the Democrats jumped on Bush’s bandwagon for NCLB.
    Neither have shown any guts for protecting our borders or enforcing immigration laws. Both parties agreed to the Iraq war and homeland security is FUBAR under both. Corruption and ethical violations, spinning and outright lying are common in both.
    For how many years have both parties dithered over the Air Force tanker contract? Murray and Cantwell have certainly done well in keeping Boeing in the state.

    The Democrats want to redistribute wealth and the Republicans want to enforce “family values” (read, no gays, only Christians). And every damn one of them in DC is out for themselves, not constituents.

    All that said, who puts them there? Look in the mirror, brush aside the smoke and who do you see? I am really perplexed that the voters, in Washington and across the nation continue to send these same buffoons back, election after election.

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