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Stimulus job creation numbers trickling out

Post by Melissa Santos / The Olympian on Oct. 30, 2009 at 1:44 pm with 15 Comments »
October 30, 2009 2:56 pm

The federal government is announcing today revised estimates of jobs created by the federal stimulus package, as well as the amount of money spent as of Sept. 30.

We’re still waiting for many of those numbers, but the good old State of Washington has put up a few figures of its own.

About $2 billion in stimulus money went directly to Washington state agencies in the form of program grants, according to the state Office of Financial Management (OFM).

Gov. Chris Gregoire said Thursday that the state money spent so far – $565 million – has created more than 30,000 jobs.

But there’s a caveat on those job creation numbers; 24,000 of them wouldn’t have gone away anyway.

State officials used a chunk of stimulus money to pay 24,000 teachers who were already contracted to finish out the school year. That money came from a pot of stimulus funds given to the state to help offset budget cuts.

Without that funding, the money to pay the teachers would have come out of the state general fund, said Jill Satran, Gregoire’s main adviser on stimulus projects.

That would have meant cuts elsewhere, Satran said, but the job losses that would have resulted from those cuts is difficult to quantify. Few, if any, of the 24,000 teacher jobs would have been among them, Satran said.

The county-by-county breakdowns of jobs created by state stimulus spending include the teacher job numbers that don’t fit neatly into the categories of “jobs created” or “jobs retained.”

In total, the state report says that Pierce County agencies have received about  $239 million in stimulus money from state sources. About $65 million of that money has been spent so far, $56 million of it on education. Those stimulus expenditures have created or retained 3,681 jobs, the data says.

Look for more stimulus numbers as the day goes on.

County Jobs Created
King 7,066
Snohomish 3,768
Pierce 3,681
Spokane 2,246
Clark 1,791
Thurston 1,503
Yakima 1,200
Kitsap 1,108
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  1. rampoloparent says:

    What a joke!

  2. this is so much bull — how many jobs have we lost — how many homes were lost due to lost jobs — these numbers need to be balanced — why do we have unemployment over 9 percent and still someone wants to crow about how many jobs (building roads) were created.

  3. olympiamustchange says:

    Gregoire is a moron if she thinks anyone is buying her outright lies. Every state agency has made deep cuts including those directly responsible for public safety. We are looking at closing McNeil Island and have been allowing thousands of convicted felons who were ordered by the court to complete community supervision to go free because the states says it can’t afford to monitor them.

  4. crusader says:

    Melissa Santos is having a heckuva time reporting any facts. First she wrongly reports Puyallup having more than enough vaccine shots last weekend, today we’re told jobs are being saved again without supporting facts.

  5. janicegammill says:

    OMG This paper has just made itself a complete out dated laughingstock! I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but this tears it!! This paper is a liar down to its ink!

  6. janicegammill says:

    My name is Melissa if the govt. says its true than by God I will print it!

  7. ldrider51 says:

    This whole “created or saved” jobs is simply so much BS. Even CBS, one of the prime Obama sycophants, is beginning to question it.

  8. what a bunch of baloney everybody would be laughing at you except these lies are not funny. you are a tool to spread the lies of this government, nobody believes your lies

  9. johnesherman says:

    So, for Pierce County “Those stimulus expenditures have created or retained 3,681 jobs, the data says. . .”; thus TNT print the detail list for each job created or retained within Pierce County; for example, name of employer, job description, wage paid, duration of employment, and date job created or date job position retained?

    Maybe, just-maybe, you could provide the TNT readers a direct hyper-link to this government data-base data where this information is available for Taxpayers’ review and audit.

  10. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Well, I see the socialist dullards in Washington State believe the electorate is just as ignorant here as it appears to be in the other “Washington”! Wake up idiots, their lips are moving again!!!

  11. The printed TNT is a waste of ink, and on the internet it is a waste of bandwidth.
    Toodles. Not worth anymore time.

  12. Someone out there must have paid 75 cents to read this cheesy vomit.

    The state just might have went broke paying spineless newspapers to print their propaganda.
    Maybe all the “jobs” went to fat guys who sit back and watch the new traffic cameras at every intersection.

  13. PolarBear53 says:

    I say prove it!!!! It’s crap. 3000+ jobs created. Hey look it’s April fools in October

  14. This is the lasiest and spotty reporting i have seen for a long time 10 % unemployment and they’ve saved the unwashed masses. cite those jobs in detail dbag

  15. RonMorehouse says:

    Once again we see what spenders do with extra money. As a fiscal conservative Ron Morehouse would have cut real dollars from budget and not the fake money they did. Ron Morehouse is known as a fiscal conservative by the democrats and republicans, and also aa a social activist. The real problem is the democrats and liberal republicans wanted to spend an extra 900 million. Why does the state constitution call for a balanced budget at years end and we are constantly told we are in debt. Does this mean that our elected officials are breaking the law?

    We could start at tthe top of and delete administrators. The people at the bottom are doing all the work with no respect and their administrator taking all the glory.

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