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McNeil Island– the prison goes, Special Commitment Center stays

Seattle Mariners Fanfest 2011

A double dual wrestling match at Bellarmine

2010 – A year in photos

Look back at 2010 through the lens of the News Tribune photo department.

Veterans Day observed in Auburn

Stanford swamps UW, 41-0

Building the pagoda in Chinese Reconciliation Park

Fish Sticks in McCarver Park

Construction workers Zane Gardner (top) and Will Ellis mount a brightly-painted metal angler fish atop a pole in McCarver Park October 6, 2010. The kinetic sculpture by artist Ashley Thorner (right) is called “The Aerial Aquarium / Fish Sticks”. It’s part of a redesign of McCarver Park which includes tiles by Claudia Riedener and mosiacs by Jennevieve Schlemmer and is inspired by young Zina Linnik whom lived nearby and was murdered 2007.
Peter Haley / Staff photographer

A new chairlift at Summit East

Crews of chairlift mechanics from The Summit at Snoqualmie are kept busy bolting down chairlift towers as a heavy-lift helicopter carries whole tower assemblies and other parts up the hill at the Summit East ski area. The main lift on the front side of the mountain, a triple chair called “East Peak”, and the lift on the back side, “Hidden Valley” are being replaced for the 2010-11 ski season.
October 5, 2010

Kendall Lindberg rolls with the team

The Welcome Figure is mounted

UW dominates Syracuse 41-20 (Sept 11, 2010)

Lakes overwhelms Evergreen (Sept. 10, 2010)

UPS beats Pacific of Oregon, 36-19 (Sept. 4, 2010)

Curtis over Rogers, 34-13 (Sept. 3, 2010)

Shaun Peterson carves a ‘welcome figure’

New Greek Orthodox icons

Sounders beat Colorado 2-1

STP rides through Pierce County

A simple pictorial

Recently-planted ivy is highlighted by early morning sunlight raking across a textured support wall below Interstate 5 which was built as part of the current SR-16 interchange project.

Jacob Lee is sentenced

Wings of Freedom Tour

Brisk art?

A woman takes a brisk walk along the Sumner Trail as it follows the White River under the Tacoma Avenue bridge in Sumner June 21, 2010. The underside of the bridge has graffiti ranging from from messy tags to a carefully painted image of what might be a troll.

LaTanya Clemmons is sentenced