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Archives: Aug. 2008


Bill Richardson is a rock star … and other observations

Dean Ando, a Pierce County Democratic delegate and former classmate of Barack Obama’s, grew up in a family that admired and followed the Kennedys.

So hearing Caroline Kennedy speak last night at the Democratic National Convention was a special treat.

And when Sen. Ted Kennedy appeared in person, “the place just went wild,” Ando said, echoing the comments I heard from another Pierce County delegate, John Frazier.

“It was a magical moment,” Ando said.

Ando offered up a few additional observations from the convention’s

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‘It was a rockin’ night,’ Pierce County Dem delegate says

Tacoma’s John Frazier, one of the Pierce County delegates in Denver, said emotions already were running high during the first evening of the Democratic National Convention. And then an ailing Sen. Ted Kennedy took to the stage.

“It was a rockin’ night the whole time,” Frazier said. “That was the icing on the cake.”

And then there was Michelle Obama, wife of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“What can we say about that speech?” Frazier said. “It was incredible. She just blew them away.”

Frazier was struck by the “one America” theme. How her family

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Patty Murray: Clinton delegates want to change the White House

Just got off the phone with Sen. Patty Murray in Denver. She downplayed the division within the Democratic Party between delegates pledged to Barack Obama and those who support Hillary Clinton.

Murray (D-Washington), herself an early Clinton supporter, said the Clinton delegates she has spoken with want to make sure that Clinton gets a round of applause and proper recognition for her historic campaign.

But she claimed to not be worried about a party rift driving voters toward John McCain.

“At the end of the day, they

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Howard Dean wants to turn Eastern Washington blue

I checked in with Marilyn Strickland this morning. The Tacoma City Councilwoman is one of the national delegates from Pierce County attending the Democratic National Convention this week in Denver.

Howard Dean stopped by the Washington delegation’s first breakfast meeting today and delivered a pep talk, Strickland said.

The state delegation is staying at the same hotel as the Oregon and Arizona delegations. The Washington delegation plans to start each day with a breakfast meeting.

Dean told the group that the election will be a tough one, and that “it will be won on the ground” with door-belling and one-on-one conversations, Strickland said.

He also said that Democrats want to “turn Eastern Washington blue,” a comment that Strickland found interesting. Bryan Bissell at PolitickerWA.com blogged about Dean’s comments here.

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An Obama-Muri household: That’s why Pierce voters are so maddening to the pols (and polls)

A friend reported seeing signs for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Republican Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri in the same yard in the town of Steilacoom.

Now, that’s either one very divided household or one very divided psyche, which is what drive’s politicians in Pierce County crazy.

And, no, I don’t think it was state Rep. Tami Green‘s house, either, or that of her write-in opponent.


Old media vs. Obama text message alert: Who won?

Score one for the old media, right?

Barack Obama supporters who signed up to receive an e-mail or text message were supposed to be the first to learn about his choice of running mate.

But the Associated Press, New York Times and television networks were reporting that Sen. Joe Biden was the veep pick around 10 p.m. Pacific time last night.

The News Tribune sent out a breaking news alert to our readers around 10:30 p.m.

Obama’s campaign sent out the text message alert around midnight Pacific time,

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Rossi picking up votes as results trickle in

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s lead over Dino Rossi was down to a little more than 2 percent late this afternoon, according to the Secretary of State’s Web site.

The latest results show Gregoire with 48.85 percent, and Rossi with 46.14 percent statewide.

The Rossi campaign put out a press release today saying that Rossi’s percentage has improved in all but three of the 25 counties where ballots have been counted since midnight on election night.

Five counties — including Spokane and Clark — have gone from the Gregoire to Rossi column.

Rossi’s camp sees this as proof that “the more voters see Dino and hear his message, the more they like.”

Voters who mailed their ballots early had not seen much Rossi advertising, campaign manager Afton Swift said, but Gregoire ads had been airing for more than a month.

“Not surprisingly, Dino trailed in early voting.”

I dropped in at the Maple Valley Rotary meeting this morning to hear Rossi, and he told the crowd that Gregoire “has got problems.”

Rossi blasted Gregoire on the budget, transportation, and public safety.

He said he will balance the budget without raising taxes, and he will fund major transportation projects — without relying on declining gas tax revenue.

And he referred to Gregoire’s “less than gracious” advertising, telling the crowd, “If half the things they were saying about me were true, I wouldn’t vote for myself.”

On the other side, the state Democratic Party put out a statement today calling Rossi’s primary election “disappointing,” and linking Rossi to President Bush and the Texas men who helped fund the “Swift Boat” attacks against John Kerry.

Click ahead for both statements.

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Polling place hazards: You can never be too careful or too thin

State director of elections Nick Handy is relieved that there were no unfortunate incidents during Tuesday’s voting. Not only is the close count in the 2004 governor’s race still fresh in memory but so are problems with the vote count, especially in King County.

Handy said there were only two incidents that marred the election. In one, a fluorescent light bulb exploded at a King County polling place and some voters were evacuated.

In the other, a foul smelling ballot was discovered and the hazmat team was called. The diagnosis? a ballot containing curdled Slim Fast.


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