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Huckabee expresses regret during O’Reilly appearance

Post by John Henrikson / The News Tribune on Nov. 30, 2009 at 7:37 pm with 14 Comments »
November 30, 2009 7:40 pm

Former Arkansas governor and one-time presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee appeared on The O’Reilly Factor tonight and addressed criticism of granting clemency to cop-killing suspect Maurice Clemmons while he was governor.

There’s a good account over on Strange Bedfellows. Here are highlights:

Host Bill O’Reilly said “this is a bad hombre, and you let him out, why?”

Huckabee: “If I could’ve known nine years ago that this guy was capable of something of this nature, obviously I would’ve never granted the commutation. It’s sickening”

Huckabee… said corrections officials recommended that Clemmons sentence be commuted to 47 years.

“That would give him parole eligibility. That was the commutation. I’m responsible for that, and it’s not something I’m happy about at this particular moment.”

The former governor said the judge in the Clemmons case and the parole board recommended that the sentence be reduced, “because at the age of 16, the sentence he got for the crimes he committed back in 1989 was excessive.”

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  1. Anniegoose says:

    :::::sigh::::: it’s too late — yes it’s too late — for huckabee to contemplate —

    that was then. this is now.

    since when is sentencing for crimes too excessive?

  2. justin_yorbum says:

    What a stand up guy that Huckabee is! Though I suppose it was easy for him to return O’Reilly’s calls since they work for the same network. Still, it was nice of Bill to treat him with the kid gloves.

    These guys both make me sick.

  3. And I am not surprised at how softly O’Really handled this. I believe he’s a closet liberal.

  4. jimkingjr says:

    Yeah, let’s concentrate on Huckabee and actions taken nine years ago- easier than looking at the local judge who released this guy a week ago…

  5. Clemmons should never have been out of jail. In a perfect world he would be rotting away in an Arkansas jail.

    Heck, the liberals should love Huckabee for this one. He commuted the sentence of a young (at the time) black man, because of “excessive” sentencing. That is stuff that liberals practically drool over.

    He let out Arkansas’ garbage and Washington has to deal with the consequences and clean it up.

    This is Huckabee’s “Willie Horton” moment. He can forget about any political office now. He’ll be seen as being soft on crime ala’ Dukakis in ’88.

  6. Has the Tribune contacted McCarthy and Felnagle re this guy? I think the parole process with prosecutor recommendations is a huge missing piece to this story.

  7. FormerFalcon says:

    This is a perfect case of DAMNED if you DO and DAMNED if you DON’T!!! As an earlier post stated the LIBS we LOVING this when HUCK let him out and now they say it is something they would have never done….. Makes me SICK!!! At least Huck said “I’m responsible for that, and it’s not something I’m happy about at this particular moment.” !! So all you LIBS can kiss my NOSE!! You LIBS SuK!!

  8. justin_yorbum says:


    Some of us like universal health care, lengthy prison sentences for violent offenders and the death penalty.

  9. jimthefireman says:

    Well I blame him Bill. Even allowing for the recommendation for a forty seven year sentence he would still be in Jail if the “Stand up Guy” had not let him out and all the excuses in the world don’t change that.
    Even worse, Huckabee has consistently denied that he pressured the Parole board in Arkansas as then Govenor to release serial rapist Wayne Dumond 25 years early, later claiming “none of us could have predicted…” exactly what victims testified that they wrote to him personally to warn him and sure enough, exactly that happened.
    It seems Republicans in the USA will always be judged on what they say, not what they do. Anyone who doubts that should google “Wayne Dumond”

  10. Passing-the-buck Huckabee. Makes me ill.

  11. Marlin49 says:

    DITTO Mike_T…
    “Has the Tribune contacted McCarthy and Felnagle re this guy? I think the parole process with prosecutor recommendations is a huge missing piece to this story.” This can’t make our county exec very comfortable either.

  12. Amen, Jim King Jr. There’s lots of blame to go around in both Arkansas and Washington. No need to try and break it down to a left/right issue.

  13. courtland says:

    The bail was $150,000 not $15,000….still too low for Clemons’ record. Today’s action by Seattle police assures that bail will no longer be an issue…the dude got killed. Kudos to our law enforcement folks.

  14. logicmonster says:

    Wow O’Reilly, what a tough cookie. Any one that was expecting hardball journalism, or even softball questions, was treated to a facile T-ball interview. He gave Huckabee so much cover fire at the start of the interview that I was getting embarrassed for them both.

    Did thesetwo Pierce County judges screw up? You Damn Betcha. But so did Huckabee – big time.

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