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  1. derekyoung says:

    This might be a dumb question, but is this the same group that did the 9/12 protest? Or is it a different “Tea Party” group?

    Just curious.

  2. CrazyJim says:

    A corporate sponsored event attended by quivering lip Republicans who didn’t like the outcome of the last couple of elections. What else do you need to know? And the books were cooked on the numbers.

  3. 5,000 people show up and the Tribune doesn’t even send a reporter.

    If there were 8 liberals holding an anti-Bush rally it would’ve been front page. And they wonder why their readership is down.

    As for a “corporate sponsored event”. Did you watch the video? Do those people look like they’d be attending a “corporate sponsored event”?

  4. johnesherman says:

    Just maybe Exit133.com covered it?

  5. NWflyfisher says:

    John Henrikson: You didn’t cover it? Why am I not surprised?

    CrazyJim: You don’t have a clue what this is all about.

  6. GoingRogue says:

    Ok, I just want to know, did anyone see in the crowd of conservatives (5000 people) any minorities? Black, asian, mexican, or whatchamacallit? They are all white, and most of them are old. You know I hate stereotypes but most of these people against Obama and his policies or die hard conservatives are usually white and old. Now I might get censored for stating this observation, but can anyone point me out any person in this crowd that is not white or hateful?

    thank you

  7. truthwillout says:


    There was one black guy and they were sure to train the cameras on him.

  8. GoingRogue says:

    Oh great, maybe there are other mixes of American’s I missed. Can you tell me what second in which frame? So I can stop the video there and spot him, a general location of where he is in that frame left corner bottom right etc… would help. I would like to see if there is anyone that is not white in the meeting. Thank you!

  9. Jupiter25 says:

    Anti-Bush or liberal protestors would have been covered and would be Page 1 News.

  10. GoingRogue says:

    So it must be true, there is not one individual that showed up to this “tea party” that is not Caucasian? hmm I think it would be easy to say this is coincidence, but I think I am starting to see a trend to: Bush, Conservatives, Rich people, White, Older age, status quo, hate. Is it just me? I try to be independent but these words are really go with the right wing agenda. Oh its true, oh yes… its true!

  11. CrazyJim says:

    Conservative Confederate Crybabies trying to pass themselves off as a real grassroots effort but funded by GOP-affiliated Pac’s. A pity party if I ever saw one.

  12. The rich and gullible in this country will lead the next ‘let’s destroy the
    nation but I’ll do it my way!’ They are in the process right now and have been doing it for a couple centuries.

  13. brucesr says:

    Dear ‘GoingRogue’ et al… I WAS there. And there was a goodly number of minorities in attendance. You know, you should have gone: 1) because you could have learned something (other than how to drool over mr obama), 2) so you COULD have see who was there. NICE — A bigotted liberal trying denegrate something that he did not even attend. But then… what else could we expect. As Ann Coulter wrote, “If democrats had a brain, they would be republicans!” how true!

  14. cgerhardt says:

    I don’t think they are rich, they look more like middle class, but they are gullible.
    The rich are feeding them a bunch of lies and they suck it up instead of thinking for themselves.
    The rich are using them for their own agenda, and these suckers go right along with it, railing against their own best interests.

  15. Bluetwo says:

    There were several non white people at the event. I am ashames of you GoingRouge if you would have watched the video you would have seen this.
    Surely you would have seen the nice gentleman with the impeachment sign. He was not white.

    You would have also seen that no one there was preaching hate. But I really don’t think this matters to you.

  16. Bluetwo says:

    I have been promoting this event now for several months. I am not rich, affiliatied with the Republican Party, or a lot of other things that I have seen stated here. What I do see is that people with a lot of hate are saying a lot of nasty things about a lot of good people who got together for a common cause.

    But then the politics of personal destruction, mud throwing and such seems to role off some of the tongues so freely here. But then it seems like some really want to kill the messengers and ignore the message altogether.

  17. californias says:

    I wish you had video of that Charlie Land radio guy from KLAY 1180 radio that gave a speech around 6 pm. He was definitely the best speaker because he is really smart and really funny and not afraid to speak out on controversial topics. He really had the crowd laughing and screaming. We all need more of Charlie Land at events like this !

  18. kareen01 says:

    It was hard to tell watching the people go in and the parking lot as the local YMCA had their auction and fund raiser at the same time. Everyone seemed to have to go in the same gate. I did notice protesters across the street. I was bothered by the Anti-President rherotic as I was taught to respect the President and the office. If they people don’t like his policies (hard to tell after only 10 months) then don’t vote for him.

  19. brucesr says:

    Nice ‘kareen01′ VERY preachy!!! Perhaps you should have paid attention in civics class… respect for the office and disagreement over policies are two VERY different things. You know… I wonder if you gave that ‘respect’ that you are preaching, to Mr Bush when he was in office. Why do I think the answer would be no???

  20. I attended the rally also. I thought it was great.

    Those that claim that this is coporate sponsored are very badly mis-informed.

    Also. This is NOT a recent “fad”. This all started under the Bush Administration. Please be open minded and bone up on your history a tiny bit.

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